Thursday, February 26, 2015

Things Can Stack Up Just Like Pancakes

Did you know that Thursday was National Pancake Day? A big stack of pancakes............ delicious! I love a good analogy. Pancakes are not the only thing stacking up around here. I was dancing straight toward a spanking beginning the morning with being ornery, snappish, prickly and testy. I could not shake it and Jack pulled me aside several times reminding me of how the peace is kept in our family. A sharp swat did little to change my attitude. Things were really stacking right up on Jack's tally sheet as well. 

The mood did not leave me.Things were stacking up. Jack asked again if our home was peaceful. I just shrugged and walked away. We were meeting friends for lunch and I just couldn't seem to shake the negative mood I was in. Dancing to a spanking, for sure! Stacking things up, just like those pancakes. We had a great time with friends catching up on what each other has been doing. Saying our good-byes, we headed home. I was quiet, sullen and finally Jack spoke. "Is our home peaceful?", he asked as he put his hand on my knee. I bit my lip and would not look at him. 

Once home, he wasted no time. He took me upstairs and bared me except for the socks. He swatted my bottom pointing to my feet. I took them off and the dance was about to begin. He took me over his knee and spanked with the paddle. He talked as he spanked. No more negative talk or prickliness; no more shrugging or walking away. Did I understand? 

We have slipped easily into the ttwd side of things and  this kind of spanking, ..............Jack unhappy and Meredith needing an attitude change................ just doesn't happen very often around here. Jack brought me up to talk and see if my mood was more positive. He said I had not been spanked like this for a long time. He wanted our home peaceful and and he knew just how to bring that about. He held me and we sat for a long time just enjoying the way our world seemed to be set right. 

In a matter of minutes, Jack had settled me down and there was no more horrible cloud over our home and Jack's peace had been restored.

And just like a stack of pancakes eaten with gusto until gone, my stack of negativity vanished just as quickly with a healthy helping of ttwd and Jack.

Thanks, L.



  1. Hi Meredith, sorry that you had this kind of stacking up, where you cannot get out of the negative attitude. It's like a labyrinth sometimes, isn't it? I think this is so annoying, when you somehow know what is going on but cannot get out of this mood. Yuck.
    I am just glad that Jack knew what was going on and could help you to find back to your positive attitude. That’s awesome. … Thank you for the pancake idea. I think that will be lunch here today. :)



  2. Hi Meredith, I'm sorry you were having one of those days. It's awful when you just can't shake that negative cloud. Glad Jack was able to restore positivity and peace :)


  3. Mere,,,sorry for the spanking,,but love the pic. of pancakes,,looks so good.


  4. I can so relate, Meredith. Sometimes the only thing that will get me out of my negative funk is a good, sound spanking. I hope you are doing better today.

  5. Happy for you - love the analogy to the stack of pancakes.

  6. Oh Meredith, we all have days like this don't we? Better day tomorrow :)
    love Jan,xx

  7. Stacking up here as well, some days just don't get better unti they are address by our men.

  8. Hey Mere,
    I love the pancake analogy - and the way that Jack ALWAYS takes care of you. Sweet on both counts. ;)

  9. Your pancakes are different from ours over here. I think ours are more Crepes than pancakes. LOL!

    Bad moods, however, can be just the same over here. I think Jack dealt with the situation in the best way. Cleared the air. Not nice at the time, but afterwards one tends to feel so much better, it really is incredible.

    Many hugs

  10. So true, Mere. Great analogy with the pancakes! I LOVE pancakes. They can stack up so easily, so quickly...and we've bitten off more than we can chew! What is it with us females and our moods, prickliness, ugh!!!!!!! And just so easily, and trusting our HoH, they are unstacked, just toppled over in one sweet, yummy, sticky mess.

  11. And I'm betting that Jack thinks that stack of pancakes with blueberries looks much better than Mere's stack of pancake attitude. ;) Happy you two were able to get back to your happy home.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  12. Great analogy Meredith! I really hate those moods that just don't leave. I really hope you're doing better today!


  13. Love the analogy. For me, it's like seeing the train wreck coming and being able to do morning about it. Those pancakes were stacking up, you felt it and until Jack took action, those pancakes world's have kept piling up.
    Glad things are back in order.

  14. The pancake stack is the best analogy yet. I just can't get over the socks though. It made me grin and lol.