Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jack, Meredith's Peacekeeper

Isn't she lovely standing there in that elegant dress.......... showing off her lovely backside!
Things are going well for Jack and me, but not that well!

Like all married couple, we have skirmishes over the little things that can be annoying. Being on time comes to mind. Jack is waiting in the car and I think of four more things to do before joining him. Things can get real uncomfortable in that car quickly. Being online emailing causes uncomfortable glares from Jack. I know because I am on the receiving end of those glances.  The little things do add up and eventually lead right to my bottom unless Jack uses a different approach.

Jack has developed a good way to turn things around even before things are too far gone. He loves preventative spankings. He calls it "keeping the peace" and making things smooth. He even calls himself "the peacekeeper." He calls it reaffirmation spankings. He preempts my brewing negative moods, my feisty sass and my distancing. So I thought I would share the way things are around here now:

A Come-Here-Spanking

I am on one side of the kitchen counter and Jack is on the other. He says to come to him so we can talk. I know just what he has in mind. I shake my head and the stand-off continues. Finally, I go knowing he will spank right there in the kitchen. The argument that was brewing is over, right over my sore bottom in the late afternoon.

Keeping The Peace Spanking

That is not what we are going to do Jack tells me on the way home. We are doing this my way and just to help you know that, I am spanking when we get home. I want to make my point of view clear and keep the peace. Home we go, and Jack takes me over his knee, paddling me so that he can keep the peace. Really??

Afternoon Delight Spanking

Jack and I are under the covers "napping." He finds my backside and flips back the covers and spanks with his big hand. I am laughing and so is he and soon all the laughing stops and we move on to other activities.

 A Let Me Spank Now So This Doesn't Get More Serious Spanking

Jack is quick to spank to just plain keep the peace. I become mellow and sweet.

A Meet Me in The Closet Spanking

Those closet spankings can sting like crazy and then there are all those belts hanging within reach. Those spankings usually end with us laughing, but occasionally, I get upset and then he takes me right into the bedroom as things get more seriousness.

By The Side Of The Road Spanking

Pure fantasy for me and Jack gave me three of those spankings on the side of several country roads during  our recent road trips. He loves the results: radiant, settled wife, peace and harmony a plenty.

Who is the HoH Around Here Spanking

Jack loves this spanking because throughout the spanking, he talks about who is in charge and who is not. I listen as best I can, just trying to hold still as he paddles away. However, afterwards I melt into his arms knowing how very good all this is for us. Things often go elsewhere then and that is always a good thing. Right?

Jack's Personal Favorite   Good Girl Spanking

That one goes something like this: Come here; I am going to give you a "Good Girl" spanking, just to keep things that way!

Using The Language of Ttwd/dd To Calm A Situation And No Bottom Is Paddled! 

Sometimes Jack just talks. He might be driving, or holding me in his arms, or we're sitting face to face in our favorite talking place with me on the basset and Jack in his big chair. We might be returning from being away. Jack's talking is the same as a good spanking. He talks the language that all spanked wives know: how things need to be and what will happen if things do not change. You all know what I mean and know how this can settle you down. Right?

To be a spanked wife takes courage, a sense of humor and a lot of submission. Ttwd/dd works well for us. I feel that in the year we have been doing this. I have changed, becoming more respectful and submissive. Jack relishes leading his family. We are the happiest we have ever been.

Thanks, L.



  1. Happy you folks have found your niche.

    Happy Mother's Day

  2. HI Meredith, so glad things are going so well for you both
    love Jan,xx

  3. Meredith,love this post and really love the pictures you have picked out,,thank you


  4. You are absolutely right. Glad that you and Jack are finding your way. Nothing about this new relationship is easy, except for the results

  5. Meredith... Once again you have so eloguently stated how wonderful this lifestyle can be. Peacekeeper is the percect way to state the underlying purpose of what is to be acieved. I am happy that you and Jack have survived this journey and see the beauty of the results despite challenging times.

  6. Thanks for sharing Meredith...I have been on the receiving end of several of those types of spankings...they might have been called something else, but the definitions were definitely the same! LOL

    So happy you and Jack have found what works for you two. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. Totally love this post Mere!
    I love the way that you write - and I love the way that you and Jack communicate. I'm so happy that ttwd/dd is working and blessing your already wonderful marriage.

  8. Loving the post Mere!!
    I think a lot of wives can appreciate and have probably been on the receiving end of many of these kind of spankings! I'm happy for the two of you! yes, it's hard at times and the lows can be really low, but TTWD is so worth it, and the both of you are a testament to that!

    Lots of love,

  9. I can truly identify with you, Meredith, except for the roadside spankings - our roads always seem to have someone barrelling along at 60 mph! Even our country lane!

    However, I was smiling and nodding my head in agreement with them all!

    Many hugs

  10. lovely post. glad all is so well with you both :-)

  11. Beautiful, Meredith. I love the last picture! So happy for you and Jack.