Thursday, February 26, 2015

Things Can Stack Up Just Like Pancakes

Did you know that Thursday was National Pancake Day? A big stack of pancakes............ delicious! I love a good analogy. Pancakes are not the only thing stacking up around here. I was dancing straight toward a spanking beginning the morning with being ornery, snappish, prickly and testy. I could not shake it and Jack pulled me aside several times reminding me of how the peace is kept in our family. A sharp swat did little to change my attitude. Things were really stacking right up on Jack's tally sheet as well. 

The mood did not leave me.Things were stacking up. Jack asked again if our home was peaceful. I just shrugged and walked away. We were meeting friends for lunch and I just couldn't seem to shake the negative mood I was in. Dancing to a spanking, for sure! Stacking things up, just like those pancakes. We had a great time with friends catching up on what each other has been doing. Saying our good-byes, we headed home. I was quiet, sullen and finally Jack spoke. "Is our home peaceful?", he asked as he put his hand on my knee. I bit my lip and would not look at him. 

Once home, he wasted no time. He took me upstairs and bared me except for the socks. He swatted my bottom pointing to my feet. I took them off and the dance was about to begin. He took me over his knee and spanked with the paddle. He talked as he spanked. No more negative talk or prickliness; no more shrugging or walking away. Did I understand? 

We have slipped easily into the ttwd side of things and  this kind of spanking, ..............Jack unhappy and Meredith needing an attitude change................ just doesn't happen very often around here. Jack brought me up to talk and see if my mood was more positive. He said I had not been spanked like this for a long time. He wanted our home peaceful and and he knew just how to bring that about. He held me and we sat for a long time just enjoying the way our world seemed to be set right. 

In a matter of minutes, Jack had settled me down and there was no more horrible cloud over our home and Jack's peace had been restored.

And just like a stack of pancakes eaten with gusto until gone, my stack of negativity vanished just as quickly with a healthy helping of ttwd and Jack.

Thanks, L.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Introducing Megan And Her New Blog

Hello, friends! There is a new blogger in our neck of the woods. Her name is Megan and I am sure you will find her lovely and charming. The two of us have been emailing for a couple of months. It didn't take much to convince her that we would all love to hear her story. Like many of us, she has found that ttwd has rekindled the love in her marriage.  Please stop by here to say hello. When you are new to blogging, this can be an unsettling place. However all of you know how to make her feel welcome. I know she will like all of you. 


Friday, February 20, 2015

50 Shades ...... Meredith's Very Own Sequel, Jack's Version, Not Christian's

Yesterday the movie talk was bantered between us. We were doing a slow dance to a major spanking. I could feel it. Jack knew it and he kept that dance going. We went for coffee down by the water and we talked this morning.

Jack said he had really liked the movie. He had not read the book. Remember, I have the husband who does not need instructions on how to spank his wife. With big cups of coffee between us, Jack said the movie was very interesting because we are on the ttwd sideline. He said we view the movie from a different angle. Before things got more serious in our talk, Jack did say that he sure wanted to tour that red, locked room of Mr. Grey. My eyes got big and I said something about going with him to observe and look around that red room. It was intriguing with more implements and contraptions and rope and ..............

The conversation continued as we walked the marina with all the beautiful boats moored on this gray day. Jack said we would have no contracts, no written rules. We would talk always about the way things would go.

We would always sleep together. They would be no separate bedrooms. Did I unterstand that as he pulled me closer. Yes, I did. I love sleeping close. We have a queen bed because we want to find one another in the night. In hotel king sized beds, we always seem to loose one another. When he was deployed, I put the pillows down his side of the bed and cozied right up to them. However, I stopped in my tracks when he mentioned our four poster bed. Gulp! 

Jack reminded me that he does know all the knots from our boating days. He told me he probably knows way more than Christian. We then talked blindfolds, and other restraints. Then on to talk about feathers.......... oh, my! 

We were headed back to the car and soon home. Jack told me he liked the way texting was used in the movie and he says he much prefers the text he sends just before leaving the golf course for home:

So we drove home from our walk and talk. But Jack had more to say. "Mr. Grey is dead wrong, when he allows no touching. I want more touching from you." I smile as he places his hand on my leg. 

Once home, Jack took my hand and we went upstairs to the four poster bed. Jack undressed me and told me that I needed to take off my socks. He said they were not romantic in the least. I told him my feet were cold and he said he would be taking care of how cold I was in short order. So he spanked and loved putting me over the bed four times and bringing me up for loving and touching four times. Then we moved on to other things loving the way ttwd surrounds our marriage. 

So we have our own little sequel and life is good at our house. Sweet surrender, loving, touching and a wonderful secret that we share just with you. 

Thanks, L


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jack Said Yes!

I really wanted to see this movie. How can you ask your sister or a friend to go? I just couldn't do that. Finally I asked Jack if he would take me. He said YES!

Some background here.......... When the books were first out, it was impossible to avoid the displays parked in the middle of book store aisle. I was not reading it. I dismissed the book outright. I had no idea what it was about. I was a busy career woman and had no time for reading something that was not purposeful. I chaired a book club and that alone kept me hopping to meet required reading to lead the discussion as book club met monthly.

Then things calmed down and the career was complete. I joined Facebook and it was there in the posting of friends that I learned about the subject matter of 50 Shades. One friend wrote on FB that when the UPS guy brought the three books to her door, she was already panting. Panting??? Really?

So now I bought my own copy........ just the first book! As literature goes, it was not well written, but this was not literature, but a fun, fast paced read on a dominant and submissive relationship. I read every word, but it would be another two years until I discovered domestic discipline, ttwd, and the blogs.

I wanted to see the movie, but did not feel comfortable asking friends or my sisters. I did not want to go alone. So I asked Jack if he would go with me. He said yes. We went in the early afternoon to a theater close by. The parking lot was empty. Good.......... no one I know will be there. We walked in to the multi-plex theater and were told our movie as at the end of the long hallway. We walked in and saw almost a completely empty room. We chose seats and got ready. Eight other people joined us. Two very young girls sat close to us and were already talking about what the movie was sure to show.

The movie began and quickly both Jack and I were hooked. Yes, there were a couple of rough scenes in "that red room", but all for the good. The girls sitting close to us were talking quietly the whole time. One said, "No, that is in the second book." Her friend replied, " I am sure that is in the third book." The idea of dominance and submission is what the book and the movie are about. Christian Grey wants more than sweet Anastasia is willing to give. First movie ends and all ten of us in the theater could hear the word "sequel" screaming during the credits.

On the way home, things became interesting. Jack wanted to just take me home for some loving and a long spanking. I was thinking that would be difficult because we were having dinner guests soon arriving. Jack was hot for his wife and his wife was worried about all this unfolding.

We arrived home with minutes to spare before guests were arriving from out of town. Later that evening, with our guests in the guest room, Jack pulled me close in bed and whispered that the inevitable could only be postponed for so long. He said I was long over due for a spanking and he was so ready to make that happen.

Taking Jack to the movies proved much better than ever going alone. Stay tuned.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

So Many Different Ways TTWD Is Practiced

My challenge to readers proved very interesting. I asked readers to comment on the connection between your bottom, your brain and your heartfelt feelings. I asked the question why this ttwd works for so many of us. Here is link to the post.

 Eighteen readers shared their thoughts. Thank you all for your sincere comments, Pk, Sarah, Minelle, Alice, Megan, Linda, Annabelle, Brat E Pants, Leah, Full Heart33, Anna, Mona Lisa, Maggie, SS B, Katie and Kate. I agree with each and every comment. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that it just plain works.

Ttwd adds spice to a marriage, rekindles the connection between a man and a woman and possibly saves a marriage from the doldrums and apathy seen in many couples. Ttwd brings harmony and peace to the homes of practicing couples.

I encourage you to read the post and the comments. I think you will find it interesting. Then head over to Katie's This Whole Thing and read her take on Ttwd. Here is a link to her post on her blog. She has written a longer version and I had not one, but two cups of coffee as I read it this morning. Enjoy!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  It is a day for love all around. Jack and I plan on enjoying the spring like weather walking and talking, making plans and enjoying one another. We will go out to dinner alone and by candlelight! Then the evening promises lots of other things. Tell us what you are doing on this special day. 

A bell's not a bell till you ring it
A song's not a song till you sing it
Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay
Love isn't love till you give it away

Thanks as always, L.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Suddenly Silenced, Soundly Spanked and Sweetly Soothed............. All Before Dinner On The Town LATE!

Friends, the whole story is  right there in the title!

I will slow down and back up in retelling just what happened. It really matches up nicely with my previous post. Did you read all the comments? So interesting all the different takes on how this ttwd/dd works and then Jack and I offer a description all on our own.  Here goes.............

Two new sweaters........ one for Jack and one for Meredith are on the dresser, still with tags attached

Swishy black skirt, lacy camisole, sheer silky top

Dressing up for a night on the town

Jack takes his sweater to wear for their evening out and in doing so leaves Meredith's new sweater in a navy blue wad of fabric

Beautiful new sweater in a  messy heap

Jack is usually slow to anger; Meredith is quick to rant

However sometimes Jack's long fuse is replaced by a very short one!

Long fuse cut really, really short!

Ranting Meredith riled Jack

Jack tells Meredith her sweater is just fine; she is looking at her new sweater all messed up in a heap

Her rant continues until it gets the best of Jack

Jack acts quickly with the decisiveness of a Hoh

Over the bed, skirt flipped up. bottom bared and thoroughly spanked

Jack swiftly gets the best of Meredith

Jack moves on to more loving activities and then they are spent, sweaty, calm, happy, smiling  and .......... HUNGRY

They dress all over again and Jack is gentle and loving......... folding the new sweater and taking Meredith's hand, they head to the car

Hand on her leg; sweet talking between them........Jack likes how settled his wife is and he is right

She is calm

Meredith is quiet, a little deer in the headlight time; what just happened?

Jack requests a table in the back of the place where they had reservations, but were late; it is cozy and throughout dinner, his hands are on his wife

Our life in a nutshell............ we have a ttwd marriage and this is how it works for us

Brain, heart, bottom, feelings and two new blue Jack wore and the other neatly refolded on the dresser!

Just like the refolded sweater, calm was restored and there was peace.

Thanks, L.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Connecting The Dots........... Calling All Readers


Did you know that I love to do algebra? I love the workings of an equation. I love the why algebra makes perfect sense. Sometimes on long airplane trips, I do algebra problems from a college workbook. I get plenty of stares and I just keep going  working my way through the problems as they become increasingly more difficult. I love solving algebraic puzzles. But there is a puzzle that I find very difficult to solve. Maybe you can help.


Recently I have received several emails from readers who decided to contact me. Several ask why does ttwd/dd work? I say that it is easy to explain, and then proceed to get all tongue tied trying to tell  strangers how this ttwd/dd works. I say to each emailer that when you actually try it, you will see how well it works. If you haven't tried it, don't knock it. 

Ttwd/dd links the heart, the brain and the bottom. Harmony is achieved, peace is restored and love is at its core. Wives melt into the arms of husbands. Implements are tucked away and there you have it. 

Okay.......... a little more slowly. Wife is upset; hubby tells her to calm down; she chooses to not settle down; he decides to spank to restore peace; spanking happens and peace is to be found. Wife melts into husband's arms and she tells him she is calm. He can tell she is calm by the way her voice is soft and thinking clear and sensible. Brain, heart, bottom are all connected here. Great loving follows and harmony is restored. Sweet wife follows her strong, loving husband. A clean slate and an opportunity to start over! 

Whenever I try to tell my version of how it all works, what I write does not sound clear and concise. I have tried many times and am perpetually frustrated. Help me out here, readers of my blog. 

What is the connection between your feelings, brain, and bottom? 
How does it work? Why are we wired this way? You try your hand at explaining it. It is not easy. Please put your explanation in the comment box and we can all think about each other's responses. 

It is so much easier to work an algebra problem than try to explain this emotional topic. Unlike an algebra problem, feelings, love, pleasing, hoping, are all mixed in. This ttwd/dd equation gets real messy, but it works. It just does. 

Okay, now your turn to explain how ttwd/dd works at your house. Try putting "this whole thing" into words. (Thanks, Katie)


Monday, February 2, 2015

Halloween Is A Long, Long Time Away

Here we are in the depths of winter. Groundhog's Day! No snow here, but the gray and wet are right outside the window, I am searching for ways to hope that spring is right around the corner. Fat chance! So instead I thought I would give you all a slice of fun.

Jack found this charmer. He told me to save it for Halloween. I thought I might loose it and then never find it. October is a long way off. It is not the sort of photo I would keep on my desktop. So I decided to share it with all of you right now. 

She is cute although we can't see her face and she wears pink lingerie. That is my kind of witch. She has a good sense of style and she is neat as a pin hanging her garments on her broom. I like her boots too. She has to wait for Halloween, but it the meantime, she seems to love to take a dip. 

What do you think? 
Does she make you forget about these winter days for at least a little while?