Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jack's "Course Correction" And The New Leather Paddle

We have been in a smooth, even time here at our house. However the week Jack ordered the new leather paddle, things began to swerve and rock. My thinking is that Jack is just wearing his Hoh hat more securely and I am crossing the line less cautiously or not even aware of it at all! Regardless of all that high sounding talk, I have been spanked several times this week. One spanking was over family drama. I cannot seem to let things go. The other spanking was almost comical. Cleaning up too quickly from dinner, I poured Jack's wine out. I have done that many times over the years. This time I received a spanking which started out fun and ended with Jack's message received loud and clear.

We ordered a new leather paddle and it arrived pronto. A little too pronto if you ask me. We had a fun time with this new implement when it arrived and then Jack carefully slipped it into his sweater drawer for easy retrieval. Out of sight, out of my mind!

Enter Saturday football and our team had an away game. Jack was in his comfortable chair in front of the big TV and I was working on our closet organization for the millionth time. Jack was firm. Things needed sorting, purging and completed. I was doing fine upstairs but I had my laptop with me. I was checking email, answering some and did not notice when Jack walked into our bedroom. There I was sitting in a heap of clothes on the floor, my laptop in my lap, oblivious to all around me. Standing over me, he said that he could see that a "course correction" was needed. My military guy! 

Things happened real quickly as they sometimes do. He pulled me to my feet and took the two paddles from the sweater drawer. I was protesting telling him how much I had accomplished. As we headed for the side of the bed, he simply said, "Be still".  He bared me and over I went. First a hand warm up, then the thin wooden paddle and then the new leather paddle. This all happened so fast, I was in a panic. However Jack was steady and held me firmly. When he brought me up, I was teary, flushed and breathing hard. He told me that I had had sufficient time to complete this task and the task did not involve being online. He wanted to know if I was back on course or was more correction needed? 

His aftercare was brisk and he threatened more time with the implements if things were not completed quickly. I did not ask why the rush, or why this is so important today. I just quickly got back to work. The closet, sorted, purged and organized, was finished. A bag of clothes for the thrift shop was taken to the garage. Things became smooth again and Jack and I talked.

So what happened? How did we do three spankings in one week? We talked and came up with some worthy points. I think we are so much more comfortable with who we are in our respective roles. Jack is sure and confident in his Hoh role and I am what? I am a wife who is trying to follow and be submissive.  Our marriage is enjoying better communication. Jack easily steps in to correct my course. Our time in bed is sweeter and oh, so good. Ttwd is working well for us.

So do you ever have your "course corrected"?

Thanks, L.



  1. Aw Mere,
    Somehow I'm always smiling when I'm done reading what you've shared. There is no perfect little wife who's perfectly submissive all the time - so yes of course we all need course correction. (I love that phrase btw!) I happen to get mine a bit more verbally since the kids are around - but I certainly feel more settled with my hubby after a good spanking. I'm so glad that your Jack is always loving and consistent - he just wants the best from you and that totally benefits both of you. :)

  2. Mere,,your poor bottom,,,Jack is a real spanko,,but a sweet one and he sure loves you. : - )


  3. Yes!! Course correction is a term that I hear rather frequently too ;) LOL Glad everything is smooth sailing again :)


  4. I've never heard that term Mere, but have been 'helped' to understand the sentiment totally many times!

  5. Meredith..... I am so laughing as I read this. Course Correction? Jack is always coming up with something clever. Attitude adjustment, or spanking adjustment, further clarification are all terms that are used here. You and that darn closet!!! Glad it finally got addressed even if it took some powerful persuasion to get the job done. I am guessing there was little left to say or question after a session like that, nor did you probably feel much like sitting down, so might as well stand up and complete the task. Mission accomplished as Jack would say.

  6. I get "derailed" more times than not. The times when I am headed down the road of trouble, and The Man puts on the brakes, and backs me up...

  7. When it works, its just fantastic, isn't it?


  8. No, never heard the term 'course correction' used in the way you describe. LOL! However, I am very mindful of the fact that you have offered to help me sort my wardrobes and get rid of "unwanteds" - and now I am far to nervous to even contemplate such a plan of action!

    I think you are hilarious, but I want to know what you do to give your Jack a 'course correction' from time to time? Or is he like Dan, and it is only 'after the fact' that he comes to you and makes an apology and says you were right all along?

    I secretly think Jack has "spankingitis"! And I am giggling so hard I am nearly falling off my seat!


  9. Hi Meredith, goodness, I hope you are sitting comfortably again :) I hadn't hear course correction before ... but I love it lol. So happy things are going so well for you and Jack.


  10. Course correction. Love the phrase and Lord knows I've needed it, but unfortunately Ray hasn't obliged. Good for you and Jack.

  11. Hi Meredith, gosh your Jack is on top of things! Even has his own terminology, maybe he should give lessons
    love Jan,xx

  12. Oh I am just like you with the getting distracted while in the middle of a project. I guess I need a little leather paddle course correcting too!

  13. Yes, I get mu course corrected. That is probably the most common quick spanking around here. Like right now, chores aren't done and I am on the computer. That would have me over the bed and some very hard swats to get me back on course. Glad that he is there or I would be going off on some tangent

  14. LOL! Never heard the term "course corrected," but I have gotten swats for getting off track, I guess that counts. ;) Thanks for the story!