Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heading For The Golden Years................ Right?

Jack and I have been married a long time.  We are not old enough to say we are in our golden years, but we are sure ready. 

 Just when do the golden years start? Jack's hair is salt and pepper gray. No wait........ it is gray! Mine has the benefit of a hair colorist and I am faithful to my appointments. We are active. We are traveling. We golf. No wait........... I drive the golf cart and join Jack on the green for putting.  We hike in the desert, the mountains and the city. It is that icing on the cake time in so many ways. We are taking care of ourselves.

We have many friends who have divorced and that means the friendship of four people is in jeopardy. We have friends who are so darn curious about how happy we are that I am often tempted to share the meaning of ttwd. The wife of this couple is bossy and directs her husband every minute. They watch Jack and I hold hands and my friend really listens to how I speak to Jack. They have no clue as to what is going on. I just smile. If she really asked me, I think I just might have a heart to heart with her. I wonder just how golden their years will be? 

Aren't the golden years the ones you have earned by working together as husband and wife? These photos show what happens in the gravy years. Hard work is complete, money has been saved, kids are off on their own, grandchildren visit and then leave and the sweetness seems to be everywhere. We are making our way to the gravy years. Golden and right around the corner! Aren't we all heading to that place with our men? You come too. Some of you have a little longer to go before you reach those years. Small children, jobs and such make getting there a little longer. However, you and your husband have a framework helping the two of you get to that gravy destination. That security is so important. Right?

Thanks, L.



  1. MERE,,,,I LOVE THE MAN AND WIFE JUMPING ON THE BED,,,never too old,,: - )


  2. Love the pics and what you posted here, Meredith! :) I watched my parents in a pretty beautiful moment a couple of weeks ago. My dad was in his wheelchair with all of his health problems, and my mom was in a comfortable chair nearby, with her feet on one of the armrests. My dad was giving her feet a little massage. Mom had her eyes closed and was dozing. After 57 years, and all that was going on, it was quite the picture. I wish that I had captured it... Your photos here reminded me of that.

    We are making our way along that path. How lucky we are that we have the kind of loving relationships that we are in! I think that the golden and gravy years are going to be wonderful!

    And I ride in the golf cart with Rob sometimes, and tee off, but usually end up throwing the ball onto the green and putting here and there. Nice post! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  3. I know we've been way closer as we've gotten older, not because we're older, but because I got the courage to come out. But really no worries about pregnancy, more privacy, more money to do what WE want. Except for my knees I really love being older.

  4. Ray and I are in our golden years and they are fun. We still hold hands, laugh and have a good time together. It's nice being with someone that knows you so well and loves you no matter what.

  5. Such a beautiful post all the pics but my favorites are the couple jumping on the bed and the woman grabbing the man's bum. You are definitely on the right track!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  6. Meredith, I love this pictures. I am so looking forward to the golden years and being retired. I have 12 years to go before retirement.

    Linda B.

  7. This post and the photos actually made me cry. Two of our kids are off to college soon, and the youngest is five years behind. We will be just short of 50 by then. My dream for us is what you are talking about...maybe we won't be so young and firm, but we will be sexy and loving and attractive to one another. And I hope that lasts for several more decades!

  8. Beautiful post Meredith, I love this and the oucs. My favourites are the couple jumping on the bed and the one of her grabbing his bum too :)


  9. Lovely post Meredith, we too are heading happily into the sunset:)
    love Jan,xx

  10. Meredith,

    Such a beautiful post. Love the pictures you have chosen. Favourite is the one grabbing his bum. Thank you.


  11. Great post Meredith,
    we're still busy with young children and the craziness that life bring us right now. It's hard and takes a lot of effort, but I'm so glad we found DD now. I hope we can be just as happy and playful in our golden years as you and Jack are!


  12. Wait....your golden years started the day Jack said "I do" to ttwd!

    I do hope you'll get an opportunity to share with your friend who is the bossy wife when the time is right.

    I know what it's like to be the bossy wife. And just this morning I was hugely rewarded for not directing. Change feels good!

    Yay, Jack and lead the charge!


    P.S. My favorite picture is the then/now pair of pics.

  13. My husband and I have been married 25 years but we are still working. Can't wait until we can spend more time together! Love your posts!

  14. Lovely reminder Meredith :) Jordan and I are young and we have little ones and careers and craziness... but Someday:)~ This reminded me of one of our sessions in marriage counciling when the Pastor was trying to convince my old stubborn self of the importance of putting your husband first. I took me a longtime to actually embrace that. Eventually I realized that one day it would be just him and I again (if we made it that far). Only then did I truly realize the importance of keeping "us" a priority. What you and Jack have is very admirable! God Bless♥

  15. Such a heartwarming post, Meredith. I was just a little worried that the couple with the wife in the wheelbarrow was us! Thankfully not.

    Personally I'm not bothered if our years are golden, silver or platinum - I am just so thankful for every minute. We are closer not than we have ever been - just like you two.