Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Important Codes of TTWD

Do you have a secret code shared just between you and your hoh? We have so many codes that I am not sure I can remember them all. Anyway, this is me, your Meredith. A golden good girl angel for at least a little while. 

While on vacation to a wonderful, warm sunny place, ttwd codes became very, very useful. When not at home, spankings are not frequent. Meals are shared in public places. Eavesdropping into a private conversation can happen. So ttwd couples usually have a code. This code is words represented by a collection of initials that have special meaning.

Jack and I talk in code continually while on vacation. Let me illustrate. Jack is working on my showing patience. While waiting our turn in a store recently, he bent down and whispered ABK. Katie of This Whole Thing taught me that code. Always be kind is a code her family has used for a long time. FS is a code Jack uses when he refers to my sweet and calm personality after a session over his knee. That's right........... freshly spanked. He likes me that way. Then there is a point of reference all Hoh and sub couples have. The words score card, the list, the slate all mean the same thing.

When returning from the golf course, Jack always text me the same way each time. It is code for get ready for some loving and any other thing we need to take care of.

So here we are on a sweet vacation and Jack has itchy palms, no real privacy and a wife who is frisky, feisty and needed some attention. He compliments me on being his good girl. I push the limits here. Am I your golden good girl? He tips his head and his eyebrows go up, but he answers me that, yes, I am his golden good girl. Pushing just a little more, I asked am I his golden good girl angel?

He stops reading now and just looks at me. There is only one way to become a three g angel. I ask what that is and he says we will need to erase the score card, cross off things on the list and clean that slate. I ask if he was going to do that. He said, "Yes, come here, Meredith".

So now freshly spanked, I am his golden good girl angel for a little while at least.



  1. That's funny, Meredith. I don't think Gabe and I have been at ttwd to have codes yet, except for one. As I mentioned in another post, he holds up three fingers, indicating the drawer where he keeps his implements. I know to calm down or stop whatever I am doing if I see his three fingers!

  2. Hi Meredith, at first I thought we had no real code words, but you are definitely right, there is always something which only has meaning for a dd couple. So, if hubby mentions that there is a meeting in the evening, it is one of his ways of saying that there will be a spanking then. A non-verbal warning that hubby does is squeezing my hand. This is pretty useful in public because nobody else can understand any of it.
    Most of such codes only make sense to the couple, so nobody else could even guess that this is spanking related. I am glad that you are Jack's golden good girl angel. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



  3. Love this Mere! You two are just too cute. :)
    I don't think hubby and I have any code words - but he does have a way of catching my eye with a certain look that tells me to 'cool it'. The approving smile I get when I do is such a reward for me.

  4. LOL Meredith! :) Golden good girl angel sounds pretty good!!! Good for you! Not sure that I could ever get to that one. Haha!

    Love that Jack told you ABK! It is a very useful "code" for sure.

    We have "write it down" these days. Or the evil eyebrow goes up. Or... or...or...! These fellas know just what to do to keep us right with them- even when away from home, and an instant spanking is not possible. And us girls sure do appreciate their efforts! great post! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  5. Hey Meredith,

    The codes are both verbal and visual between us throughout the day.
    But, Jim has this uncanny knack for using his eyes to speak more often with.

    Example: One slightly raised brow means 'that couple over there needs DD'. Or, the come hither look with a ever so slight head tilt, meaning he is feeling frisky and yet a score needs settled and there will be fun/spanking.


  6. LOL Mere...My ex had a set of codes and looks while Matthew had a different set...believe me...that was a painful learning curve! But I have never been a Golden Good Girl Angel...not even directly after a spanking. Happy to hear you two having a good time. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

  7. LoL Meredith, glad it sounds as though you two are having a great time:) We have wll sorts of verbal and non - verbal codes. A quick pat, 'the look', a hand squeeze to name a few.


  8. Hi Meredith, glad you are having a good time. We don't have codes as such, I always know when I am in trouble without them:(
    love Jan,xx

  9. We don't have codes but we do have both visual and physical reminders. I get both the raised eyebrow and the quick squeeze to my knee, and I have been known to get a quick surreptitious pat on the backside. It certainly causes me to stop and reconsider my future actions. LOL!