Sunday, June 29, 2014

Did Jack's Version of Boot Camp Work?

If only I could pack everything into one leather suitcase, life would be grand. However, we did have more luggage and a little linen to wear like this couple. I love to wear linen when the weather heats up. I think this couple looks elegant and real. She looks like she is following her man, being submissive and leaning in to what her husband wants. Peace and serenity surrounds them..... an assurance that things will be just fine and they will be ready for what is just ahead. 

Our day of submission and boot camp, Jack's way, was very helpful and purposeful. My list of ways to lean in and be submissive proved to set the scene for a smooth vacation. I quite simply leaned in. In the past, we sometimes have had difficulty in airports. Each of us want to point the way and we do not always listen well to one another when two of us are giving directions. This time I was quiet and found that really helped. I listened to Jack instead of being the one wanting to be heard. He complimented me right away. He said making that list of things I could do to be submissive proved to be like gold. 

We each kept our roles as we made our way through the little towns and places of interest. We had a great time. I was the navigator map reading and offering suggestions. We were spontaneous and took the less traveled ways. A few times Jack put his hand on my leg and told me to lean in more and to just be still. He did thank me for my leaning in. 

With these talks came a smoother, easier vacation and we both think the way things went had a lot to do with the day of submssion and boot camp before we left. The list I prepared set the tone for the whole vacation. Smooth, peaceful and celebrating! 

Now we are home! Jack has promised a welcome home role affirmation spanking because that is the way we do things here. I just hope he remembers that his boot camp was three weeks ago and my bottom needs a soft touch. Something tells me that this one will be one to get us back to life here at home. 

Indeed, yes! 
Jack's version of boot camp worked! 



  1. I had no doubt Jack‘s version of boot camp would make for a great start to your vacation. Expectations were set, issues were addressed and cleared up before leaving. While gone, if you felt the need to push boundaries, you only needed to reflect upon boot camp and Jack's expectations to settle back in. Leaning in as you say is the best way and makes for smooth sailing. Glad all went well. I am sure the return home reminder will go easy as you did so well while you were gone.. :)

  2. Meredith, welcome home. I am most impressed with you having a day to discuss things before you went on holiday. I am going to bear that in mind for any future 'drives' down through France and Spain as my track record in the past has been abysmal. It was the journey we did just before starting TTWD that finally had me convinced we needed to change our lives around somewhat in our approach to each other. It is truly easier to let them lead, isn't it? Although I have to admit to you that occasionally I have to bite my lip when he is driving and decides to take a short cut that doesn't work out! LOL!

    Funny how the bottom forgets pain so quickly isn't it?! LOL! LOL! LOL!


  3. Hey happy you had such a lovely and relaxing vacation. I found that Matthew really took my wishes into account when I gave him suggestions. Hope Jack takes it easy on your bottom during role affirmation.

    Hugs and blessings...

  4. Glad you had a lovely vacation. I'm sure all will go well with the RA.

  5. It sounds like Jack's ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, or rather the elimination of the pounding on your bottom.

    Prevention and role-affirmation - both are so much nicer than discipline/consequences.

    Yes, Ami, it is amazing how the bottom forgets pain. I often wonder why myself.


  6. Oh wow! What a great vacation! I love how he could feel you drifting and simply told you to lean in (and you did). That's great!! Love this!!

  7. Mere,
    I'm so very glad that your special vacation was not spoiled by any kind of arguments or tension and that ALL you have is wonderful awesome memories. ♥

  8. Love Jack's form of boot camp. And I am so happy that this vacation worked out so well, that you leaned on him and ended up really appreciating it all. Hope the reaffirming spanking is as good or bad as it should be.