Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boot Camp -------- Jack's Way

We have returned from a wonderful vacation and the paddle was not even packed. Three weeks away from home and a lot could happen. So here is what Jack did even before we left. He wanted to ensure a smooth vacation with a loving, submissive wife and he is ever the prevention guy. His brand of boot camp is child's play compared to other domestic discipline blogs. His version included plenty of learning about submission and plenty of loving too.

People need to understand some things about my Jack. When we began ttwd/dd, he said he would not read blogs. He might sometimes read mine and a few others if I found something really important. He said up front that he did not need directions on how to spank his wife. That was what he thought the blogs were about. He learned the term boot camp by actually going through the real grueling experience in the military. I did not think he knew a thing about a domestic discipline boot camp. Once he asked if couples traveled to a specific location. Good grief! So imagine my surprise when Jack announced our afternoon mini boot camp before we left on vacation. Here is the way it went.

There is always a lot to do before leaving on a big vacation. I was becoming snippy and irritable in response to Jack's actions. He kept adding more things to my list and I became huffy, glaring and sassy. He finally said he wanted to do something that could not be added to my list. He told me to get myself upstairs. He walked into the bedroom wearing his hoh hat and I gulped. Out came the paddle and after a warm up with his hand, he paddled me. I was not to be so defiant and snippy. He lifted me onto our bed and said that was where I was to stay for the remainder of the afternoon. Did I understand? When your hubby is standing with the paddle and asks calmly if you understand, you say a quick yes. He said I was to stay there and think. I knew better than to ask what I was to think about. He did have that paddle. He kissed me and was gone to the garden. He asked me to list the ways I could show submission on our vacation. I got busy because he also left the paddle on the pillows on his side of the bed. My list was coming along nicely and in the bedroom Jack walked.

He took me to his side of the bed and spanked again with the paddle............. not real hard as is the boot camp way, but hard enough so I was squirming and received some licks to settle down. Then his loving hands took over and I melted into his arms. Now he made an assignment. I was to write ways I could be submissive on our anniversary vacation. I settled in on the bed and wrote the many ways to be submissive.

When he returned from the garden, he looked at the list I made. The list seemed to please him. Then he spanked again, and then the loving began anew.

I have never known such an afternoon with my husband. Spanked and loved four times or was it five?I am unsure as I left reality and as the summer breeze came in the open windows, I was loved, spanked and appreciative of Jack's brand of boot camp. Was I submissive? Oh, my! He had what he wanted and the idea here is to take my submissive attitude all the way to our vacation. He has never read anything at all about any kind of boot camp. His boot camp  never accelerated into stronger, harsher spankings. His spankings were firm, steady and yes, they hurt. What resulted was time to think about many things: having a sense of submission and leaning into what Jack wants. I had plenty of time to think, a whole, long summer afternoon. I am amazed at what Jack did. He did a boot camp Jack-style. I learned a great deal. Being submissive and taking that feeling and action with me on our vacation was my goal.

An afternoon of boot camp-Jack's style was one of the best afternoons of my life. I was in heaven even though I was sore and my bottom very red.

So was I submissive on vacation leaning into what Jack wanted?

So what happened while on vacation? Stay tuned!



  1. that was so cute,,,WELCOME HOME


  2. Jack knows just what to do and his love for you is very apparent. I can't wait to hear more. Amyee

  3. Definitely a military man - stern and loving.

  4. Welcome home Meredith and Jack!! I hope you both had a fantastic anniversary trip :) I'm so glad you had that amazing connection prior to your trip, I think that makes such a huge difference. Glad Jack took to boot camp idea and made it into his own. R is thinking about doing a boot camp this summer, but that idea still makes me cringe..brings back military boot camp memories LOL. The Jack kind of boot camp doesn't seem too bad at all though ;) Glad you're home, can't wait to get caught up!


  5. Jack is sure a guy of great style all his own. What a perfect "boot camp" for the two of you. So glad you're home safely.

  6. Hey Meredith...looks like Jack's style of boot camp agrees with you. Boot camp should be different for everyone based on what is best for the couple and their marriage...Jack is a smart guy. ;) Looking forward to reading more about your vacation. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Glad to hear you and Jack are back and there was no need for the paddle to travel with you! Sounds as though he had this perfectly planned out prior to your leaving so that all was well while you were away. Jack is a creative man, and well.... military people do what they have to when they have to. I loved the creative part of his boot camp. It is after all making it what will work for both of you. Glad to hear it all turned out well.

  8. Ahhh..a perfect way to start a perfect man.
    hugs abby

  9. A mom's dream... to be told to stay in bed and "think" for the afternoon. With so much to do it was probably challenging though. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip:)

  10. Such good advice to the rest of us! I can't think why I missed this post. It would suit us down to the ground. Next time we plan a holiday I shall pass this to Dan for him to read.


  11. He knew exactly what you (and he) needed and then he set forth making it happen. I love how he just forges his own path, his own style of ttwd and it's obviously working perfectly for you both!

  12. I love this Mere!
    Your Jack is so wise - I think we all can learn from his preparation methods. Planning and talking ahead of time for travel or any upcoming possibly stressful situation is a fantastic idea - and can save us from any ugly or tense moments, which could spoil a wonderful time.
    I'm so happy for you!