Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And No Bottom Was Even Spanked!

When we have time, we love to take a shower together. Jack said it is a great way to converse water. We were in the bathroom after the shower and Jack was doing the talking. He told me to stay put while he finished making his point. I wrapped my towel around me and leaned against the counter.

He talked about how Christmas gifts would be handled this year. He knows I usually do all the shopping and with some family far away, I often make my purchases on line. However he said that this year would be different. We wanted all gifts purchased on line sent to our house despite the fact that retailers offered free shipping to those receiving the gifts. He wanted the gifts wrapped by us and sent to family.  He knows that it requires extra postage, but he wants the gifts wrapped by the people doing the giving.

I listened and did a bit of squirming. I disagreed with Jack. I told him that the retailers offered free shipping. Some offered free gift wrapping. No, he said. Our gifts would be wrapped by us and we would pay the postage. He wanted it done his way. I nodded my head and said we would do it his way. He told me he was pleased that I agreed with him.

Now we step away from the story. You need a little information. Before we began our ttwd/dd journey, this little shower time talk would have ended in a full blown argument. I would have told him that his idea was ridiculous and expensive. A year ago, when we were well on our way down the ttwd/dd path, this talk would have ended in an argument and probably a spanking. Then we would be doing it Jack's way anyway and my bottom would be stinging.

After dressing, I had another cup of coffee. I sat thinking about what had just happened. I had agreed to do what Jack wanted even though it would cost more money. We would do it his way. I guess I really surprised myself. I let go of my control and my need to control. I leaned into what Jack wanted.
And no one was spanked!

It is amazing what can happen on this path we are taking. He leads and I follow. We discuss and tweak the decision sometimes. He listens to me and often amends his decision. He requires me to lean in to what he expects and we have peace. Sometimes I do stumble, but for the most part, we are off to a smooth holiday season. And no one was spanked.



  1. Mere,
    How can anyone not be smiling after reading this? Such a wonderful moment for you - to see in such a tangible way how much you've grown these past few months. I'm so happy for you!
    And I love Jack's point about sending gifts wrapped by those who love the people who are receiving them. What a generous heart!

  2. How sweet of Jack! I have to tell you, I would so appreciate gifts that came wrapped. Our families send them to us unwrapped and I have to wrap everything, including all Santa's gifts. It's okay though, I still love them, and I do know it's expensive, but I think what Jack said shows where his heart is. What a great HOH, glad everything is going well for both of you. I know the Holiday season can be stressful, but Jack seems to have that under control :) I'm sure he's proud of you


  3. Mere,,,I'm very proud of you : - )


  4. I think this is great - provided you are getting spanked enough to satisfy you. I'm glad you listened and decided to respect his wishes (and I happen to agree with him!) Hope your holiday season stays smooth.

  5. I can appreciate the very same thing that happens within my FLM Meredith. What a lovely post. Thank you.

  6. Congrats. Certainly leaning in isn't very easy. Be proud of yourself:) I'd say you deserve a good girl bottom warming♥

  7. This made me laugh. Conversations held in the bathrom when one is naked certainly leaves one very vulnerable. I could see myself wanting to argue this issue as well. How far you have come in leaning into Jack even if you don't agree. If something does not go right... well after all Jack made the decision and he has to live with it. That's how I am finally learning to live with decisions made that I don't agree with. This still shows Jack's thoughtful side in adding the personal touch of seeing the selected gifts and then wrapping. You deserve something very special just for handling that so well. I'll bet Jack knows just the perfect reward!!!!

  8. Congratulations very proud of how far you two have come! I had to laugh because it seems like quite of few of my 'butt on the line' conversations ended up in the bathroom also. ;) Sending lots of positive energy that the rest of your holiday discussions go as well.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  9. Hi Meredith,how far you have come! I would have argued because as much as I love choosing gifts I absolutely hate wrapping. I am hopeless at it and would pay vast sums to get someone to do it for me!! I would be getting spanked at that point anyway for attitude especially if he had ordered me to wrap more!
    love Jan,xx

  10. What a lovely post Meredith. It's wonderful you are able to see how far you and Jack have come. I'm so happy for you!

    I love that Jack wants the gifts to be personally wrapped and sent by you :)


  11. Jack's peacekeeping mission...success! Win-win for both of you...and a win for those who receive the lovingly wrapped Christmas presents!! I wouldn't be bit surprised that a gg is coming. Meredith, you certainly should feel good about where your journey has led you and Jack.

  12. What a wonderful change! Sometimes it amazes me how good it feels to just let things go.

  13. Good for you Meredith! It's so great to see improvement in ourselves & our relationship/dynamic. Great start to the holiday season!
    Scarlet ; )

  14. What a great post. It is so rewarding to see how far we have come. Hugs! And yes, I would have struggled submitting to it as well, but I totally see Jacks point and it is very sweet. :)

  15. Meredith, It is very thoughtful of Jack, but I am with you about using free shipping. Most of my out of town gifts end up being gift cards. For the local family, I love to wrap their presents. This is a great resolution for you both and your lucky family members get the benefit.

    Linda B.

  16. WOW, Meredith! What an inspiration you are to us "newbies" giving up control when you really wanted your way (I honestly would have argued :p). I do see Jack's point, though. Congrats on how you handled everything; I hope someday I'll be able to think and do the same with Crush. ;)


  17. I am constantly amazed how awesome ttwd is and the awesome changes that happens. I couldn't help but smile as I read is, especially the last part where you compared the last few years.
    Love this!