Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Perfect Place To Practice Submission

The perfect place to practice submission is on the golf course. Let me explain. Jack is an great
golfer. He is also a patient teacher. He wants me on the golf course with him. He wants me playing with him. He purchased new hybrid clubs for me with really cute poka dot club covers............ three years ago. The clubs are really brand new.

As an aside......... I love golf clothes, the skorts, shoes with clicking cleats, the vizors, the cute tops! I am so into the clothes.......... but actually golfing......... I am not very good. Oh, sure, I can hit the ball and stand in the tee box dumbfounded, watching my ball sail away. Then the next shot, it goes ten feet. I get so frustrated that I am not having fun at all.

I promised myself that we would go golfing while on vacation. I willed myself to be positive and to join him in the spirit of the game. Then the real Jack came to play. He is a patient, loving teacher. He walks me to the tee box and helps me line up my shot. He talks quietly and positively. Then he says just one more thing before I swing. The one more thing is what I remember as I take my swing. He tells me to keep my head down and he will tell me where my ball goes.

We walk the fairway together. He pulls my cart and talks to me about what I did well. I am quiet and try very hard to soak up all the things he is teaching. When we get to the putting green, we challenge one another. I am a good putter and on the green, we are fairly equal. It is getting there that is the problem. Again, he teaches as I line my ball with the hole. He is quick to tell me when I do well.

I become the perfect submissive on the course. We have never had an argument while playing. I actually listen and do what he says for all 18 holes. He has taught me that golf is a game of polite manners and a golfer needs to show respect for the course and the other players. Showing proper course etiquette is so important. I know most of the rules and I pay attention as the course unfolds. I know that the way to get better is to keep playing. I simply lack the consistency in my game and that wears me out. I feel discouraged. However I am married to a most opitmistic guy. He gives me a big kiss, thanks me for my submission on the course and takes me into the club house for a beer.



  1. I love this! It's nice to rely on your partner with trust. And I love that you compete sometimes!

  2. I can relate to you trying to play golf because it is something Jack loves. My husband's a good bridge player and I have been learning/playing for 2 years. It involves playing cards with others who can be friends, but sometimes competitive strangers. At times our ride home can be constructive review on his part or frustration at my slow progress, tears or frustration on my part, and sometimes mutual satisfaction if it went well. It is out of love for him and joy at watching how well he plays that I keep at it. It's not exactly submission, but I want him to know he's worth my efforts to learn. It's great that they want us to be with them and try to be patient teachers.

  3. Hey Mere...I so agree with this post and the fact that you compete. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  4. Oh bless that is so sweet. I have avanilla friend whose husband is a mad keen golfer. The one time she played him(having never played before) she beat him and he sulked and didn't speak to her for two weeks!!
    love Jan,xx

  5. I love this Meredith. It's wonderful you want to play because it's something Jack loves, and I love how patient and encouraging he is.


  6. Mere,,,Your Jack is really sweet,, : - )


  7. Yes, the 19th hole is the reward for the rest. lol

  8. Full submission for 18 holes? You deserve a medal for that!


  9. Great post. Jack sounds like a wonderful teacher and it is wonderful that you learn playing because Jack likes it. Would you get a prize for winning? :)



  10. Geesh, I'd say that would be more like the ultimate test of submission!! I do not have the patience for golf. I respect those that do though! I've decided the only way I'd get involved in that sport is if they made it a race- like a hybrid between cross country and golf. Give everybody a hybrid club and say anywhere on the green is good enough.
    Being serious though, it's very sweet how Jack is so patient with you and how you are willing to share his interest. Sounds like you are having a great vacation!
    --full heart

  11. The closest I get to golf is mini golf. I admire your patience on the golf course.

  12. I've always thought golf would be great! I loved your post and know that David would be similar with me...patient and positive. Great post. :-) ~ Jennifer

  13. Well now, aren't all those cute clothes worth the price of submission! But the benefits are even better than the clothes, aren't they? I remember learning submission while shopping for a car. arguments. Listen, let him lead, ABK.
    Thanks so much, Meredith! You're a gem.

  14. The only thing that I get from this is that there is, on your part, absolutely no "sparkle" of enjoyment. Why don't you get your own sport? I have found in life that it is quite rare for husband and wife to "equally" enjoy a sport, especially playing it together without becoming competitive. We always found it better to have different sports we could enthuse about to one another.

    Dan could've kitted me up and instructed me from here to kingdom come about sailing - but it would still bore me to tears. I love that he enjoys it and gets a kick out of it though. Actually, I would very much enjoy 'caddying' for your Jack. I am sure I would be good at pulling a little golf cart along, or driving a wee truck. Maybe that could be your contribution to his sport?

    Hope he bought you a 'double' at the 19th hole?! LOL!