Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jamie Frazer, Jack and the Instructions Which Were Ignored!

Watching Outlander's mid-season finale had a way of totally disrupting my smooth morning with Jack. In last night's show, Jamie gave Claire precise instructions which she did not follow, and Jack remembered the exact same instructions he had given me long, long ago which his wife (me!) did not follow either. Oh, boy!

We were watching the last episode, episode 8 this morning. All cuddled up on the couch, we watched Claire ignore Jamie's instruction to stay put until he came for her. Claire ignores him and leaves the place Jamie has told her to stay. When the episode is over, Jack says Jamie should paddle her behind for not minding. Not wanting to spoil things for those not familiar with the book or the TV version, let's just say Claire does what she wants to do. Jack begins to talk............ he is remembering the time long, long ago when his wife did not mind his instructions causing much worry, anger and frustration because she would not stay put.

Here was the situation: I was to meet Jack in a parking lot. We were coming from different places and he wanted to follow me home. I got to the parking lot first and instead of waiting, drove on home. Much later, Jack arrived home upset with his wife who did not follow the plan. There were no cell phones. This was before ttwd/dd, but my young husband informed me that I should be spanked and would be if I ever did not follow his instructions again.

Fast forward a whole lot of time to this very morning. It did bug me that Jack was getting all hot under the collar for something that happened a long time ago. I shrugged it off and headed up to the closet, yes, that closet, to change and found Jack right behind me. Jack said that just like Claire, I had ignored his instructions concerning my safety. He had not wanted me to drive without his watchful eye on a late, rainy night years ago. Just like Claire, I had not followed instructions. With no more talk, Jack spanked until he said, "Claire, I mean Mere". Then we both starting laughing, and the spanking stopped and we moved on to other happy things like Claire and Jamie do so often.

Ah, the power of a good show and the strength of men like Jamie and Jack! Now the next set of Outlander episodes are set to be shown beginning in April. Those of us who have read the book series, know that a big spanking scene happens between Jamie and Claire, but wait we must.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Letter To New Blogger Meredith

I have mentioned before how very important books are to me. My favorite books are on our bookshelves in our home. I have many audiobooks on my iphone that I enjoy when I walk. I am founder and chair of a book club that will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. We gather for conversation, dinner and lively book discussions. The book pictured above is one that rocked our group. The book is about women who write letters to their younger selves. As we wrote letters to our younger selves, we have the benefit of hindsight and experience. Our book club members were challenged to write letters to their younger selves. The discussion and sharing that followed was amazing.

I have made a new friend behind the blog. She commented that she had read my blog from its beginning and so wanted to tell the ttwd/dd beginner blogger Meredith that she would be so surprised how great it would get to be for she and Jack after they had settled into their way of ttwd/dd. She commented that I had been rather harsh with myself at the beginning. I wanted things to be smoother when they were. We were just beginning ttwd/dd and there were plenty of spankings and discouraging moments to be sure. My new friend wanted to tell new blogger Meredith that things would smooth out. Things would become great, and I would be so surprised.

With her great comment, I began to think about what I would say to new blogger Meredith. Writing a letter to new blogger Meredith might be very insightful and interesting.

Dear New Blogger Meredith,

You and Jack are really in for a rough ride that first summer, but things will smooth out as you lean in to what Jack wants. It really is very simple. He wants peace in your home and he wants you submissive at home. In the big world, he understands your sense of independence. Along about Christmas time and after more than a few spankings, you and Jack will become very gentle in your dd as you lean in to what he wants from you. You will enjoy ttwd in so many ways, but traveling will cause you both to rethink how things need to be done while not at home. You come up with an amazing plan that really works! 

You will make several really dear friends behind the blog. These friendships offer support, humor and  help. These friends will be real keepers. You and Jack will even have lunch with one of your blog friends and her husband. These friends will talk on the phone with you frequently. Plus one reader will ask to become your assistant helping you find photos that embellish your postings. 

You will reach and celebrate your 100th post. And just when you think there is nothing else to write about, a new idea will pop into your head. Keep going, Mere. Just keep going! Lean into what Jack wants. The hard part is over and the easy part is to be enjoyed. 

I challenge both fellow bloggers and readers to write letters to their younger selves. Tell that new blogger or reader some of what she will learn and what to watch for. Both bloggers and readers may use the comment section. Perhaps bloggers will want to do a post of their own. I look forward to your letters.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Wolf At My Door


I hear the knocking. The door knob rattles. I hear the wolf breathing on the other side of the door. I am now in a different place since the last time the wolf was at our door. I became so spun up in the family drama. I wasn't sleeping. I was angry and upset. And I was spanked. The peace in our home was gone and Jack had had enough. 

The wolf is back at our door. However, I am in a much better place this time. I lean into Jack and feel his strength.

We are in the kitchen and he is preparing dinner as I am making a salad. We are talking about the family situation........... the wolf at the door. He tells me to listen as he begins to tell me how things will go with this wolf at our door. I watch him. He is standing very straight. His confidence and assurance are evident. It is as if he is wearing his Hoh mantle. He wears his cloak so well that I smile and my eyes become teary. He pulls me close and tells me we will be fine. He tells me that he knows that this is hard for me, but he will guide me as I lean in. I surrender and submit to his words.

Usually surrender and submitting are words used in connection with spanking. Not this time! This time I feel the emotions of surrender and submitting right there in the kitchen. Surrender and submitting are not easy, but I surrender and submit to Jack's words. It is what Jack expects of me when that wolf is beating at the door. I learn to lean in and receive his protection and security in a situation that threatens the peace in our home. 

Ttwd/dd has made a big difference in our marriage. The roles we have each accepted continue to agree with us. We meet the occasional bump in the road and spankings do infrequently occur. Far more important is what has evolved. Jack is the Hoh making the big decisions after seeking my input. I am the supportive wife following. He is generous and loving and I am respectful. We are just plain happier and in love after all these years. Ttwd/dd works so well for us. I am surprised that so little of ttwd/dd involves discipline spanking. We enjoy gg and RA spankings, but discipline spankings are few and far between. Ttwd/dd is about so much more. We are keeping the wolf at bay.

Thanks, L.


Monday, September 15, 2014

The Strength of His Hands

My Jack is a mighty strong guy. Long ago as a young groom, he carried me over the threshold of our first apartment. He carries many responsibilities as my Hoh. He uses his hands to fix things which does include this wife!

 Jack's hand on my knee can signal several things: reassurance that he understands, a warning to listen carefully to his words, or a loving touch to say all is well and safe.

Holding my hand tells me that I am his and he is mine. Jack always takes my hand when we are walking anywhere or anyplace. That is the way it has been since we were 17.

Jack was the first to hold our babies, his hands gentle and trusting from the very beginning. He held those babies in a confident, loving way. Strong and big, hands picked up small ones and as kids grew, those hands did the job of fathers: carrying heavy things, fixing things and taking care of what was broken...... always helping and always loving and ready.

Like other married couples, we spend time talking about many things. Sometimes we talk when I am over his knee and sometimes we talk embraced with his hand on my bottom, but most times we talk facing one another so we can see each other's eyes. Our hands are in view and ready for the touch of endearment or comfort. 

Again, like all married couples, we have had rough times. We have prayed and felt stronger as our hands joined together in unity and hope.

We have spent lots of times in restaurants and Jack will reach over the table or under the table to take my hand in a gesture of reassurance to let me know that decisions have been made and I am to now lean in.

The hand on my knee in the car is a loving gesture and a stern one to make sure I understand what he expects. The hand on my knee is so much a part of our life and our ttwd/dd life.

His hands are the one who love me. Meeting in high school years ago to this very day, those hands have loved me well in so many good ways.  We share our love in the many ways all married couples do............. under the covers or on a secluded beach, those hands know what they are doing.

Those same loving hands know how to settle me down when things are not going smoothly. He spanks to get his point across and keeps spanking until he has his way. I answer to him in lots of ways, but this is the way that makes sure he is heard.

Thanks, L and Jack


Monday, September 8, 2014

Commando Nurse

What's a wife to do? Summer, those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer are fading. We still have warm temperatures. My sweet Jack has been under the weather for a few days and I have become Nurse Meredith. I am doing my best to be the chief cook and bottle washer. 


I have kept things clean and very tidy. And we are very pleased that water conservation is one of our top priorities during Jack's recovery. He needs a little help while showering and I step right in to give assistance. He had some out-patient surgery and was assured by his doctor that the golf course will be his by the middle of the month. 

Those first days following his minor surgery were warm and sunny. Jack slept a great deal of the first few days. I wore his favorite sundress................ commando style.......... no underwear! We were just home alone, just the two of us. I brought him his pain pill and rousted him awake. He opened one eye and said, " Meredith, you are commando". With that, he sat up and felt under the hem of my skirt. He mumbled, " Not much gets by this Hoh " He went right back to sleep and seemed to be gathering his strength. While in my commando dress, his hands had no problem claiming what was his and I giggled. He said  that he knew I needed spanking and loving. He said to give him a few days and he would make things right.

Thanks, L.