Friday, January 9, 2015

Watching Television with Jack and Meredith

"These men on TV have no backbones", said Jack as we watched TV on evening. No man should let his wife get away with walking away during a discussion. I silently and inwardly rolled my eyes at this episode of Blue Bloods. Again and again, Jack talked right over the dialogue complaining that these male leads are all wimps. He continues as I turn to stare at my man. "Where are the men like Jamie Fraser?", Jack wants to know. Now I am no longer watching the program, but am enjoying being entertained by Jack. He is on a roll.  "Lass", he says to me, "these TV women need stronger men."


We do love Netflix! House of Cards, Last Tango in Halifax, Foyle's War and The Killing are all shows we have really enjoyed. Where are the men with backbones? Jack wants to know. I say little, but  am beginning to make cheeky remarks as Jack continues his rant. He pulls me over and holds me tight saying your man has backbone.

We watch our favorite pro football team and he never mentions backbone or wimpy men. 

We were walking this bright, sunny, but cold morning. Out of the blue, he started in on men, television, backbones and the need to see more strong male leads. I told him that I did not have paper and pencil to make notes, but I could just record his monologue on my phone. Talk about backbone. Those eyebrows shot up and no recording was made.

He says that in the workplace and on the athletic field, he is all for Title Nine and equal pay for women. He led both men and women in the military and praised both. His boss was often a woman. He says television needs to show stronger men taking charge. I pointed out that those were the kind of men we grew up watching. He said exactly. Round and round we went.

On these nights when we banter about the shows we are watching, the program itself is ignored and we are sparing about this and that until Jack turns the TV off and we have more fun under the covers upstairs. He tells his wife that he has backbone and there is no arguing from me.

Like most of you, we watch more TV in the winter when the weather keeps us in. Ttwd is such a part of our lives. Jack wants to see more of it on television.

Do you have these sorts of discussions at your house? How do the men of TV appear to you?



  1. LOL!

    You see, many of the shows you watch, we don't care for, and as we can't get Outlander over here I cannot comment on the series, but indeed there are parts of the books that make me laugh out loud, because I think that there were a great many very 'strong' women in our shared history. Take Eleanor of Acquitane for instance. She was truly someone to be reckoned with and she managed to live well into her eighties. And what about Liz I? No Armada was going to get past her.

    If the roles on TV are written that way, then I suppose the actors have to act as they are directed. I think that life provides us with a good cross selection. The problem is that there are many men out there who 'think' they are 'strong' when in fact they are nasty, unpleasant, domineering arseholes. Over here our prisons are full of this sort of male.

    We are very lucky in that we have found men with "just the right sort of temperaments". They know how to be strong, but they also understand that they must cherish, care for, love and protect their partners in life.

    The way the law rules on children and corporal punishment, I have my doubts that the situation will improve any time soon. We even have a programme on Brit TV about bringing back "Borstals" (reform schools) in order to sort out our dross of society.

    Boys will be boys. They need loving discipline and a line they are not allowed to cross. Instead we are breeding a nation of wimps. Hence our TV programmes. You only have to see the number of "female" leads in programmes these days. Sigh.

    And dare I say it? I sincerely don't think the 'front line' is the place for women. But then, it seems I an turning into a dinosaur. Second sigh.

    I prefer the thought of all those nice strong men protecting and taking care of me. LOL!


  2. Hey Mere,
    My hubby has always been annoyed with men often being portrayed as weak or foolish - but now he's totally willing to say that the over bearing women definitely need to be 'dealt with' - and with a twinkle in his eye, he says he knows exactly how he'd deal with them, lol. I love it!!

  3. to be honest, I don't think we have ever discussed it...but next time we watch a program together I will certainly be thinking about it...and maybe will start the conversation to find out what he thinks :-)

  4. Hi Meredith, we don't really discuss it. Now and again one of us will say something along the lines of that wouldn't happen in this house! I am waiting for The Muskateers, oh my gosh they are four yummy doms!!
    love Jan,xx

  5. We watch a lot of tv also and rent entire series from Netflix that we missed when they first started. I haven't watched Blue Bloods in a few years, so can't comment. We love House of Cards and the lead actor is tough, but can also be ruthless. His wife is pretty strong herself but will do most anything for her man. I don't know the other shows you mention, but we really like Hell on Wheels. Set in days of building the railroad, the main character is a real man, but he also values women. We also like Longmire, an old fashioned kind of sheriff who is very smart. This guy can be tough when needed, but sure could communicate more. Two show on tv where I don't like the roles the men play (although they are comedies more than dramas) are The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I cannot take the father of the 3 kids and my husband calls him a wimp. I like that we discuss tv as we watch it. If you ever watch the history saga "The Borgias", it is full of sex scenes, but the young firm bodies will make you feel OLD!

  6. Lol, we don't watch much TV together actually, but I do, and I have to agree with Jack, most guys on TV are represented as whimps, and the women are even worse....But I love netflix too!

  7. How very interesting. I am not familiar with any of these shows. What I can say is often there are comments or looks we give one another when watching any show that shows what we now consider inappropriate behavior from the women. Most often hubby would say he has a mighty quick fix for whatever displeasing behavior is noted. He enjoys westerns and often refers to the "good ole" days were it was clear that men were men and women were women and each knew their roles. He often comments how many problems there are now with women not knowing what is expected. I have to agree. The further we get away from letting our men lead, the tougher it gets. Have to throw this thought in.. God never really intended for women to have the many roles we see them in now. Note that I did not suggest they are not capable. It is just that he designed men and women and their roles differently for a purpose. The more we work on our own dynamic, the more clear understanding I have of why God set the expectations for our roles. When we deviate from these roles, then we see how harmful and disruptive our relationships become. I say.. go back to the basics and there is where you will find the foundation to build whether one agrees or likes it or not.

  8. We don't have much time to watch TV with our busy lives, but when we do we notice the same thing. It's like there's an agenda to make men look like idiots.

  9. I am not a big fan of watching television or movies. I just read and every once in awhile look up at what Ty is watching. In my opinion,men, of my generation have it really tough. They have taght over and over by society that they should be kind and sensitive. That a woman is equal, etc. Where does one need a back bone when the woman has one. He had has a hard time being the HoH because he always thought that things should be equal. Let me tell you, turning over the leadership of our household has not only made him feel more like a man with a back bone but it has made him realize what others are missing. He can be the head without being a jerk.
    I will have to check out some of the stuff that Ty watches and see what you all are talking about. The books I read (naughty), the man is always a big time dominant.
    But have you seen so many of new animated T.V. shows that all the parents are idiots. I don't like that at all

  10. Enjoyed this post, Meredith! :) We don't do a whole lot of tv watching these days- usually it is Outlander, and then cooking channel or news or things about home and garden stuff, etc. Or maybe we will watch a movie together. So really no opportunity to get into that kind of discussion... I will have to listen to see if he says anything, but to date, I don't think that he has. Perhaps I keep him too busy- Katie T! LOL! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. LoL Meredith, we have had similar discussions here on occasion.


  12. Yes, we have those kinds of conversations. He reminds me that "those kind of comments" would sooo not go well for you.. The Man is easy going, and he is kind. He is also strong and worthy of respect. We make it work..

  13. LOL Mere...Matthew and I used to have similar discussions. There are some shows that I will start to watch and then get so disgusted by the wimpy men and manipulative women that I just turn to another channel or just turn the TV off. I do believe in equal rights for men and women when it comes to work, pay, etc. but I still enjoy the traditional roles between a woman and a man and very much enjoy being a woman. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  14. Yes! We just had this conversation the other night, and it seems like all the comedies we watch...the men act completely incompetent. I don't get it. R frequently says " She needs it" when we're watching TV LOL

  15. I can say if I could fantasize about one tv star, it's Frank Reagan! Oh, that man😍. He has gumption. He stands by his word and I can truthfully imagine that were his wife still around, she would certainly be bent over that knee.