Monday, September 15, 2014

The Strength of His Hands

My Jack is a mighty strong guy. Long ago as a young groom, he carried me over the threshold of our first apartment. He carries many responsibilities as my Hoh. He uses his hands to fix things which does include this wife!

 Jack's hand on my knee can signal several things: reassurance that he understands, a warning to listen carefully to his words, or a loving touch to say all is well and safe.

Holding my hand tells me that I am his and he is mine. Jack always takes my hand when we are walking anywhere or anyplace. That is the way it has been since we were 17.

Jack was the first to hold our babies, his hands gentle and trusting from the very beginning. He held those babies in a confident, loving way. Strong and big, hands picked up small ones and as kids grew, those hands did the job of fathers: carrying heavy things, fixing things and taking care of what was broken...... always helping and always loving and ready.

Like other married couples, we spend time talking about many things. Sometimes we talk when I am over his knee and sometimes we talk embraced with his hand on my bottom, but most times we talk facing one another so we can see each other's eyes. Our hands are in view and ready for the touch of endearment or comfort. 

Again, like all married couples, we have had rough times. We have prayed and felt stronger as our hands joined together in unity and hope.

We have spent lots of times in restaurants and Jack will reach over the table or under the table to take my hand in a gesture of reassurance to let me know that decisions have been made and I am to now lean in.

The hand on my knee in the car is a loving gesture and a stern one to make sure I understand what he expects. The hand on my knee is so much a part of our life and our ttwd/dd life.

His hands are the one who love me. Meeting in high school years ago to this very day, those hands have loved me well in so many good ways.  We share our love in the many ways all married couples do............. under the covers or on a secluded beach, those hands know what they are doing.

Those same loving hands know how to settle me down when things are not going smoothly. He spanks to get his point across and keeps spanking until he has his way. I answer to him in lots of ways, but this is the way that makes sure he is heard.

Thanks, L and Jack



  1. Great post! I am a "hands girl" myself. Nothing more attractive about a man than a beautiful set of hands.

  2. Mere,,,this is so sweet it made me cry,,


  3. This is so beautiful! You two are so sweet and loving. I hope Jack loved this post!

    <3 Hugs

  4. Great post Meredith! :) I love Rob's hands too! We have been hand-holders through thick and thin, almost for 30 years now. I have always loved that. Now they have this other "dimension" to them. It is special.

    Love this post and the photos too. Beautiful thing that oyu two have going there! Enjoy! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  5. I am touched by the many ways you express Jack's hands and the communication that occurs with them. When we first started our journey, I awoke suddenly in the night, found we were holding hands, and I was overcome in that moment with the roughness and yet the gentleness of his hands. Hubby's hands also speak volumes... interesting that often no words are necessary at all, but just a single touch. This is a beautiful post.

  6. Beautiful post Mere...Thanks for sharing! I loved Matthew hands...they were the third thing I noticed about him after his eyes and smile. ;) The big joke around people that I talk to FTF is that I can't speak without my hands. If you hold my hands down, I can't talk! LOL

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Beautiful, an so touching...this is what it is all about.
    hugs abby

  8. This is SUCH a beautiful post, Meredith. So romantic! Hands are the very first thing I notice about a man. If the hands are not to my liking, you can forget the face.

    Handholding? Not so much in this household. It's just something we have never done and I don't know why. Strangely, none of our long-married friends hold hands either. Yet Dan holds his arm out for me and I nearly always (depends how crowded a place is and whether this is room for two to walk abreast) link arms with him and he will put his hand on my lower back and guide me ahead of him if necessary.

    I do like all the ways you hold hands though and I think it must be a very nice thing to do.

    I also love the other ways you describe Jack using his hands. Dan helped to deliver our babies and it was so great he was involved instead of just being an onlooker.

    Many hugs

  9. Such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Beautiful post Meredith. A true love story.

  11. Wow Mere! You keep finding such sweet ways to share your love story - a 'true love story' as Leigh said. When I read your posts, I'm always smiling and at peace. It makes me totally look forward to experiencing even more sweetness in my own marriage as the years go by. Thank you again for sharing more of yourself and Jack with us. :)

  12. I love this post. It makes me smile. My hubby and I have held hands since the very beginning too...and always will... :-)

  13. So sweet and tender! Love it!

    - Amy