Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Letter To New Blogger Meredith

I have mentioned before how very important books are to me. My favorite books are on our bookshelves in our home. I have many audiobooks on my iphone that I enjoy when I walk. I am founder and chair of a book club that will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. We gather for conversation, dinner and lively book discussions. The book pictured above is one that rocked our group. The book is about women who write letters to their younger selves. As we wrote letters to our younger selves, we have the benefit of hindsight and experience. Our book club members were challenged to write letters to their younger selves. The discussion and sharing that followed was amazing.

I have made a new friend behind the blog. She commented that she had read my blog from its beginning and so wanted to tell the ttwd/dd beginner blogger Meredith that she would be so surprised how great it would get to be for she and Jack after they had settled into their way of ttwd/dd. She commented that I had been rather harsh with myself at the beginning. I wanted things to be smoother when they were. We were just beginning ttwd/dd and there were plenty of spankings and discouraging moments to be sure. My new friend wanted to tell new blogger Meredith that things would smooth out. Things would become great, and I would be so surprised.

With her great comment, I began to think about what I would say to new blogger Meredith. Writing a letter to new blogger Meredith might be very insightful and interesting.

Dear New Blogger Meredith,

You and Jack are really in for a rough ride that first summer, but things will smooth out as you lean in to what Jack wants. It really is very simple. He wants peace in your home and he wants you submissive at home. In the big world, he understands your sense of independence. Along about Christmas time and after more than a few spankings, you and Jack will become very gentle in your dd as you lean in to what he wants from you. You will enjoy ttwd in so many ways, but traveling will cause you both to rethink how things need to be done while not at home. You come up with an amazing plan that really works! 

You will make several really dear friends behind the blog. These friendships offer support, humor and  help. These friends will be real keepers. You and Jack will even have lunch with one of your blog friends and her husband. These friends will talk on the phone with you frequently. Plus one reader will ask to become your assistant helping you find photos that embellish your postings. 

You will reach and celebrate your 100th post. And just when you think there is nothing else to write about, a new idea will pop into your head. Keep going, Mere. Just keep going! Lean into what Jack wants. The hard part is over and the easy part is to be enjoyed. 

I challenge both fellow bloggers and readers to write letters to their younger selves. Tell that new blogger or reader some of what she will learn and what to watch for. Both bloggers and readers may use the comment section. Perhaps bloggers will want to do a post of their own. I look forward to your letters.



  1. What a lovely letter Mere...you and Jack really have come a long way. Looking forward to watching where your journey takes you.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Hey Meredith, had trouble finding you but here you are. Great letter. I'll bet I write something quite similar to myself in a year or so. I also have made a good friend I email regularly with. So great to have the community. Cheers. I'll add your link from my blog.

  3. What an insightful letter Meredith. I love self reflection when I have quiet time. This is something I am going to put on my to do list as we approach our 1 year anniversery of TTWD. It just might put things into a better perspective. Thanks for providing such a great exercise of the heart.

  4. Wow Mere - I really loved your letter to yourself. What a great idea! When I think back to the beginning of my blog, I had no idea of how my life would really change - and that includes the new dear friends I would make. Now I can't imagine things any other way. Thank you for sharing this letter with us - and for the idea to maybe try to write ourselves a letter too - I think I just might do that. :)

  5. Hi Meredith, this is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing this with us. It's amazing when we look back and realise how far we have come. I love your letter :)


  6. Wonderful post, Meredith! :) It is amazing to stop for a minute and think back about all that we have learned since starting ttwd. Looks like you and Jack have seen such loving growth. Loved your letter. I am happy for you both!

    I wrote a post recently where I thought about, and listed a bunch of changes that have occurred since Rob and I started to love and live in this way. It was an eye opening excercise. Well worth the effort. I am thinking that it was a similar exercise to yours. Great post! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  7. what a great idea! I loved the letter so much, you have come a long way and there is so much to celebrate!


  8. Mere,,,You are amazing ,,what you come up with to write about,,,wonderful,,,keep writing,,: )


  9. What a wonderful post, Meredith. I so enjoyed reading it. You have, indeed, come a long way, and settled into the 'real rhythm' of TTWD/DD. It is truly a journey to be savoured, and you and Jack have cause to celebrate. I hope you will continue to write for a long, long time.

    Many hugs

  10. Hi Meredith,what a lovely letter, you do have seemed to got ttwd sorted. I have enjoyed our journey as much as you two have enjoyed yours. Love reading your blog
    love Jan,xx

  11. Oh wow!what a great post. I love your letter. I might give it a shot. 😊

  12. I love your letter Mere. It gives me hope right now.
    Thanks for being here for us. You are like a big sister, always willing to help and share.

  13. I am not sure I am quite ready to do this just yet, Clark and I are working on some things just now that might make the tone of this kind of letter to myself not as encouraging as it should be...we have come a very long way so maybe if I just focused there...I really love the idea & I think I will most definitely do it in the not so distant future. You did a very nice job on yours, thanks so much for sharing!
    Scarlet ; )

  14. I am inspired to read the book...
    loved your letter to yourself...it is amazing how much we grow and learn and if we had the sight of our older selves to encourage our younger selves to know it will all be okay maybe we would be able to find our path much easier :-)