Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spanking A To Z Meredith Style -----Part 4

Isn't she lovely! Oh, to be that young again! No thank you. Each year gets better than the year before. What if the rest of your life was the best of your life? That is my motto. Blog hop continues, Meredith style.

Jack had plenty to say about the letter S. He said spanking, sizzle, sting, slip those panties down and on and on. I say S is for sensual. We have experienced the very most sensual time in our marriage. What's not to love........... even a sore bottom sometimes is worth the sensuality of ttwd/dd.

The letter T stands for toes. Becoming a submissive wife means I am often on my toes watching what I say and do so that I am following Jack's decisions. Being on my toes is not always easy, but it is what Jack expects.

The letter U must stand for undies. This past year I have purchased lots of lingerie..... lacy camis, newly discovered thongs and lacy bras. Jack loves it and he never ever complains about the Visa bill.

The letter V stands for vacation and that is just where we are going. The alphabet ends right here for Jack and Meredith.

I have two more post to do before leaving. I will post a one year anniversary post to celebrate getting to know all of you and a special wedding tradtion many of you many not know about! Fun!

Thank you, L.


  1. Hey enjoying for style of the alphabet countdown. Hope you and Jack have a lovely vacation.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Mere,
    I so love the way you and Jack think!! I've enjoyed your take on the alphabet as it relates to ttwd.

  3. I was enjoying the photo and agreeing wholeheartedly (as I am at last developing 'bottom sag'), and smiling as I came to each letter, then I read the word THONGS! (Or should I say cheese wires!) Oh Meredith, how could you?! Sooner you than me, girl!



  4. Oh, Meredith, now I'm going to be wondering about that tradition all weekend! :-) Hope you have a wonderful vacation. Buy something pretty while your on vacation, too.

  5. Have a great vaca!! Love the first pic! I am working hard to make my butt look that good. Lol! I never before worried as much how it looks unclothed till Dd! Haha!