Saturday, March 7, 2015

Answers To Your Questions!

Here we go............... answering your questions...... Jack and I are away on vacation. This post may take me some time to get it up. I am doing it in short segments.

Sub Hub in Phx

He wants to know if anyone in our world knows about our ttwd. The answere here is yes. I told a good friend that Jack spanks me. The reason I spoke up is because at the time, she was traveling with us and I wanted no one to be embarrassed if things were overheard. She listened and asked not a single question. To the this day, she has never mentioned what I told her.

All my sexual fantasies have been fulfilled. The big one was the outdoor spanking on the side of the road in California wine country. I loved it and so did Jack!

Jan of An English Rose

Jan asks if I have ever let slip that we do ttwd while with others? She also wants to know what have I been spanked the most for?

Jack and I have called one another Jack and Meredith in front of others and quickly moved on. The thing I have been spanked for the most is probably distancing...... pulling back and into myself when things are need careful listening and talking. For us, that is a sure fire way to be spanked.

Ronnie of Heart and Soul

Ronnie asks what was my childhood ambition and did I fulfill it? What is a spanking fantesy has been fulfilled? What famous person would you like to meet, dead or alive?

Email me and I will share my ambition and its fulfillment.
My fantasy was a side of the road spanking and Jack has fulfilled that one several times.
Abraham Lincoln is my hero. He kept our nation together as our Civil War threatened to divide us. I would like very much to meet him.

Megan from Megan's Sweet Secret

Megan asks if I have a favorite place to visit? She also asks if a spanking was just not  long enough, would I ask for more?

I have many favorite places. I think I would feel more comfortable sharing those places in an email.
Yes, after s particular short spanking, I came up huffy and Jack was sort of dumbfounded and put me back over the bed for more. After almost two years, I do not come up huffy!

Ni Na

Ni Na  asks what is one thing I love that Jack does for me? What is my idea of a perfect day?

Every morning Jack brings me a hot cup of frothy coffee. He believes that love is in the doing.
A perfect day would involve some gg spanking, a romantic dinner in and being together enjoying a movie or another fun activity.

Cat of Giggles, Grins and Reflections

Cat wants to know who I would invite to a dinner party, four people and spouses!

Remember I love to give dinner parties!  I would invite an interesting group: my favorite bloggers from blogland............  No men this time....... just us enjoying one another! Can you imagine all the laughter, all the wine and all the fun!

Ami of Ami's Starsong

Ami asks many questions: what is my favorite meal;  am I a sweet or savory person?, what are my three favorite songs and what are my three favorite cocktails?

My favorite meal is one Jack makes with apple sausage, veggies and penne. Heaven! I am more of a savory person. Three favorite songs.........1) Make Someone Happy 2) Rolling in the Deep and all the Sound of Music songs. Three favorite cocktails 1) Cosmo  2) Blue Lagoon and 3) Prosecco


Leah asks if I would ever spank Jack or if I ever think about it.

I have thought about it and when asked if I could, the answer was a quick spanking for me. I think I like him being the spanker in the family. I will not put your question to a test. I value sitting comfortably.

Katie of This Whole Thing

Katie asks : what memory in the past year makes me smile; what have I learned about myself; what change have I seen in myself.

Lots of reflecting time here, Katie. A memory that made me smile recently was the news a friend's health was great; something I learned about myself is that I need to seriously return to real life reading. My attention span has grown short and I need to buckle down and read the real life books that I do love. A change I have noticed is that I have really changed for the better. I am not nearly as feisty as I once was. I am calm and I use your rule of thumb, Kaite....... ABK.

Sarah of Clear As Mud

Sarah, the good news is that I live my life with no regrets so there is nothing I need or want to do over.

Spanking Jack........... only in a wild dream! I believe that he is the only spanker in the family and I like it that way.


This person asks what do we do when our adult child and family visit?
The answer here is that I am good as good and no spanking is needed. Simple!

Blondie of Blondie's Blog

Blondie asks if we will be spanking when we are old and gray. Jack said that he will answer that. Oh, yes.

Blondie asks why I do not answer comments. Blondie, I spend a large portion of time daily writing to those people who write to me behind the blog. The comments are for the world and my response is really unimportant. Cat told me a long time ago that my blog is just that .......mine and how I decided to do things is for me to decide. Commenting is great for some people, but I prefer to have relationships with others behind the blog. We can share and talk over concerns. I will not be doing it any other way. This way works for me. I have so many good friends and it is my decision. Too many bloggers share far too much. I try not to.

Clara of Clara's Wish 

Clara asked have I ever been swatted in public and where is my favorite place that I have visited.

Clara, yes, I have been swatted in public. Quick and to the point, the swat got my attention and I nearly died right there.

I will share in an email my favorite place in the world. I think that if I announce my favorites, people might someday figure out who Meredith really is.

Minelle of My Breath

Minelle asks if I was always interested in spanking or did I discover it late in life.
I have always been interested in spanking. I agree when PK says we are wired differently. I was only spanked once as a child and Jack and I used spanking for fun until I introduced Jack to ttwd.

Roz of Roz in His Hands

Roz asked me what place in the world I would like to visit,  favorite implement, and favorite thing to do as a couple.

One place still not visited is any place in Asia. Favorite implement is Jack's hand which can be gentle or fearsome. Something we like to do as a couple is visit spas when traveling to new and different places. We have been to some really amazing places.

Jennelle of A New Perspective

Jennelle asked my favorite dessert and our favorite date night.

My favorite dessert is pie, any kind of pie. Oh, my, I love pie.

Favorite date night is dinner and movie. An early dinner and an early movie because we are not young!

Alice K from My Yellow Brick RoaDD

Alice asks: coffee or tea, finger sandiches or sweets, fireside snuggle or a deserted beach?

Alice, I would always choose coffee, little sandwiches and the fireside snuggle.

Everyone asked such great questions. Thank you for the great participation.



  1. Enjoyed reading the questions and your answers. Thanks for answering mine. Email on way.


  2. Thanks for the answers learning more about my friends here in blogland.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. I love these answers! I have a follow up though, the friend you told that had no comment. Is it at all awkward now. I think the silence in her response would have bothered me more than shock or laughter. Just wondering.

  4. Meredith, thanks for answering my question in a very honest way. You are so right, it is your blog and you can do with it as you wish. I have to remind myself of that with my blog too. I don't judge you for not commenting, just curious because I had just read PK's post on commenting (so blame it on her - lol) At least I didn't ask you what color your vibrator is or what flower Jack smells like after sex.... Yes, I am being naughty but they would be fun questions and I would have a blast answering them (poor Ty)
    And Jack, thanks for your very short and honest answer to my question, Ty would have just answered the same exact way.
    All of your answers were great and it is really nice that you share yourself not only in your posts but in answering the questions.

  5. Very interesting questions Mere - and very Meredith-style answers. You make me smile. ;)

  6. Mere,,,great answers,,, : - ) have fun


  7. I enjoyed reading your great answers, thank you for sharing these.



  8. Thanks for the answers they were fun to read!

  9. He Meredith, great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. Thank you for answering my questions. Hope you and Jack are having a wonderful time :)


  10. Mere,
    Love your answers.
    We seem to be as opposite as can be.
    I was wondering, would a fire on the beach be equally relaxing?
    Thanks for playing along and sharing your witt.

  11. I loved reading these and have a new found curiosity for Meredith and Jack. Wonderful answers and I'm glad to see that it's ok not to put your whole self out there. Tips for the future;)