Monday, July 14, 2014

Pillow Talk And A Quick Walk To The Guest Room

When things fester, the outcome is real obvious. I just wasn't paying attention. Little things seldom earn a spanking, but when they begin to add up and the peace is in real jeopardy, spankings are right around the corner or right over his knee.

We had guests for dinner..... first time guests so I wanted everything just so. I found myself talking to Jack with my hands on my hips several times. I walked away from him while he was talking. I may have rolled my eyes. We had words about the clean up after the guests left. I was cranky, tired and not listening well. Add all that up and I did not even think about where this was going.

Jack told me he was doing clean up of the kitchen. I shrugged and muttered under my breath and walked away from him. He came after me. I turned and put my hands on my hips and then quickly changed my posture. He pulled me closed and asked if I needed a spanking, and I started to cry. No, I said. What the heck was going on? He told me it was late and to go get in bed.

I sat in bed thinking about all the festering. Squabbles over issues with the closet..... this recurring obstacle to Jack's peace, too many clothes, things not contained in the many containers lining closet shelves and an on going point of frustration for both of us. Easily crying over really nothing at all. Barking comments to Jack and standing with my hands on my hips and starting to walk away when he was speaking to me............ What was I thinking? In small doses, Jack overlooks these things. Using the score card method, I was doomed.

Jack came to bed and said little. He turned off the light on his side and we nestled right in. His hand went to his go-to place.............. my bottom. He talked and I listened. You see, he had been adding up all these "little things". He began asking more and more questions and his wife became more and more silent. I thought perhaps we would be lulled into sleep as the talking had stopped. Then rather quickly, Jack was up and around to my side of the bed. He took my hand and we were on our way to the guest room. I was very talkative all of a sudden. Jack leaned down and whispered simply "Be still".

In this life of ttwd/dd, every wife knows what happens next. No more talking is necessary.  Jack took me over his knee, bared my bottom and spanked using his hand. He secured me firmly and there was no wiggling or moving around. He spanked long and hard. When he stopped, he sat me up, kissed me,  took my hand and put me back in bed. He climbed in and this time we talked and my answers were more forthcoming. It was a spanking that plainly cleared the air and set our world to rights. Peace was restored and we moved on to more sweet ways to show one another his dominance and my submission . The wonders of a long, hard spanking was melt-in-his arms worthy.

Thank you, L.



  1. Beautiful post! I'm anxious and happy to be returning to TTWD and reading this confirms it all even more that we are back on the right track! Thanks for writing this post.

  2. Mere,
    We all have our off days - and boy, they are hard to just get through, let alone deal with.

    I loved what you said:
    It was a spanking that plainly cleared the air and set our world to rights. Peace was restored and we moved on to more sweet ways...

    Beautiful words that led to a beautiful night - I'm glad that Jack was able to help you through it. And thank you for sharing your experience - it's so encouraging to me.


  3. You're a very, very lucky woman. I envy you.

  4. So glad you both got what you needed Meredith, great post!
    Love ,
    Scarlet ; )

  5. Oh that feeling when you know you've pushed the limits one too many times:( Glad the air was cleared. It's always such a relief to have it over and to be back in that peaceful place!

  6. Meredith...goodness. This scene could have so played out for me as well. I just say and do and don't even regard the manner in which it looks and what message it is sending to hubby. He too, often just let's thigs add up and then..... well it's time to pay the price for behaviors whether they were intended or not. Now when I get quiet and withdraw, I can be most certain there will be consequences. Jack got his message across first, but best of all followed by loving reconnection. Peace and harmony are restored. You are blessed with that wonderful man of yours.

  7. Happy all is now right in your world Mere. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  8. Hi Meredith, what a lovely post and you are very lucky
    love Jan,xx

  9. I love that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WITH YOU,I AM HOME,,,you and Jack are so sweet together,,even in spankings


  10. Who would have thought it, but this stuff just works, doesn't it? Beautiful!! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. I'm glad you're home, in his arms. It's the best place to be :)


  12. That's wonderful, Meredith. Now if only there were a less ouchy way to do it :-)

  13. I hate when that happens. Sometimes, you don't even see it. It starts small and before you know it, you're rolling your eyes, placing hands on hips, copping an attitude. But one spanking puts things back to where they should be. It's amazing how it works.

  14. I shared this post with Michael and he said "sounds like what we need." So, I asked "A guest room?" And he said "well, yes, that too!" lol

    Glad that peace was restored, even if the method used was ouchy. ;)

  15. I echo PK - you are a very lucky woman. I can't imagine Dan ever acting in this way and there are times when it could be so beneficial.

    Many hugs