Friday, February 20, 2015

50 Shades ...... Meredith's Very Own Sequel, Jack's Version, Not Christian's

Yesterday the movie talk was bantered between us. We were doing a slow dance to a major spanking. I could feel it. Jack knew it and he kept that dance going. We went for coffee down by the water and we talked this morning.

Jack said he had really liked the movie. He had not read the book. Remember, I have the husband who does not need instructions on how to spank his wife. With big cups of coffee between us, Jack said the movie was very interesting because we are on the ttwd sideline. He said we view the movie from a different angle. Before things got more serious in our talk, Jack did say that he sure wanted to tour that red, locked room of Mr. Grey. My eyes got big and I said something about going with him to observe and look around that red room. It was intriguing with more implements and contraptions and rope and ..............

The conversation continued as we walked the marina with all the beautiful boats moored on this gray day. Jack said we would have no contracts, no written rules. We would talk always about the way things would go.

We would always sleep together. They would be no separate bedrooms. Did I unterstand that as he pulled me closer. Yes, I did. I love sleeping close. We have a queen bed because we want to find one another in the night. In hotel king sized beds, we always seem to loose one another. When he was deployed, I put the pillows down his side of the bed and cozied right up to them. However, I stopped in my tracks when he mentioned our four poster bed. Gulp! 

Jack reminded me that he does know all the knots from our boating days. He told me he probably knows way more than Christian. We then talked blindfolds, and other restraints. Then on to talk about feathers.......... oh, my! 

We were headed back to the car and soon home. Jack told me he liked the way texting was used in the movie and he says he much prefers the text he sends just before leaving the golf course for home:

So we drove home from our walk and talk. But Jack had more to say. "Mr. Grey is dead wrong, when he allows no touching. I want more touching from you." I smile as he places his hand on my leg. 

Once home, Jack took my hand and we went upstairs to the four poster bed. Jack undressed me and told me that I needed to take off my socks. He said they were not romantic in the least. I told him my feet were cold and he said he would be taking care of how cold I was in short order. So he spanked and loved putting me over the bed four times and bringing me up for loving and touching four times. Then we moved on to other things loving the way ttwd surrounds our marriage. 

So we have our own little sequel and life is good at our house. Sweet surrender, loving, touching and a wonderful secret that we share just with you. 

Thanks, L



  1. Oh yes... Somehow, the movie (and I haven't seen it, but I did read the books) can't compare to your very own HoH? I totally understand, cause The Man still does it for me every single time!!!

  2. OH MERE,,,SO SWEET AND SEXY,,,you and jack are perfect together. : - )


  3. I love your version of a sequel... :-)

  4. Doing is so much better than watching a movie isn't it Mere.;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  5. What a great way to end my night. I had to laugh about those socks..... really? We had the same exact conversation Monday night. Anyway.... love the way Jack puts things in perspective and keeps you on your toes.Aaahhh- the spice of life. It's so good isn't it?

  6. Hi Meredith, lovely post. We too have had a pretty similar post movie chat. Now that is something I don't imagine E. L. James figured on when she wrote the book! We fancy a tour of the red room and no we wouldn't sleep apart or have a contract either. Still I think John has got a few ideas from Christian, lucky me
    love Jan,xx

  7. Love the post. We share a queen size bed for the same reason. H also doesn't allow socks in bed either but then he says it his job to keep me warm. :)

  8. You two are so cute!! Love your post. Glad you got your own sequel ;)


  9. Mere,
    I definitely prefer your version. Sweet!

  10. The man knows what he likes, and is confident in making you happy! He certainly does sequel well!

  11. Nice post! Thanks so much for sharing it. It sounds like you two had a good time. ;) Sorry I haven't been around much lately.


  12. Lovely post Meredith. Glad you and Jack had your own sequel. Nothing like the real thing :) we had a similar conversation ... and other things after seeing the movie too :)


  13. Ty and I discussed the movie for awhile after watching it. We both liked it but did not see it as realistic for us. There is no room in our house to have a playroom. Plus with five kids in the house, well there isn't a lot of time to spend alone. But anything that they did sexually or spanking wise we have already done. Just no helicopter or fancy cars.

  14. My grandpa made a sideways comment to my mom once that I overheard. She was pregnant with her 5th child at the time. He told her she wouldn't get pregnant if she kept her socks on in bed. My mom was the oldest of 9!!! I think your Jack would make Mr. G look like a damsel in distress. He would not have put up with as much as Mr. G did.