Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Suddenly Silenced, Soundly Spanked and Sweetly Soothed............. All Before Dinner On The Town LATE!

Friends, the whole story is  right there in the title!

I will slow down and back up in retelling just what happened. It really matches up nicely with my previous post. Did you read all the comments? So interesting all the different takes on how this ttwd/dd works and then Jack and I offer a description all on our own.  Here goes.............

Two new sweaters........ one for Jack and one for Meredith are on the dresser, still with tags attached

Swishy black skirt, lacy camisole, sheer silky top

Dressing up for a night on the town

Jack takes his sweater to wear for their evening out and in doing so leaves Meredith's new sweater in a navy blue wad of fabric

Beautiful new sweater in a  messy heap

Jack is usually slow to anger; Meredith is quick to rant

However sometimes Jack's long fuse is replaced by a very short one!

Long fuse cut really, really short!

Ranting Meredith riled Jack

Jack tells Meredith her sweater is just fine; she is looking at her new sweater all messed up in a heap

Her rant continues until it gets the best of Jack

Jack acts quickly with the decisiveness of a Hoh

Over the bed, skirt flipped up. bottom bared and thoroughly spanked

Jack swiftly gets the best of Meredith

Jack moves on to more loving activities and then they are spent, sweaty, calm, happy, smiling  and .......... HUNGRY

They dress all over again and Jack is gentle and loving......... folding the new sweater and taking Meredith's hand, they head to the car

Hand on her leg; sweet talking between them........Jack likes how settled his wife is and he is right

She is calm

Meredith is quiet, a little deer in the headlight time; what just happened?

Jack requests a table in the back of the place where they had reservations, but were late; it is cozy and throughout dinner, his hands are on his wife

Our life in a nutshell............ we have a ttwd marriage and this is how it works for us

Brain, heart, bottom, feelings and two new blue sweaters........one Jack wore and the other neatly refolded on the dresser!

Just like the refolded sweater, calm was restored and there was peace.

Thanks, L.



  1. Such sweetness. I dream of the day I no longer live with the regret that comes along with my mouth erupting.
    As always Meredith, thanks for sharing.

  2. Mere,,,Oh so really,really SWEET,, : - )


  3. Oh Meredith, what a lovely post and a lovely spanking!!
    love Jan,xx

  4. Such a sweet post, as usual! Does it take a while for the brain to click back on afterwards? I always wondered. How was dinner - hope you had a lovely evening with Jack.

  5. Were you able to sit alright during dinner? ;)
    You are loved - sweet post. :)

  6. Sounds like a perfect appetizer!! What a wonderful night together.

  7. A perfect start to your evening. Lovely post.


  8. Such a big smile on my face, I guess that was needed more than food and talking...:D

  9. NICE!! All of it- and the sweaters too! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  10. Great post, and great timing on this following your last post. Someone in this community, perhaps Stormy, said that things can get rough right before a breakthrough.

    I sit here gingerly with a hot, stinging bottom. I think that my HoH's choice to address things quickly, as Jack did for you, makes a big difference in connecting my heart and my head back together. My head knows always the right choices, but my heart gets easily led astray, usually distracted, and as a result I make a poor choice in my words, attitude, or priorities, and the connection has to be fixed. Painful as it can be sometimes, I always sense that he has the greater good in mind, and I know that I am loved.

    Thank you, Meredith. Thank you for how you share these personal things in your relationship with us. May we submissive partners keep our heads and hearts connected. It sure would make sitting a lot easier for this submissive partner.


  11. That sounded perfectly delightful! I know you both had dreamy eyes while eating!

  12. Gosh I love the freedom that you and Jack have to go at it whenever the mood hits lol!
    I love that you are both so lovingly settled after a spanking .......and other benefits - and that you can barely keep your hands off each other during dinner.
    You and Jack make me smile - and I'm sure it's contagious to those around you too.

  13. What a lovely evening Mere. TTWD in action in the Jack and Meredith household. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  14. What a lovely post Meredith. Sounds like a wonderful night:)


  15. Now are you sure you were not pushing Jack to do this?

  16. Oh Meredith... I get it. Sometimes, I get so spun up over the little things.. And The Man will step in, not always with a spanking, but always when needed... Sweet post

  17. Sweet post! I have to admit that's the kind of thing that gets me all riled up too. Later I look back and realize how silly it is. Love how this works so well for you both.

  18. Hello...new to your blog and just let me say your writing is inspiring. My hubby and I are working on trying to find a good power exchange that works for us with 3 boys that are 13 and twins that are 11. We have a lot of barriers to what I feel I need as a submissive but we are trying. I have had to take the reins for so long and making the switch is sooooo hard. I always check out your blog and many others for nuggets of wisdom. Your blog is one of my very favorites. Making changes in our 40's is a hard road. Thanks for the inspiration!!!! This post is so very sweet and a beautiful picture of what I hope will be us one day! TY!!! :)

    1. Ally,
      My email is on this blog. Please email me so we can talk.

  19. This would be a difficult situation for me. I like things to have a place. When things are tossed about it causes the worst anxiety. I would probably get multiple punishments for being upset about it. :(