Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Am Going To Find My Heart!

This photo took my breath away. Jack shared it with me this morning. We go to San Francisco once a year, but this year we are going again in the fall. It is a great city to visit. Many great restaurants, shops, parks and museums are favorites of ours.

We love the Golden Gate Bridge. We have sailed under it and walked across it. Of course we have driven across it as well. It takes over an hour to walk the length of the bridge. Did you know that? Such a cool birdseye view of a famous icon! 

This post has not one single thing to do with ttwd, but I wanted to find out who has crossed this bridge. Do tell me. 



  1. Hi Meredith, wow, awesome picture! I have never made it to San Francisco but would love to cross the bridge just for the fun of it.



  2. I've driven over it many times - even times when the fog is so thick you can't see the top. It's a beautiful bridge.
    I'd love to experience sailing under it some day. :)

  3. Great pic, and I have crossed that bridge a couple of times now, once with my old high school friends, and once pregnant with my husband and mother. :)

  4. I absolutely love San Francisco. There is no place like it! Today I was helping a student draw the bridge!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing Meredith! :) When I was a teen once I was there with my Mom. We drove across it with some of her friends when they were showing us around. Some day I will repeat that with Rob! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  6. I have driven over it once as a teenager.


  7. Love, love that city! Go to Alcatraz if you haven't already been there. It is so interesting. I remember joking with my husband, "what if they don't let me off The Rock?" His response: "Nah, I give them 20 minutes in a confined space with you and they'll be sure to let you go." Don't you feel the love?!

  8. Beautiful picture! I'm actually going across it tomorrow with my sons class on a field trip! I love everything about San Francisco :)

  9. By car years ago...would love to take a walk across it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic Mere.

    Hugs and blessings...

  10. Hi Meredith, that is such an awesome pic. I've always been fascinated by the bridge seeing it on tv or in movies and would love to travel across it. I would actually love to visit any place in the US as I haven't been.


  11. I have crossed it many times when we lived not far from the city. My late husband and I loved going over that bridge. I did a photo shoot standing on the other side where the fort still remains as you actually look down on the bridge and the city. Amazingly view looking down on S.F.

  12. I've lived on the East coast all my life, but did get to San Francisco when my in-laws lived there for a few years. It was a great time in our married life: being parents to an adventurous 3 year old and about 5 months pregnant with our second child. My husband tried for days to get pictures of the bridge in the early morning and at sunset and got a few good ones. I loved the city and would like to visit again. Have a great time. Tell Jack not to be afraid to do a quiet hotel spanking instead of saving it all up for your return!

  13. Hi Meredith, Not a chance! I don't like heights and I don't really like holidays. It is very unlikely that I will make it to San Francisco in this life!!
    love Jan,xx

  14. Very cool picture! We took a family trip to California for our 20th anniversary. We arrived at the bridge on our anniversary day but couldn't even see it there was so much fog. The next morning was bright and sunny and we drove across. We all loved San Francisco!