Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jamie Frazer, Jack and the Instructions Which Were Ignored!

Watching Outlander's mid-season finale had a way of totally disrupting my smooth morning with Jack. In last night's show, Jamie gave Claire precise instructions which she did not follow, and Jack remembered the exact same instructions he had given me long, long ago which his wife (me!) did not follow either. Oh, boy!

We were watching the last episode, episode 8 this morning. All cuddled up on the couch, we watched Claire ignore Jamie's instruction to stay put until he came for her. Claire ignores him and leaves the place Jamie has told her to stay. When the episode is over, Jack says Jamie should paddle her behind for not minding. Not wanting to spoil things for those not familiar with the book or the TV version, let's just say Claire does what she wants to do. Jack begins to talk............ he is remembering the time long, long ago when his wife did not mind his instructions causing much worry, anger and frustration because she would not stay put.

Here was the situation: I was to meet Jack in a parking lot. We were coming from different places and he wanted to follow me home. I got to the parking lot first and instead of waiting, drove on home. Much later, Jack arrived home upset with his wife who did not follow the plan. There were no cell phones. This was before ttwd/dd, but my young husband informed me that I should be spanked and would be if I ever did not follow his instructions again.

Fast forward a whole lot of time to this very morning. It did bug me that Jack was getting all hot under the collar for something that happened a long time ago. I shrugged it off and headed up to the closet, yes, that closet, to change and found Jack right behind me. Jack said that just like Claire, I had ignored his instructions concerning my safety. He had not wanted me to drive without his watchful eye on a late, rainy night years ago. Just like Claire, I had not followed instructions. With no more talk, Jack spanked until he said, "Claire, I mean Mere". Then we both starting laughing, and the spanking stopped and we moved on to other happy things like Claire and Jamie do so often.

Ah, the power of a good show and the strength of men like Jamie and Jack! Now the next set of Outlander episodes are set to be shown beginning in April. Those of us who have read the book series, know that a big spanking scene happens between Jamie and Claire, but wait we must.



  1. LOL Mere...very cute story...happy for the lovely outcome. BTW...are you going to change your name to Claire? *snicker*

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. I cannot believe the series is over for months. I am aggravated. Diana Gabaldon has been my favorite author for many years. I have been looking forward to this series for a year or more. Jamie Frasier is so hot. I disappear from life when her new book comes out every two years. Found most episodes sadly, a bit slow but the wedding show last week was perfect.


  3. Smiling. Odd how that act eventually caught up with you - I bet it ended better now though.

  4. I now just HAVE to read the book Outlander - I thought there was only a film, which I have seen and was excellent. Then I discovered there is a series in the US which we don't get over here. And now you let on that there is a book - and a spanking in it Why didn't you say?! LOL!

    Sooooooo, Jack always was a spanko at heart, Meredith. Well, well. You lucky person you! (Got to giggle!)

    Funny how they suddenly remember things from the past and decide they need to remind you not to act that way again. You and that closet! (now my giggles have turned to howls of laughter!)

    That spanking sounds delightful and not at all as I suspect it would've been at the time had Jack been just that little bit more daring. Snigger.

    Have you noticed how there are certain things we do that just get under the skin of our men? And how they now know just what to do to deter us?


  5. Hi Meredith, thank goodness my beloved doesn't think to dredge up things from the past. I may never sit down again!!
    Love Jan,xx

  6. LoL Claire ... err ... Meredith :) Goodness, that incident must have really bugged Jack! Glad you had a happy ending :)

    I'm really going to have to read the Outlander series! Haven't watched the show either. Over here it is on online tv.


  7. Lol! Super cute story...I may have to watch Outlander...;)

  8. Mere,,never watched or read the story,,but sounds amazing,,: )


  9. I have never read or seen this series, but seems quite interesting. Jack has quite the memory now doesn't he? Seems he keeps things in check by reminding you of things past and how they could have ended up so differently. Also sounds as though a great afternoon was enjoyed by both regardless of the reason!!!

  10. Love the story - glad you had some fun and laughter :-)

  11. love it, have watched the show and cant wait for April!

  12. April is SUCH a long way away. Booooo! The show has been great, hasn't it? I can picture Jack sitting there beside you ... watching ... remembering, bless him. :)

  13. You always seem to have a funny story Meredith.
    You have finally inspired me to read the book. Now that it is on my reader I will have to make it a point to read it. I wonder if Outlander will make it to Netflix anytime soon? hmmm

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  14. D'oh! Don't you just hate it when some random incident reminds your husband that you broke the rules? Glad y'all ended with a laugh!

    - Amy

  15. What did you think about the spanking? They tweaked it a bit from the books...probably to make it more acceptable for the general masses. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.