Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taking Care of My Sparkle

Those sweet English friends we all know in blogland................ they are so funny with the way they say things. You can easily understand the words said, but the meaning is often askew. Once when I was in England, I went into a coffee shop. I stopped abruptly to read the sign at the entrance. The sign read "Are you feeling peckish today?" Peckish means hungry! Of course the large photo of pie below the writing was an essential clue. Chin wag is a British saying for chatting and chatting is just what we do here. Right?

I could write many of these British ways of saying everyday things. Sometimes these saying begin to show up in the emails of friends from across the pond. Sweet Ami of Ami's Star Song has told me in emails that her sweet hubby can tell when a spanking is needed. He says that she has lost her sparkle and he intends on getting that sparkle back with a spanking. My Jack loved hearing that. He has adopted that saying on this side of the pond. He loves to say that I have lost my sparkle. He takes my hand and we go upstairs for some "sparkle polishing". Jack's intentions are to keep me sparkling and bright.

Jack is working on my sparkle all over the place. Laundry room, master bath, garage, pantry which is very small, guest room, living room........ you name it and he finds me, spanks and says he is polishing my sparkle! He often has a hold of me and says that I just need more sparkle and spanks. These makes for the sweetest of days. He is becoming my secret spanko!

Now this simply worded command above means spanking and loving are getting much more serious. That is what we do too. One of the best things about ttwd/gentle dd is meeting up in the bedroom. The spanking might be more serious, but the loving is rewarding. We have become better lovers and enjoy the touching and satisfaction that happen under the covers.

When Jack wants me close for kissing or for going over his knee, he places his hand on the back of my head and pulls me close. This small gesture often calms me, his touch firm and gentle until the action gets started. He wants to enjoy all the benefits from spanking. His wife will be submissive, his home peaceful, and from his point of view, what's not to love!  


Thank you, L.


  1. Mere,,I love this,,first time I've heard of sparkle spankings,,: )


  2. Very sweet Mere, love this! So glad Jack is helping you keep your sparkle :) Sparkle spankings ... awesome !:) We English do have some lovely sayings. I am English born so have picked up a few from my parents lol.


  3. Hey Mere,
    I love this! I think I'll share it with my hubby too so he can be more aware of when my sparkle needs polishing. :)

  4. So beautiful. Love the relationship you two have

  5. Another beautiful post, Meredith. We have several more similarities - the hand behind the head, fingers entwined in the hair, being one!

    Many hugs

  6. You are full of sparkle Meredith!! Love the relationship you two have!!


  7. Well Meredith.. what can I say? You always come up with something unique to share. I am nodding my head and smiling as I read this. These kinds of spankings are so good as our heads and our hearts are in the right place which then of course leads to some awesome gentle loving. Might just have to share this with my man and see what he thinks! Another beautiful post.

  8. Hi Meredith, we too use the sparkle stuff. Btw it's not us English with the funny sayings, just saying...... lol
    love Jan,xx

  9. You guys are so in love Meredith. No spanking going on around here lately. I wish Jordan would polish my sparkle :)~

  10. A spanking to regain your tender. I love it!