Friday, June 6, 2014

Wedding Spanking To Remember


Jack and I did not have a military style wedding. However, this tradition suits us ttwd/dd wives. Right? Here is the tradition.... the bride and groom walk the gauntlet under the swords of fellow sailors. By tradition, the last sailor spanks the bride with his sword! See the look on her face as she passes the last sailor and his sword! Is it a sign of things to come for this beautiful bride? Did you have thoughts of ttwd/dd on your wedding day?

We are approaching our wedding anniversary. Jack and I are heading for a wonderful celebration. On our wedding day, I knew for sure I was marrying the man who would love me forever. We have been together through the thick and thin. We have lived through difficult deployments several times, big moves across the country and making our way through the ups and downs which all marriages experience. Did spanking cross my mind on my wedding day? Of course, it did, but sharing with my man would not be right away. He knew I liked spanking and he did spank me as foreplay. Life became very busy and ttwd/dd would wait until I "discovered" the blogs.

What about your wedding day? Did you walk under the swords and receive the traditional sword spank? Did you think about spanking on that special day? Did your man think about paddling your backside that day? The way ttwd/dd evolves for each couple is always interesting. Do share!

This post is dedicated to my sweet Jack. Happy Anniversary!


  1. I was spanked in our hotel room that night with my wedding dress raised. It was light and for fun as we were not DD at that point. Following that H got a bit cross as my mum had laced up the back of my dress then tied a knot. We couldn't undo it, he thought she had done it on purpose, she probably had!

  2. Mere,
    I had absolutely NO CLUE as to this side of my self way back then - and if someone would have told me I had an inner spanko, I wouldn't have believed them. Hubby of course never thought about spanking me until I asked him to just last year.

    Now it's a part of our daily conversation - unfortunately often curbed by the kids being around - but he whispers spanking threats / promises in my ear all the time and we are the happiest we've ever been.
    :) Cali

  3. Happy Soon anniversary :)
    Never in a million years would I have thought we would end up here :) we didn't do a traditional sword swat either . I really wanted one lol .... ~ s

  4. Happy Anniversary Meredith and Jack! Our anniversary is coming up this month too!

    Luckily we had an archway of children holding flowers when we got married, so no spanking with swords. LOL But Dan was a policeman at the time, and I was terrified I would come out of that church to find an archway of policemen holding 'batons'!


  5. Meredith, not in a million years would I have guessed we would be practicing ttwd/dd back then. I would have been spanked 20 times a day and not the good girl kind either :-(

  6. Happy Anniversary Meredith and Jack!! I hope you have a fantastic time away.
    Living through deployments and all the moves and everything else that comes along definitely makes your love stronger. My husband refused to wear his uniform to our wedding..I'm still not happy about that decision LOL. I was not spanked on our wedding night, though I was before that day, I can only be grateful that DD was not in our lives then, I would have been toast LOL!! I absolutely love the sword ceremony!

    Big Hugs

  7. Oh heavens no. I never considered it or thought about it.
    I wouldn't even believed it "worked." Ahhhhh how the times have changed. :)

  8. Congratulations to you and Jack on your anniversery. It is no small feat these days to stay married with all the challenges a couple faces. Having ttwd/dd definately helps the issues. We had no spanking on our wedding night, but had a few incidents while engaged and several more
    Early married years. We did not start actively start ttwd/dd until July last year and what a difference a year makes. Wishing you and Jack safe travels and a wonderful trip as you celebrate your anniversery. Perhaps Jack will considr leaving the paddle at home? What could possibly go wrong? LOL....

  9. Happy Anniversary Meredith and Jack! I received a spanking on my wedding night with my ex...I had too much to drink when celebrating our marriage...oops. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  10. My guy was a Navy man and had to wear his uniform since he was active. Once we were in our honeymoon suite he undressed me and said as my husband my Dad had told him he had the right to spank me when he thought I needed and he felt I did that night and to this day I can remember it after all these years. And many came after that one too.

  11. Hi Meredith, Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you have a lovely day
    love Jan,xx

  12. The look on her face says it all - excitement, anticipation, a little nervousness perhaps? Hard to believe, but spanking was far from our minds on our wedding day. I don't think I would've wanted it at all then, at least not the dd-type. Though it might've helped a lot LOL! My, how things have changed!

    Happy Anniversary, Meredith and Jack!

  13. Smiling. I had been spanked before I married but not by my ex. He just didn't get it. For our 25 the anniversary I gave him the gift of promising to never threaten to divorce him again. I was happy. The next year I gave him a hairbrush and said if you use this you can have all your dreams come true. ( we spent out lives in a power struggle.). The next day he used it to brush his hair and I knew he was hopeless. The next year I went online for the first time and typed in search enging spanking. I was hooked lined and sinkered and sadly joined the spanking scene without my ex. For my. 30 th anniversary he gave me divorce papers. Saddest day of my life but 17 years later I love my D/s relationship and am happier and sexier at 65 than I've ever been. Just wish I was as lucky as so many of you and could have had a DD relationships with my husband. The path we assume our life will take has many forks in the road. We share three children and now three grandchildren, but my ex is still angry at me for having strong needs. Ah well.

    Happy Anniversary and keep safe on vacation.


    1. This echos my life. My wife just does not get "it". We have been married 21 years. It's cold. She seems so unwilling to discuss sex and no interest in doing it other than in a mechanical and boring fashion. Any mention of kinky stuff is met with a deadening silence and unwillingness to either talk or do. I too reluctantly created an account on fet life with the objective of trying to find a play partner. I felt quite sad that it had come to this.

  14. lovely :-) Funny, I know this came up in conversation with my husband and I when planning our wedding and at the time the thought thoroughly embarrassed me, probably because I was afraid of letting anyone know my secret wishes on the inside, even my soon to be husband at that time in our there were no uniforms, archways of swords, or spankings on my wedding day...were there thoughts...always... :-)

  15. I was a virgin on my wedding night and poor H wanted to leave the reception after about 30 minutes. Lol!! Then at the hotel he had to help with my lace up dress and about 100 bobby pins....needless to say he was ready for the other and not foreplay. I wasn't brave to ask for what I wanted until we were married about 10 years! We are renewing our vows in Vegas this year so I am hoping for a fun night of hanky spanky panky!!

  16. From day one my hubby made it clear his belt would be used when I misbehaved and a paddle for more. The paddle was one of those with ball and rubber band which he quickly removed. He has gone through several of them over the last 25 years but his favorite has always been his belt and I know when he starts to pull it off it stops me in my tracks cause I know what's coming. Without being told I know I need to pull my panties down and then he says come and rest yourself over my lap for the next 30 min. cause you need an attitude adjustment. But he has never spanked me when he's angry but knows I need it on my bare bottom.

  17. My husband of 2yrs and 15 yrs older than me was raised in Europe. When we married he announced on the night we became engaged that he would always expect his wife to respect and obey him and discipline would be done over his knee immediately. While traveling he has always kept his word and regardless of where we are at the time he feels he needs to spank me he does so quickly and firmly. We have been with family and has taken me upstairs to spank me and calm me down as he calls it. Later at home if necessary it is repeated and lectured.

  18. My husband of three years and 15 yrs older than me said he would not hesitate to use a paddle or his strap to my bare bottom to set my behavior straight. On our wedding night he gave me a bare bottom spanking to make it clear who was the head of our house. When we are traveling and sometimes in the company of his family he has excused us to the upstairs for a quick and sound spanking. Once we arrive to our hotel room or our home he will conduct a second paddling. He does not hold back for a paddling or hand spanking regardless if we are in a hotel room or visiting.

  19. Interestingly for me I came accross this post today. My wife and renew our wedding vows every 5 years. This year is 15 and we have arranged a ceremony for our vows renewal that will formalize our Wife-Led-Marriage. I am so excited, like a blushing bride. I can't wait. Ww only started our WLM 3 years ago. For me, it is especially rewarding having evolved to where we are from pure vanilla because we would be here if either one of us didn't want to go on the journey.