Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Have We Had A Good Year?

Oh, my! Yes, we have had a good year. Our ttwd/dd is evolving into a way of life with benefits.

The wolf is still at the door. I more often lean in rather than lean over and that is a good thing. Although around the holidays,  leaning over becomes more probable. Things can and do get emotional and Jack wants things even and smooth.

Travel and our day-before-we-leave-boot camp continues to work well. Smooth airport times each  time we travel thanks to that day-before time in the bedroom!

Learning to step back and let Jack ....... take care of things....... sometimes easier said than done. I am so aware of when I interrupt him. I catch myself and smile up at him usually. Sometimes there is no catching myself at all. Kind of a free fall with a spanking at the end!

New good friends have been made. Some are readers and others are fellow bloggers. The emails fly back and forth. We really listen to one another.

Meeting one very special friend was wonderful and with a little planning, we are meeting again come early spring. We talk about everything. We value each other's opinions and insights.

Roadside spanking fantasy was fulfilled in sunny northern California in March.

I enjoyed reading the works of authors PK Cory, Leigh Smith and Ami Starsong. I dream about being an author as well, but never put the dream to  reality. Not sure why! Maybe I do not want Jack to know my fictional thoughts. It might just give his too many ideas.

Early in the year, a commenter asked if I would like help finding photos. She had chosen to ask me because she said my blog was classy and she liked the way Jack and I did ttwd/dd. Sending photos everyday soon became sending written emails. Then we began phoning one another and she even talked to Jack. A friendship was born as a blogger and her assistant work together. Big thanks, L.

Jack has learned to sense when I need a spanking. It was Ami Starsong's Dan who coined the phrase, "you have lost your sparkle and I intend on getting it back". In Hoh speak, that means Jack is spanking Meredith and sparkle is restored.

A friend has called these years of mine golden. She said that I was the mistress of my own ship. However, she does not know what goes on behind closed doors. To the big world, I am at the helm of my own ship, mistress indeed. Behind closed doors, I am learning to be Jack's submissive wife and when things collide, a paddle in involved.

We really do not have rules. You all know that. However, one popped up this year. Jack wants me impeccable in my speaking. He wants  me always to be kind when speaking with or about others. No gossip is allowed and speaking ill of others will result in a spanking. Yes, this had happened. In fact it has happened several times. Going from gossiping to impeccable speaking doesn't happen overnight. However I am catching myself and leaning into what Jack wants more frequently and for that, my bottom is really glad. Our motto is always be kind (ABK).

These really are the icing on the cake years! A spanking sets my world to rights when things are not going well. Disrespect and poor attitude are not allowed. Arguments are seldom and I am heard when I show Jack respect in sharing my viewpoint. We are -51/49%.  Nope, we are at 60-40% and the benefit for me is that I do not need to worry like in the past. Jack takes care of the big things after we have discussed what is important. I lean in and I love that. When I have trouble, we have a tested and true back up plan which has my attention immediately.

A new emailer told me that this ttwd/dd between a husband and wife is a delicious secret........ like the very secret to a happy, loving marriage. I think this person means that we do something that makes our private lives interesting and sweet. No one knows, but us. No wait............. you all know! We have a way to keep the love making and joy continuing. Doesn't that make for the best of New Year's?

Jack and I wish all of you the happiest of New Year's. Jack intends on keeping me sparkling all the new year.

So how was your year? Put your wrap-up in a nutshell and tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks, L.


  1. Hi Meredith, what a super post, it is lovely to hear of ttwd going well. My reading today is like a roller coaster and I feel as sad for another blogger as I feel glad for you! For us we continue in the same vein as you. I think with age comes acceptance to a certain degree. I am not hankering for what would never be. I am happy and grateful to be married to my John, and hope that others find the same happiness as us
    love Jan,xx

  2. Mere,,,this year has been perfect mainly because I've gotten to know You and Jack better,,you two are sweeties,thank you


  3. I think the true "proof of the pudding" is that you can continue to learn about, and get closer to the man in your life after as many years of marriage as you. You have to "live the life" to understand it, don't you?

    Wishing you and Jack a Very Happy New Year.


  4. What a great year you have had. A great wrap up too. You do have a very classy blog. I love coming here and reading. I learn a lot from your relationship and I can only imagine what it is like at your house. I hope the New Year is filled with as much love and happiness that one can ever have. Happy New Years to both of you

  5. What a great year you've had. Lots of hard work, but so many positives. SO happy for the two of you. Glad I'm able to share my real life with both of you, and I wish you both a fantastic new year!!


  6. What a lovely post Mere. So happy that you and Jack have had such a wonderful year...look how far you've come! I am sure that 2015 is going to be even better as you lean in even more!

    Wishing you both an awesome New Year!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Lovely post Meredith, it's wonderful to see how far you and Jack have come and that you are in such a good place. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and the very best in 2015.


  8. I love reading about your wonderful year. Thank you for sharing your struggles and successes. It helps us thy are not as involved in blog land. Here's to a wonderful new year!!

  9. GREAT post Meredith! :) Sounds like you two have seen some wonderful changes, in the past year! Glad that things are going so well for you both. It isn't easy at times- that's for sure. I am still working hard at that listening thing. How bout you?

    I am thrilled that Jack has taken to my ABK! LOL! You know, if you ask any of our kids what the number one thing we say in this family is, they can recite it! My dad, some time ago told me that he liked that saying of mine, and it's funny but when he is known to get a little feisty at the nursing home, I tell him "ABK" and he behaves himself! LOL! Anyway, best you lean into Jack in that area. Those fun spankings are... a whole lot more FUN! ;)

    Wishing you both all good things in the coming year! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie