Thursday, May 1, 2014

Explaining How I Feel

Blogland has been very quiet. I do not know why, but I do know why I have been so quiet. The blog has been on hiatus and I have enjoyed being behind the blog. 

I have plenty of time to blog, but the pull of blogland is just not there. I encouraged women to write to me and they did. I spend a portion of my day exchanging emails......... our personal experiences in 
ttwd/dd, our issues and concerns as wives making their way in this lifestyle. I love the exchanges, questions, comments and discussions with other wives. 

So what about blogging? I am writing this right now on the blog, but I am a part of the quiet here in blogland. When Jack and I began domestic discipline exactly one year ago this week, we were learning our way and spankings were plentiful. I did not blog about every spanking. Some are just too personal to share with the whole world. However, I do share behind the blog. As Jack and I continued dd through the summer and into the fall, something interesting happened. Domestic discipline was evolving into ttwd and dd was becoming gentler. I was learning to be respectful to my husband all the time and I was showing him my submission in many ways. He noticed and I loved it. Sure, I stumbled and dd would come roaring in with Jack's steady help and paddle. For the most part, our world centered on reaffirmation and good girl spankings. Slowly I had learned to follow my husband and listen to his authority. I have learned to honor his decisions and give up the control. I did not need to have the last word. These aare big steps for me. This hasn't been always easy for me.  Our life became smooth. peaceful and fun except for the stumbling. 

When I did mess up and I surely do, I would write my support group and feel their love, advice and words. They heard about the spankings that I just could not put on the blog. I found telling about them just too embarrassing. How once again, I had shown disrespect to my husband. So I have been behind the blog sharing, laughing and caring with the women who chose to email me. It has proved very satisfying, but makes for few blog entries. So that is where I am and if you want to write to me, my email is right there on the blog. I would love to hear from you, but tell a story about how I stumbled, no, not right now. 

The best part in all this ttwd is the way Jack and I feel about one another. We are not kids. How does a couple keep the love and passion alive? How does a couple live in harmony and peace after all these years? Ttwd has so made us love one another more. I melt into his arms after each spanking. I melt into his arms after one of our talks. It works and it works well for us. Our marriage has always been a good one and now it is a great one. Adding ttwd resulted in more touching, loving, you name it! A year of heaven, new friends and love.... oh, wait, there were a few spankings too.

Do you all understand? Can you hear what I am trying to say? Bloggers are expected to share the bad stuff in a public forum. It has become way too dicey for me to do that. Plus the dicey times have dwindled and that is a good thing!

Jack, on the other hand, wants to blog about his peacekeeping. He calls himself the peacekeeper. I told him gently that he might need to get his own blog.



  1. Hi Meredith, I am so glad that everything is going so well for you both. I often think I will never have anything to blog about as life just strolls on, so I understand how you feel. I think readers like to read about the good stuff though, not always the bad so don't disappear altogether
    love Jan,xx

  2. Beautiful post .... Happy 1 yr ... Keep writing the good :) ~s

  3. I love the good stuff, hearing that life is ok, meandering along with its usual ups and downs. I sometimes think somebody stumbling upon our blogs might think TTWD can't possibly work because they see perhaps one side of it all. I tried to write a balance of things, for my own sake, to show how things improve or simply change.

  4. Meredith,,,keep on writing ,,seekers need to be encouraged and they might not email you,but will read your blog,,,anyway your a good writer,so keep it up


  5. We have to do what's comfortable for us. Glad things are even better in your marriage.

  6. Mere, I loved this!

    You brought tears to my eyes and a big big smile. I loved your last paragraph about how you melt into Jack's arms - I love how you describe your marriage and your relationship - and how it's grown and evolved this past year. (a whole year already?!)

    Just know that your marriage - with all it's ups and downs - is a big encouragement to so many of us. Seeing you and Jack so much in love 'after all these years' gives us hope in a world where marriages are not always like that.

    Hearing how you both work through things is of great help. Nothing to be embarrassed about - we ALL stumble. But how you pick yourself back up - or let Jack pick you up - and keep going is so helpful, you know?

    I'm a lucky girl in that I get to talk with you 'behind the blog' ALL the time! But I STILL love your posts! And Jacks! So whatever you are comfortable sharing here, I hope that you still will.

    Love & hugs,

  7. Mere,
    Big hugs!! I know we've talked about this before, but this is your blog and you get to decide what you want and are comfortable writing about :) I want you to know that I'm here and many others are too when you stumble, but I love reading about the good times and the warm and fuzzies. I'm so glad I know where to go when I need advice or a hug!

    Happy 1 year anniversary!!! That year goes by quickly!


  8. Meredith, it's great to hear that things are going so well. I hope you do pop in once in a while to give us an update, but I totally understand.

  9. Meredith... Look how far the two of you have come in just one year. It is so wonderful to know this dynamic is effectual and that great things come to those that work for them. Yo are such an inspiration to those of us that need your guidance, wisdom, and support. I for one am so appreciative of your willingness to share of yourself. Congratulations on your first year of surviving all the trials and tribulations. For being willing to share the many ups and downs so we can learn. I understand that parts of this journey are very personal and that is the way it should be. The most important part is that you and Jack have grown and learned from one another. So maybe you don't blog as frequently, that's ok. We appreciate your willingness to share behind the scenes as you see fit. I know my time spent sharing concerns has always been met with open honesty and excellent support. Here's wishing you and Jack much happiness as you continue to move ahead this next year.

  10. Hey Meredith...happy everything is going well for you and Jack...happy anniversary. As far as the blog goes, you have to do what feels right for you. If Jack wants to blog, why not share this blog with him since it is already established with followers...we can always use more HoH POV. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  11. It's good to hear and see that things are going so well for you guys. It's a great feeling, a great place to be.
    Keep on blogging. If things are good, blog about it. If not - blog about it or not. We'll read whatever you write. :)

  12. First of all, I have to say I LOL'd at your "gentle" advisement that Jack get his own blot. Secondly, Congrats on doing this for a year!! And third, I love love love your blog and you know that. I'm so glad to follow along and see how you and Jack are doing. I treasure any blog that you write. Even more so, I am joyful that you have been there for me from the start.