Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jack Said Yes!

I really wanted to see this movie. How can you ask your sister or a friend to go? I just couldn't do that. Finally I asked Jack if he would take me. He said YES!

Some background here.......... When the books were first out, it was impossible to avoid the displays parked in the middle of book store aisle. I was not reading it. I dismissed the book outright. I had no idea what it was about. I was a busy career woman and had no time for reading something that was not purposeful. I chaired a book club and that alone kept me hopping to meet required reading to lead the discussion as book club met monthly.

Then things calmed down and the career was complete. I joined Facebook and it was there in the posting of friends that I learned about the subject matter of 50 Shades. One friend wrote on FB that when the UPS guy brought the three books to her door, she was already panting. Panting??? Really?

So now I bought my own copy........ just the first book! As literature goes, it was not well written, but this was not literature, but a fun, fast paced read on a dominant and submissive relationship. I read every word, but it would be another two years until I discovered domestic discipline, ttwd, and the blogs.

I wanted to see the movie, but did not feel comfortable asking friends or my sisters. I did not want to go alone. So I asked Jack if he would go with me. He said yes. We went in the early afternoon to a theater close by. The parking lot was empty. Good.......... no one I know will be there. We walked in to the multi-plex theater and were told our movie as at the end of the long hallway. We walked in and saw almost a completely empty room. We chose seats and got ready. Eight other people joined us. Two very young girls sat close to us and were already talking about what the movie was sure to show.

The movie began and quickly both Jack and I were hooked. Yes, there were a couple of rough scenes in "that red room", but all for the good. The girls sitting close to us were talking quietly the whole time. One said, "No, that is in the second book." Her friend replied, " I am sure that is in the third book." The idea of dominance and submission is what the book and the movie are about. Christian Grey wants more than sweet Anastasia is willing to give. First movie ends and all ten of us in the theater could hear the word "sequel" screaming during the credits.

On the way home, things became interesting. Jack wanted to just take me home for some loving and a long spanking. I was thinking that would be difficult because we were having dinner guests soon arriving. Jack was hot for his wife and his wife was worried about all this unfolding.

We arrived home with minutes to spare before guests were arriving from out of town. Later that evening, with our guests in the guest room, Jack pulled me close in bed and whispered that the inevitable could only be postponed for so long. He said I was long over due for a spanking and he was so ready to make that happen.

Taking Jack to the movies proved much better than ever going alone. Stay tuned.



  1. Meredith,
    I think your post is screaming "Sequel!" Can't wait to hear the rest.

  2. Oh Mere,,,please tell us more------- maybe tomorrow.


  3. So funny, I read this just after I asked Nick if he would go with me. This should be an interesting Saturday afternoon! And yes, I want to read your sequel.

  4. Mere,
    I'm so glad that you got to see it with Jack. It's always better to share things with our men, isn't it? And I'm so glad that he enjoyed it as much as you did. ;)

  5. Read my post tomorrow about my visit to 50SOG.

  6. And so... who do you watch this kind of movie with that will so "get it?"
    Your hubby of course. This is just exactly how our past Monday unfolded. We, too, had to use some discretion as we are well known in our community. I had already read the three books long ago. They are what sparked my attention to this lifestyle plus or minus a few details. The ending to our day was much the same and a good time was had by all. I, too, see sequels in the future. I also feel TTWD/dd is a much better lifestyle then the one Mr. Grey lives.

  7. Now, I'm anxious for my guy to get home from this last job, maybe we will go and see 50. I wonder if lots of guys will respond to it like Jack?

  8. LOL Mere...wonder how long Jack is going to wait. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  9. Mere, so glad you got to go with Jack! I'm hoping I can carve out some time with TBG to go see it. You lucky girl!! Can't wait for your sequel!

  10. Hi Meredith, us too. We went on our trip away this week and I loved it!! I don't care what the critics say, it was a lovely sexy fantasy and yes it led to some great loving for us too. Yay! Roll on the sequel
    love Jan,xx

  11. So is it worth seeing ladies? Or will waiting for the DVD be fine?

  12. Hi Meredith, glad you got to see the movie together. Wonder how long Jack will wait lol. Looking forward to your sequel :)


  13. Glad you both enjoyed the movie! Hope we hear part 2 soon!


  14. So glad you were able to go together, glad you both enjoyed it!


  15. Glad you guys enjoyed it and that Jack came with you. I gave DH very similar reasons for wanting him to come see it with me...

  16. Meredith, I'm so glad you read the books, saw the movie and posted about it! My husband and I are going tonight. He's the only one I would dare ask to go with me. I really appreciate reading that people enjoyed it. Can't wait for your sequel!

  17. WOW! Sounds like you two really enjoyed the movies...and the time afterwards. ;)


  18. I read the books and was reluctant to watch the movie. H actually watched it one night by himself and I watched a couple of days later. The books in my opinion were poorly written and if not for the obvious content, I might have not finished the first one. The movie was for once better than the book, lol.