Thursday, July 24, 2014

Smokey, Ben, Jack And Fire Prevention

A crazy title about three great men, Smokey the Bear, Benjamin Franklin and Jack! What does Jack share with this two guys? Jack is a lover of prevention. He likes to take care of things. He is a problem solver. Taking care of his health and mine, saving money for a rainy day, having supplies of the things we need available, filling gas tanks in both cars always, plenty of travel plans in the works....... He also believes strongly in preventative spankings for keeping things peaceful, calm and serene. Jack likes it because it works. Prevention works for us. He likes the results and the benefits.

Smokey is part of our American folklore. He is right up there with Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan. I love American history and I am in awe of those leaders who stepped up to lead. Take one of my favorite Americans, Benjamin Franklin. Interesting fact about Mr. Franklin is that he is the only American pictured on our green bills who was not a President. This reflects the great reverence we have for him. After all, he is on my very favorite money!

As Mr. Ben Franklin so eloquently stated, " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  A wise man, he was. When Mr. Franklin coined this saying, he was referring to fire safety in colonial Philadelphia. He believed so strongly in fire prevention, he organized the very first fire department in the colonies. Now I am using this saying in regarding to the fire safety of my bottom, as in my bottom is on fire! Ben Franklin, help! Mr. Franklin believed that prevention was by far better than the cure. Just like Mr. Franklin, Jack believes in prevention. He spanks to prevent any spankable offense from happening and a cure needed. Spank first and there is no need for a cure!

Preventative spankings help smooth things out. Stress is relieved. Calmness is assured. Happiness is all over Jack's face and our world is looking good. Let a little sass in, watch a little disagreement accelerate, walk away during a mini lecture and things are heading for a real fire storm. So Jack spanks and things are set right between us. Good girl spankings are great preventative tool.

I thank Mr. Franklin, for putting forth the idea that prevention is far better than a cure. I would much rather be spanked in a preventative way than after I made a mistake that resulted in my backside being set ablaze.  It sure works here. Jack and Mr. Franklin are men who believe in taking care of business before any reason to do so. Never did I think this great American would find his way into our ttwd sessions.

Do you do preventative spankings at your house?       It sure works here.
So a big shout out to three great Americans, Smokey, Mr. Franklin and my Jack.



  1. Yikes! One such preventative spanking has been promised me today before we leave on a long trip. I wonder if Ben Franklin knew anything about ttwd/dd!

  2. Loved how you worked history in a dd post. Clever indeed.

  3. Cute post...preventive spankings happen once a week in my world.
    hugs abby

  4. We don't really do preventive, but now with my family here visiting..I can definitely see how they might have helped..Yikes.

    Loved your history post, cute!


  5. Cute post. We need some prevention around here. Spankings seem to have disappeared....

  6. The town we always go to for vacation has a smokey the bear holding up the fire danger...
    We don't really do preventative spankings, although I know we would both benefit from it.

  7. I definately get how prevention is so much better than what would happen for failure to comply. We do prevenative spankings in our home. Either one of us can determine when these are needed and how they are done. Hubby would much rather give me what is needed before hand as he is not a great fan of "punishment" spankings. Interesting how you came up with this post, but I loved the analogy.

  8. LOL Mere...very creative post and yes, I would much rather have a preventative/stress relief/attitude adjustment spanking rather than a discipline spanking! One is fire and the other is FIRE! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  9. Mere,
    You are so clever and Jack is so wise. I love the way you think and the things you share.

  10. Hi Meredith, clever post. I think the odd preventative spanking does wonders in this house!!
    love Jan,xx

  11. Meredith, I love this post and thanks for the reminder of the quote, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I do better with preventative and quick swats that are immediate.

  12. A wise husband you have :-) We do preventive spankings as well. They are a great help, and I think they are more positive, at least emotionally, than punishment because there is no anger, disappointment or hurt feelings. Just love and connection <3

  13. wise words from the past connected to spanking - I love it. :-) I can see that preventive spankings would be helpful...just to set the proper tone and restore balance... :-)

  14. I think prevention is always better than cure. LOL. I remember once going to meet up with Jan from 'an English Rose' and I got a preventative spanking before I went! "Just in case", Dan informed me. Ha! I seem to remember Jan had had a similar preventative spanking.

    I would also like to mention that many of our so-called preventative spankings lead to other things. In fact these days, most of our spankings seem to lead to other things. I think I much prefer this type of TTWD. In fact it suits me down to the ground. I'm sure it suits you and Jack as well.

    Many hugs. Hope you are having a lovely break