Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spanking A to Z ----- Part 3 Meredith Style

Jack sent me this photo and I have used it already, but I really appreciate the sensual quality I see. So let us continue through the next six letters of the Spanking A to Z, Meredith Style. 


M is for your friend, Meredith. When it came time to choose a blog name, Meredith was an easy choice. Strong name, strong woman who is learning to be submissive to her husband. Some of the emailers tell me that they thought my real name was Meredith. I really like it better than my real one and it is the name Jack uses when he wants my attention or my attendance at my sitting spot.

The letter N is for naked. The more we do ttwd/dd the gentler it has become. This means Jack undresses me before the spanking. He often undresses too and the spanking begins. If it is a good girl spanking, we tumble into bed for  great loving. If it is a discipline spanking, I can always hope for the best.

O is for many quick little things I say when I know I have made mistakes that will land me in trouble.  
Oh, no
Oh, dear
Oh, I forgot
Oh, oh, oh, oh, NO
Jack says the O is for over as in over his knee, over the bed, over the car seat, over, over over!

The letter P is really only for one thing............ Jack's paddle! I remember the day he ordered it. I remember the day the paddle was delivered in the very discreet mailing envelope. That is about all I want to remember about the paddle. I see it up close and personal fairly often. No more needs to be said. 

The letter Q stands for one of Jack's favorites........ quick!  Quick and fast pops to my bottom to get me attention! We are touching all day and these little quickies make life interesting, Jack happy and me on my toes! 

Jack made the call on this one. The letter R stands for rosy as in my rosy red cheeks at the end of a spanking. That rosy color tells him that he has been successful in achieving a more submissive wife. 

Thank you, Jack



  1. I giggled as I read your post. You sure covered all the spanking letters. I don't think Ty would stop at rosy though, he likes the color bright red a lot more.

  2. I agree that the picture is a very sensual one.

    So glad Dan doesn't take it into his head to send for implements of ass destruction - he leaves it to me!

    What is it with men who enjoy these fast and furious 'pops'? I wonder if you hate them as much as I do?!


  3. You've got me totally smiling here Mere! I love the way you and Jack are together - you are so in-tune and connected. And witty. Oh that sparkly eyed man of yours!


  4. I do love that pic Mere and I agree, it is very sensual. Very much enjoyed all your definitions. ;) looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  5. Love this series, Meredith. "N" was my favorite one. It certainly does make ttwd/dd more gentle. May you see "P" and "R" less and less.

  6. I love the way you're doing this blog hop!

    I think it's great how connected you and Jack are, how he "helps" with your blog. It's amazing the results we get from ttwd. :)