Sunday, February 15, 2015

So Many Different Ways TTWD Is Practiced

My challenge to readers proved very interesting. I asked readers to comment on the connection between your bottom, your brain and your heartfelt feelings. I asked the question why this ttwd works for so many of us. Here is link to the post.

 Eighteen readers shared their thoughts. Thank you all for your sincere comments, Pk, Sarah, Minelle, Alice, Megan, Linda, Annabelle, Brat E Pants, Leah, Full Heart33, Anna, Mona Lisa, Maggie, SS B, Katie and Kate. I agree with each and every comment. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that it just plain works.

Ttwd adds spice to a marriage, rekindles the connection between a man and a woman and possibly saves a marriage from the doldrums and apathy seen in many couples. Ttwd brings harmony and peace to the homes of practicing couples.

I encourage you to read the post and the comments. I think you will find it interesting. Then head over to Katie's This Whole Thing and read her take on Ttwd. Here is a link to her post on her blog. She has written a longer version and I had not one, but two cups of coffee as I read it this morning. Enjoy!



  1. Mere,,,this is why you are first class ( you lift others up when they have a good post ) Good for you.


  2. I'm in agreement with Leah! Thanks for both posts...and for sending me over to Katie's page where I found another blogger I like!

  3. Thanks again, Meredith! This was short and sweet and to the point! I love your longer posts as well, but sometimes ttwd is explained so well in just a few words!

  4. Hi Meredith, both yours and Katie's posts are lovely. We live our lives in a similar way to Rob and Katie I think. I practically could have written her post!! ( if my writing skills were as good)
    love Jan,xx

  5. I've come up with a new way of spelling out TTWD, based on where my thoughts have been lately. "This Trust We Do"
    If it weren't for trust, I couldn't do this, but because I trust, I submit, he spanks, we love, and I trust him even more.
    Thank you, Katie T and Mere!

    1. I agree, the trust is needed. But also comes from doing it, the trust I feel in DH and he in me, I can feel it, and we both agree we have never been closer.

  6. Hey Mere...I didn't have time to comment but I've read the posts and comments and they are all wonderful. Bottom works. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Hi Meredith, that was such a great question and Katie's post is awesome :) It just works :)


  8. Sometimes it is hard to explain, but all the replies hit the nail on the head! You helped us formulate our thoughts.
    Katie's post was great too!