Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saved By Grace........ The Tiffany Martini Glass

About twenty years ago, we were gifted with a very special present.................. Tiffany martini glasses! Six of them! Jack babies those glasses because he likes them.

His favorite adult beverage is a martini.

The part of the glass that holds the liquor is very thin.

He likes to put the glasses in the freezer before serving guests so that when the liquored mixture is poured into the frosted glasses, a thin layer of ice forms over the surface of the martini. If your man is a martini drinker, he will appreciate that layer of ice too.

 He likes the thin stem of the glass which he thinks is elegant.

He likes the special place he keeps these glasses.............. up high....... too high for me to reach them!

He always hand washing these glasses, and dries them with a linen towel that leaves no lint.

He uses these glasses all the time.

He loved the Tiffany blue box the glasses arrived in, but who knows what happened to it now!

We do not live a Tiffany life style. I have one small piece of Tiffany jewelry and seldom even remember to wear it. I do have the little blue box through. If we have cocktails, we are usually in jeans.

So last night the world did shake! Did you feel it?

We had dinner guests. They came early and left on the early side too. I busied myself setting the kitchen and dining room to rights. I sometimes become way too thorough cleaning up. Translate that into meaning that I have deliberately poured out Jack's last swallows of brandy, wine, coffee and yes, martini. He now has a spankable rule in place........... one of the very few rules we have. Pouring out a drink is a spankable offense. I poured out absolutely nothing.

My mistake came when I multi-tasked cleaning up. I began to washing those precious glasses by hand as we talked about our evening. I squirted a little dish soap inside the glass and began washing. And just like that, the glass became slippery and slipped right out of my hands. When it hit the sink, it exploded. A piece of glass shot across the room hitting the window.

The whole world, my whole world, stopped. Silence and eyes popping! I have broken a martini glass that my husband loved. I looked up at Jack and smiled. He said for me to back away from the sink. I went to find the piece of glass that had flown across the room and hit the window. No words now. I gulped. I asked if I could dry the three remaining glasses he had just washed. He said in a controlled voice that no, I was not to touch the glasses.

Jack called me to his arms and said this incident was very close to spankable, but he would not. Accidents do happen.  Praise the Lord! I just am relieved by the grace he granted me. There was no spanking, only a few very well placed swats on my bare bottom as we went to bed.

There is a problem here though. Jack serves me my adult beverage, a Cosmo Lite, in those glasses all the time. I now am scared to death I will break one. I could have Tiffany's send me a few to have for replacement, but they only come in sets and the price is very ridiculous.

No wait, I just checked and one martini Tiffany glass is just $25 plus shipping. Wait a minute......... JUST $25 for one glass. What to do, what to do? Have one or two tucked away for emergencies or never touch those glasses again?????



  1. Lol Mere! You are too cute!
    This is such a great post - I'm chuckling as I read it. "Silence and eyes popping"! "Step away from the sink" Love it! :)
    I'm so glad that Jack didn't spank you for an accident - he's such a wise man. But now you know better for the future - and as for me, I wouldn't touch those glasses with a 10 foot pole. I'm a total klutz.
    Love you guys - you are such role models.

  2. Mere,,,love this post,,,go buy 1 or 2 glasses for his birthday or Christmas,he will love it, : - )


  3. Oh dear Mere...that had to be scary. Leah has an excellent him one or two or three glasses for a special occasion. One thing I was taught when I was young was to wear rubber gloves when washing fine china a crystal glassware...the rubber helps keep a grip.We also washed those special dishes over a folded terry cloth dish towel. Just a few suggestions. ;) Hope you're doing better now.

    Hugs and blessings...

  4. Get those glasses, Meredith, and save your soul - I mean, your bottom!
    I'm so glad Jack didn't spank. Cat has some great pointers that I think I will remember the next time we use our good crystal.

  5. If I were you I would order two extra glasses and then ask him to serve me my drink in a non-Tiffany glass. How can you enjoy the cocktail while the whole time you're thinking about not breaking the glass?

  6. When it is your anniversary get a couple of them as an extra surprise. Then enjoy your drink, if an accident happens then say that one was mine. And keep your fingers crossed.xx

  7. Martini's are my favorite drink as well!

    I love to buy old fashioned glasses from estate sales etc.... Now I'm worried myself! Lol

    I would buy a few extra just in case!!

  8. Oh my, I can see so well how your whole world stopped around you when that happened, because this would be so totally me too. I am glad that you did not get spanked, because this was unintentionally. I think Leah's idea is really good, and it could make Jack very happy ... and save bottom at the same time.



  9. Buy a glass or two - even if it's just to make you a little more relaxed the next time Jack serves you a drink!

  10. I am so glad there was no discipline for this. It's not like you broke it on purpose, it's not like you were being reckless, it's not like you were using them without permission. I'm so glad he is wise and fair.
    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Maybe we can set up a "Save Mere's bottom and giver her peace" fund. All proceeds can go to new Tiffany Martini glasses! ;)

  12. This is a tricky one, Meredith! :) I am agreement with everyone else- buy a couple of extra and stash them away for future use.

    What I am mostly thinking about here is that while your loving spanky man thinks highly of those glasses and gets a lot of enjoyment out of using them, he cherishes you much more! They are things, and things are replaceable. Loving wives are not. I am sure that he knows that and should something occur, he will be kind and understand. Of course if you throw the glass at him for some reason well... LOLOL!!! Don't ever do that!!! :D Enjoy the beverages in those glasses of yours and worry not! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  13. Buy a couple of spares definitely.

  14. Step away from the glass! Oh Meredith, I would splurge on the extra glasses too! Martinis are my favorite- the sweet kind though, not the typical dry martini most guys like. I make a mean martini with blackberry purée, black cherry vodka and a few other things. Once I had a major mishap when I was shaking them up for some of our friends and the lid went flying off. My white shirt was a huge mess of red stains! I think my husband called me a calamity as we all laughed. I even managed to get the stains out. Accidents do happen, keep a spare or two handy.

  15. Oh my! I have a set of China that was gifted to me. It is so so plain. Solid white but I have never been able to find replacements for any of it. I thinking cause a lot of indigestion when I choose to use it. I would also buy a couple extra since they are so valuable to him. It might make your drinks taste better if you aren't worried :)