Sunday, March 29, 2015

Live On Less Than What You Make........ There Is A Good Reason!

Jack and I are off again on another advenuture. We will return after a few weeks. I will miss all of you. I will miss your emails and blogs. I will return emails once home. We are not taking laptops, but I will have my iPad jammed full of books.

There is a sweet division here in blogland. The younger readers have children to raise and careers to manage. The older readers have empty nests and careers slowing down or gone altogether. What can the younger readers learn from those who are older and what can the older readers learn from the young? Plenty!

I have made friends with readers in both groups and and those who are straddling both worlds. When younger readers email me about how Jack and I are able to travel and then travel some more, I hesitate telling because I do not want to sound preachy or parental. Life gives us many choices and one of those choices is very valuable. One sweet reader said we were so lucky. Oh, luck! The harder we both worked, the luckier we became. Luck really has nothing to do with it. We lived on less than what we made. We saved our money. We even could take the early retirement route to playtime.

Jack and I were poor as the fabled church mice. However, we always lived on less that what we made. Just once in our married life, we had a wild credit card run away with a balance of $2000. Quickly we got that card under control, and forever more pay the balance of our cards each month .......... always!  We always lived on less than what we made. When family was older, Jack and I each had two jobs. We squirreled away money as friends charged vacations to Mexico. We packed our saving accounts as friends toured Europe. We were young and careful.We saw the wonders of compound interest and investing.  When our family was older, we took some of those big vacations to Hawaii, Europe and all over the United States. We learned through the guidance of older friends that saving money gave us options, lots of options.

Then our nest was empty and we turned toward one another and began to power save. We achieved financial goals and really have never looked back. Money saved now is used to see the world. We are off to far away places and will see you when we return.

I am here until Monday evening.
It would make me smile to have an email from you waiting for my return.  Looking forward to reconnecting once we return. A penny for your thoughts...............

Meredith and Jack

Friday, March 27, 2015

This Ttwd Really Works

We were eating dinner. I was unusually quiet. Jack said I was sullen and moody. We had been talking about many things: his golf game, my lunch with a friend, the wolf at the door, and the good meal before us. Then things became quiet. I got up form the table to get something. I do not remember what it was. Jack was behind me and he simply took my wrist and took me upstairs. There was little talking. Although he did say he had had enough of my attitude. My sweats and panties were down in a flash and I was over the bed. He spanked with his hand, hard, fast, and strong. I stayed still knowing I did need what was happening, every bit of it. He brought me up to his arms and I nestled right in telling him I was sorry for the dinner interruption and that I loved him. He told me we were not finished. Back over I went for more of the same. It was one of those spankings we really both needed. No implement, just his big hand changing my attitude and mood in two spanking sets. Then he gathered me up in his arms.

How funny that sight must have looked. From the waist up, we look like two people embracing in our bedroom. From the waist down, my bottom is bright red and my clothing is hovering around my knees. His hand is on my bottom and there is no space between us.

This ttwd thing, this whole thing, works so well. Sour mood and snarly attitude gone, bottom burning like fire and we go back downstairs to do the dishes together. Jack loves this part of ttwd. He feels his own role keenly and he likes to see his wife smiling and freshly spanked.

Take it from a spanked wife who knows first hand, this ttwd really works.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Loving Tribute To A Faithful Assistant

In my email inbox each morning, there is a collection of photos from my faithful blogging assistant. She combs the Internet collecting photos for me to use. I thought I would share some of my recent favorites with you. 

Thank you, L. You are a most diligent and kind assistant. I so appreciate your work. I know my readers with enjoy this latest batch of photos. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Perfect Place To Practice Submission

The perfect place to practice submission is on the golf course. Let me explain. Jack is an great
golfer. He is also a patient teacher. He wants me on the golf course with him. He wants me playing with him. He purchased new hybrid clubs for me with really cute poka dot club covers............ three years ago. The clubs are really brand new.

As an aside......... I love golf clothes, the skorts, shoes with clicking cleats, the vizors, the cute tops! I am so into the clothes.......... but actually golfing......... I am not very good. Oh, sure, I can hit the ball and stand in the tee box dumbfounded, watching my ball sail away. Then the next shot, it goes ten feet. I get so frustrated that I am not having fun at all.

I promised myself that we would go golfing while on vacation. I willed myself to be positive and to join him in the spirit of the game. Then the real Jack came to play. He is a patient, loving teacher. He walks me to the tee box and helps me line up my shot. He talks quietly and positively. Then he says just one more thing before I swing. The one more thing is what I remember as I take my swing. He tells me to keep my head down and he will tell me where my ball goes.

We walk the fairway together. He pulls my cart and talks to me about what I did well. I am quiet and try very hard to soak up all the things he is teaching. When we get to the putting green, we challenge one another. I am a good putter and on the green, we are fairly equal. It is getting there that is the problem. Again, he teaches as I line my ball with the hole. He is quick to tell me when I do well.

I become the perfect submissive on the course. We have never had an argument while playing. I actually listen and do what he says for all 18 holes. He has taught me that golf is a game of polite manners and a golfer needs to show respect for the course and the other players. Showing proper course etiquette is so important. I know most of the rules and I pay attention as the course unfolds. I know that the way to get better is to keep playing. I simply lack the consistency in my game and that wears me out. I feel discouraged. However I am married to a most opitmistic guy. He gives me a big kiss, thanks me for my submission on the course and takes me into the club house for a beer.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Important Codes of TTWD

Do you have a secret code shared just between you and your hoh? We have so many codes that I am not sure I can remember them all. Anyway, this is me, your Meredith. A golden good girl angel for at least a little while. 

While on vacation to a wonderful, warm sunny place, ttwd codes became very, very useful. When not at home, spankings are not frequent. Meals are shared in public places. Eavesdropping into a private conversation can happen. So ttwd couples usually have a code. This code is words represented by a collection of initials that have special meaning.

Jack and I talk in code continually while on vacation. Let me illustrate. Jack is working on my showing patience. While waiting our turn in a store recently, he bent down and whispered ABK. Katie of This Whole Thing taught me that code. Always be kind is a code her family has used for a long time. FS is a code Jack uses when he refers to my sweet and calm personality after a session over his knee. That's right........... freshly spanked. He likes me that way. Then there is a point of reference all Hoh and sub couples have. The words score card, the list, the slate all mean the same thing.

When returning from the golf course, Jack always text me the same way each time. It is code for get ready for some loving and any other thing we need to take care of.

So here we are on a sweet vacation and Jack has itchy palms, no real privacy and a wife who is frisky, feisty and needed some attention. He compliments me on being his good girl. I push the limits here. Am I your golden good girl? He tips his head and his eyebrows go up, but he answers me that, yes, I am his golden good girl. Pushing just a little more, I asked am I his golden good girl angel?

He stops reading now and just looks at me. There is only one way to become a three g angel. I ask what that is and he says we will need to erase the score card, cross off things on the list and clean that slate. I ask if he was going to do that. He said, "Yes, come here, Meredith".

So now freshly spanked, I am his golden good girl angel for a little while at least.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Goodness,,,,,,,,,,, Another New Blogger

There is another new blogger joining us. Maybe some of you have discovered her blog already. I think you will like her. I know I do. In one of her early posts, she talks about being in the ttwd groove. Please visit her blog to say welcome. 

Here is her link.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Introducing A New Blogger

Hello, everyone. I have a new blogger to introduce. She has a lovely new blog and she is enjoying posting often. Her name is Kathy and I think you will like her as much as I do.  She tells me that her blog and blogging makes her feel calm and comfortable. Her new blog is named She and Him.

Please stop by to introduce yourself. Leave a comment. I know she will like that.
 Her is her link.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Sweetest of Meetings Happened Again

The second meeting was even better than the first. How can that be possible when the first meeting was so amazing? This time we were so relaxed and comfortable with one another. We shared more and laughed more. Our husbands were with us and they enjoyed the conversation as well. 

We had dinner by the beach, casual and relaxed. Delicious fish and chips by the beach in the sunshine. We watched the sunset over the Pacific. How cool is that? Like last year, the men talked as men do about careers, sports, cars, and more.

Cali and I talked about everything under the sun. We mixed and matched our real names with our blog names during our time together. We shared on a deeper level realizing that our friendship was moving to a new level as we share more. We just could not stop smiling.

Then the two of us had a thought which we thought our husbands would like.......... let's do breakfast in the morning. So the four of us met at a little breakfast place. The men had omelets and Cali and I enjoyed Swedish pancakes. This time the conversation involved all four of us.

More hugs exchanged and we said good-bye. We also said that we would see one another same time next year. We have become the closest of friends.

Thank you, Cali.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Answers To Your Questions!

Here we go............... answering your questions...... Jack and I are away on vacation. This post may take me some time to get it up. I am doing it in short segments.

Sub Hub in Phx

He wants to know if anyone in our world knows about our ttwd. The answere here is yes. I told a good friend that Jack spanks me. The reason I spoke up is because at the time, she was traveling with us and I wanted no one to be embarrassed if things were overheard. She listened and asked not a single question. To the this day, she has never mentioned what I told her.

All my sexual fantasies have been fulfilled. The big one was the outdoor spanking on the side of the road in California wine country. I loved it and so did Jack!

Jan of An English Rose

Jan asks if I have ever let slip that we do ttwd while with others? She also wants to know what have I been spanked the most for?

Jack and I have called one another Jack and Meredith in front of others and quickly moved on. The thing I have been spanked for the most is probably distancing...... pulling back and into myself when things are need careful listening and talking. For us, that is a sure fire way to be spanked.

Ronnie of Heart and Soul

Ronnie asks what was my childhood ambition and did I fulfill it? What is a spanking fantesy has been fulfilled? What famous person would you like to meet, dead or alive?

Email me and I will share my ambition and its fulfillment.
My fantasy was a side of the road spanking and Jack has fulfilled that one several times.
Abraham Lincoln is my hero. He kept our nation together as our Civil War threatened to divide us. I would like very much to meet him.

Megan from Megan's Sweet Secret

Megan asks if I have a favorite place to visit? She also asks if a spanking was just not  long enough, would I ask for more?

I have many favorite places. I think I would feel more comfortable sharing those places in an email.
Yes, after s particular short spanking, I came up huffy and Jack was sort of dumbfounded and put me back over the bed for more. After almost two years, I do not come up huffy!

Ni Na

Ni Na  asks what is one thing I love that Jack does for me? What is my idea of a perfect day?

Every morning Jack brings me a hot cup of frothy coffee. He believes that love is in the doing.
A perfect day would involve some gg spanking, a romantic dinner in and being together enjoying a movie or another fun activity.

Cat of Giggles, Grins and Reflections

Cat wants to know who I would invite to a dinner party, four people and spouses!

Remember I love to give dinner parties!  I would invite an interesting group: my favorite bloggers from blogland............  No men this time....... just us enjoying one another! Can you imagine all the laughter, all the wine and all the fun!

Ami of Ami's Starsong

Ami asks many questions: what is my favorite meal;  am I a sweet or savory person?, what are my three favorite songs and what are my three favorite cocktails?

My favorite meal is one Jack makes with apple sausage, veggies and penne. Heaven! I am more of a savory person. Three favorite songs.........1) Make Someone Happy 2) Rolling in the Deep and all the Sound of Music songs. Three favorite cocktails 1) Cosmo  2) Blue Lagoon and 3) Prosecco


Leah asks if I would ever spank Jack or if I ever think about it.

I have thought about it and when asked if I could, the answer was a quick spanking for me. I think I like him being the spanker in the family. I will not put your question to a test. I value sitting comfortably.

Katie of This Whole Thing

Katie asks : what memory in the past year makes me smile; what have I learned about myself; what change have I seen in myself.

Lots of reflecting time here, Katie. A memory that made me smile recently was the news a friend's health was great; something I learned about myself is that I need to seriously return to real life reading. My attention span has grown short and I need to buckle down and read the real life books that I do love. A change I have noticed is that I have really changed for the better. I am not nearly as feisty as I once was. I am calm and I use your rule of thumb, Kaite....... ABK.

Sarah of Clear As Mud

Sarah, the good news is that I live my life with no regrets so there is nothing I need or want to do over.

Spanking Jack........... only in a wild dream! I believe that he is the only spanker in the family and I like it that way.


This person asks what do we do when our adult child and family visit?
The answer here is that I am good as good and no spanking is needed. Simple!

Blondie of Blondie's Blog

Blondie asks if we will be spanking when we are old and gray. Jack said that he will answer that. Oh, yes.

Blondie asks why I do not answer comments. Blondie, I spend a large portion of time daily writing to those people who write to me behind the blog. The comments are for the world and my response is really unimportant. Cat told me a long time ago that my blog is just that .......mine and how I decided to do things is for me to decide. Commenting is great for some people, but I prefer to have relationships with others behind the blog. We can share and talk over concerns. I will not be doing it any other way. This way works for me. I have so many good friends and it is my decision. Too many bloggers share far too much. I try not to.

Clara of Clara's Wish 

Clara asked have I ever been swatted in public and where is my favorite place that I have visited.

Clara, yes, I have been swatted in public. Quick and to the point, the swat got my attention and I nearly died right there.

I will share in an email my favorite place in the world. I think that if I announce my favorites, people might someday figure out who Meredith really is.

Minelle of My Breath

Minelle asks if I was always interested in spanking or did I discover it late in life.
I have always been interested in spanking. I agree when PK says we are wired differently. I was only spanked once as a child and Jack and I used spanking for fun until I introduced Jack to ttwd.

Roz of Roz in His Hands

Roz asked me what place in the world I would like to visit,  favorite implement, and favorite thing to do as a couple.

One place still not visited is any place in Asia. Favorite implement is Jack's hand which can be gentle or fearsome. Something we like to do as a couple is visit spas when traveling to new and different places. We have been to some really amazing places.

Jennelle of A New Perspective

Jennelle asked my favorite dessert and our favorite date night.

My favorite dessert is pie, any kind of pie. Oh, my, I love pie.

Favorite date night is dinner and movie. An early dinner and an early movie because we are not young!

Alice K from My Yellow Brick RoaDD

Alice asks: coffee or tea, finger sandiches or sweets, fireside snuggle or a deserted beach?

Alice, I would always choose coffee, little sandwiches and the fireside snuggle.

Everyone asked such great questions. Thank you for the great participation.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Questions, Questions, Questions

Happy March!

Even though we have sunshine and blue skies, the wind is roaring. The lion is here and I am waiting for the docile lamb to show up soon.

Did you know that March is our question month? You, the reader, ask the questions and I will answer.
You may ask questions of a personal nature or about ttwd in general?

Here's how this works on my blog. You ask the questions here in the comment section and I will answer the questions in a separate post once everyone has had opportunity to ask their questions. Last year's questions were great and I did have a great time answering.

I only ask you to be respectful in what you ask. I will be respectful when answering your questions.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Read The Comments!!

The comments from my last post are so good. Please take a moment to read through them. Those of us in ttwd so identify with the love and indifference thing. We do not want a a brother/sister relationship with our men. We do not want distancing and the side by side condo concept that many couples live. We do not want indifference. The comments are all bullseye to what ttwd is all about.

Take a little time to read the comments. These readers know what they are writing about.
Thank you for taking the time to write in agreement with the post. I appreciate your thoughts. I value what you wrote.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

What Is The Opposite Of Love?

Ever since I first started my blog, I have enjoyed those readers who email. Some readers email for a short time and then are gone. Some stay for awhile and the emails begin to taper off. However every once in a while, a reader will write and the two of us feel an instant connection. The reader I am referring to does not have a blog and isn't interested in beginning one. Every time I see an email from her in my inbox, I smile big. She is funny and tells her story in ways that have me laughing. We compare ttwd notes and laugh that despite the difference in our ages, we have had very similar experiences.

This person sent me an online article.  I thank her for doing so. The article asked an interesting question: what is the opposite of love? The writer of the article answered in a most straight forward way. The opposite of love is indifference. Sit there a minute and just think about that. Love begins a marriage. The life happens and what is left sometimes is complacent or lackluster.

When I fell in love with Jack, I was oh so young. He was just a boy and I was just his girl. We each fell madly in love and we were still in high school. What did we know of love? Our love was strong and sweet. Those dating years were fun and went so fast. College years flew by and we married. Jack's military service interrupted things. We were poor as church mice, but so happy. Indifferent........ not for a minute were we indifferent. We were madly in love and then started our family. Indifferent........ no way! Just very busy juggling careers, deployments, and nurturing a family. Then the nest empties and things continue as deployments happen again. Careers make life very busy and interesting. We began to turn away from one another and did not even realize it. The nest empties and the first signs of indifference is right there, only we did not even notice.

Married a long time, we grew together and now were perhaps growing apart. The opposite of love is indifference. I felt disconnected and could not figure out what we needed or how to fix it. Jack seemed not to notice my discontent. We were perhaps becoming indifferent to one another at the very time we needed to turn toward one another. We were headed for the life of a house, but not one another.

Ttwd helped us turn back to one another. We turned what might have been early indifference to amazing  love and we felt the rekindling of our marriage like nothing else we had ever experienced. We were the opposite of indifferent.......... we were in love and friends noticed. Ttwd added chemistry, fireworks, passion, discipline, accountability, intimacy and deep connection. We pleased one another and the turning toward one another continued.

Marriage isn't a fairytale. There are moments that take your breath away and moments in which you wonder how frustrating things can get. For the long haul, marriage is a work in progress. The summer we married, there were four marriages in our family. Jack and I are the only ones still together. The other couples chose indifference. When facing complacency or working to improve our relationship, we always choose to roll up our sleeves. Lots of couples our age choose to give up, move on and go separate ways. We turned toward on another. We chose love instead of indifference.

Tell me what you think. Are you choosing love and ttwd? Is ttwd making a startling difference in your marriage? Is indifference nudging its way into your marriage? What are you doing about it?

Thanks, L. and to you, H., for inspiring the post!