Monday, August 4, 2014

The Carefree Days of Summer

August can be a long, hot month of waiting for all things to begin as things always do in September. School starts; weather begins to change and we turn our attention to the next season: college football, professional football and so much more. So I am thinking about the dog days of August  and how I want to spend them. Cool linen and not much else sound wonderful to me. 

I am not sure why I like these photos. On hot summer days at home, Jack likes me to dress this way often. Cool, accessible and fun!

So how are you spending these hot August days? Riding your bike without any underpinnings?

Thanks, L., and Jack.



  1. These are sweet Mere!
    And I'd love to imagine myself in a pretty summer dress riding a bike in the countryside of France....... but here, there is just too many hills and too many cars. :/
    So for me August is usually spent squeezing in as many beach days as possible and preparing for 'back to school' since my kids usually start in mid to late August. Summer comes to a close too quickly!

  2. Hi Meredith, no knickers but no bicycle either! lol. I am so lucky to not be going back to school. I am looking forward to cosy days in in the Autumn too.
    love Jan,xx

  3. I am trying to enjoy every last drop of summer before we head into the dredded cold season lol, fall is fine but winter is awful! I count down the days until the warmth comes back lol!
    Lots of bike riding but underthings are firmly in place since I have a little baby trailer attached to my bike lol!
    I do wear lots of nightshirts/gowns with nothing underneith just as Clark likes though ; )
    Hope you have a great month!
    Scarlet ; )

  4. We're trying to stay cool here..central air crapped out. I love my nightgowns at night, and some cool linens ;) I love summer, and I'll enjoy every minute, but I love the fall and cooler weather


  5. Great pics.

    August is spent getting kids ready for school, trying to do the things on our Summer List that we haven't done, and trying to stay cool.

  6. I love wearing skirts in the summer, without underwear. I feel naughty and sexy all day. But it is also so much cooler during these hot days of August

  7. Love this post, Meredith! You know, I have been running around all over the place the last few months. It continues on, but maybe I can sneak in some naughty, non-panty moments with the skirt thing, just for Rob. LOL! I don't think that we have had time to think lately. This post is motivation at its best. Thank you! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  8. Hey Mere...I think the reason I enjoy these pics is that they evoke an air of summery and carefree. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  9. Loved the photos... I almost always wear sundresses whenever I have down time, minus anything on underneath that would interfere. Not so sure I would look as nice as these ladies do, so I'll spare everyone else and just save it for my man. Summer is definately zipping on by and we have not had time to play.While I enjoy fall and all that goes with it, just not so sure I am ready.

  10. Hi Mere,,,wish I looked like those ladies,,love the photos


  11. Thank you Leah, me too, laughing. God help me if I sneeze or cough with no undies on. How would I explain that to the maintainence guy who would have to being me a new chair to my office, lol

    Don hasn't been in a go anywhere mood this summer. Bah huh humbug so I go to my cabin in the Berkshires and read and jump in the lake and often my girls join me with my 8 month old granddaughter and we eat a lot, lol or so it seems since I'm usually the one in the kitchen. But it's restful in the woods the way summers are meant to be.

    Enjoy the rest of August folks.