Friday, May 30, 2014

I Love Cassie, Tom and PK!

Thank you, PK. I won a copy of her new book Cassie On the Move. Cassie and her Tom are on more adventures and I get to go along. If you haven't read the first two books in the Cassie and Tom collection, start there. I laugh and shake my head at their adventures. Pk is an excellent writer and I promised to write a review once I have enjoy this third sequel. My copy is already tucked away on my iPad to enjoy when Jack and I enjoy a little vacation.

Thank you, PK.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Problems Seem Bigger Than They Actually Are

Family........... Grrrrrrrr! I love them and they love me. Getting along is a different story. Sometimes problems come up that are not of my doing. I cannot fix it even though I want to try. My husband stands firm about any more involvement. I have been spanked for involvement before. I have been spanked for meddling before. The peace has been disrupted before. I see the solution so clearly, but I have been told to step back and leave things alone. It is hard to do when things are so obvious to me.

I am listening to my peacekeeper this time. I am breathing deeply. This isn't easy and I feel a little depression seeping in around the edges. Jack is right with me holding me, loving me and, yes, promising me attention to my backside if I do not listen.

When all else fails and I value the ability to sit comfortably, I do the smart thing, Send an email.... no! Make a phone call...... no! Make a drive to the parties involved...... no!

I take a long, hot bath and let the world go by!

How about you? What do you to when the problems seem so big and you can't fix what is wrong?


Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Icing On The Cake

Time has a way of galloping away and I am trying to get a hold of my time, but the clock keeps racing anyway. I thought I might share a day in our life, a regular day of two empty nesters who love one another and are using ttwd/gentle dd in how they live that life. That is a whole lot of words for here is a day in the life of Jack and Meredith............... three spankings, one ends in tears and two end with laughter.......... let's go!

We begin our day with coffee in bed and the windows open these warm spring days. The view is of the mountains, sky and trees.......... hot, frothy coffee and my laptop sitting next to Jack as he reads the news online. I read emails and take another sip of coffee. We talk over our day. Jack will golf and I am walking, meeting friends and shopping. We decide to meet at home in the late afternoon. For some reason, we both naturally head to the convergent zone known as our closet. I am getting on my exercise clothes and he is headed to the shower. We all know what happens in that closet. I am bare and he is at the ready. He loves his preventative spankings. He says they settle me and he is right.  I get a stand up spanking right there almost every single morning. Sometimes I have been known to fuss and twist a little too much. Jack then gets serious and the fussing and twisting stop and the hand spanking begins.

I prepare breakfast for both of us and then we are out the door. Errands, walking, coffee with friends occupy my morning.

Then in the afternoon Jack and I meet at home. I am excited about what I have done and want to share everything all at once. He wants to tell me about his golf game or friends he has met. I am talking right over him and not even noticing what I am doing. I am not listening and he knows it. I am interrupting continuously. He raises his voice and says stop, but I keep right on talking. He takes me in hand and we head upstairs. I am quiet real fast. He strips me down and over his knee I go. During the warm up, he says I am not one of the girls at coffee. When I am talking, he tells me, I want you to listen and be quiet. He told me what I was doing was very rude and disrespectful. Then he uses the paddle and he spanks about ten times and brings me up to talk. This intermission he calls his encouragement. He tells me he wants my respect and full attention. He wants me listening. At this point, I am real emotional and nod my head knowing well we are only halfway. Back over I go for round two. When the spanking is over, I am almost crying and so upset. He walks me into the master bath using paddle swatting to get me moving. We shower together and I melt into his arms and all is right in our world.

We move to the bed and that means a little afternoon delight. Right as things are getting really serious, I ask about his golf game. Everything just stops. He asks me to repeat what I had just said. I couldn't believe what I had just done! That man flipped me over and spanked me hard and fast and then we were both laughing and he sweetly went back to finishing the task at hand as we giggled some more.

I had been shopping for new summer things to wear on an upcoming vacation. Jack wanted a fashion show. As I modeled the things I bought, he smiled and told me how great my body looked and why hadn't I purchased more lingerie. That sweet man! Really, I have worked hard on a body that keeps growing older and I fight harder to keep things in shape. He sweetly acknowledges how hard I work and loves me anyway. He tells me I have a very spankable, cute bottom. Be still my heart.

We took hamburgers to the beach and watched the setting sun wrapped in a blanket. Very romantic and so us! Then home we came and we decided not to watch one lick of TV. We went to bed even before it was completely dark. The twilight here is long and we can see the stars coming out from our bed. I told Jack I was not sleepy and he put his hand on my bottom and said to breathe with him and we went right to sleep.

Such a wonderful day........... wait.......... three spankings! Empty nests have no protective barriers. There is good and bad in that statement. I am loved and I am spanked. And I have promised to do a better job of listening to my husband. Day is over, good night!

I am glad I know when I am happy!

Thanks, Ami for the title!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jack, Meredith's Peacekeeper

Isn't she lovely standing there in that elegant dress.......... showing off her lovely backside!
Things are going well for Jack and me, but not that well!

Like all married couple, we have skirmishes over the little things that can be annoying. Being on time comes to mind. Jack is waiting in the car and I think of four more things to do before joining him. Things can get real uncomfortable in that car quickly. Being online emailing causes uncomfortable glares from Jack. I know because I am on the receiving end of those glances.  The little things do add up and eventually lead right to my bottom unless Jack uses a different approach.

Jack has developed a good way to turn things around even before things are too far gone. He loves preventative spankings. He calls it "keeping the peace" and making things smooth. He even calls himself "the peacekeeper." He calls it reaffirmation spankings. He preempts my brewing negative moods, my feisty sass and my distancing. So I thought I would share the way things are around here now:

A Come-Here-Spanking

I am on one side of the kitchen counter and Jack is on the other. He says to come to him so we can talk. I know just what he has in mind. I shake my head and the stand-off continues. Finally, I go knowing he will spank right there in the kitchen. The argument that was brewing is over, right over my sore bottom in the late afternoon.

Keeping The Peace Spanking

That is not what we are going to do Jack tells me on the way home. We are doing this my way and just to help you know that, I am spanking when we get home. I want to make my point of view clear and keep the peace. Home we go, and Jack takes me over his knee, paddling me so that he can keep the peace. Really??

Afternoon Delight Spanking

Jack and I are under the covers "napping." He finds my backside and flips back the covers and spanks with his big hand. I am laughing and so is he and soon all the laughing stops and we move on to other activities.

 A Let Me Spank Now So This Doesn't Get More Serious Spanking

Jack is quick to spank to just plain keep the peace. I become mellow and sweet.

A Meet Me in The Closet Spanking

Those closet spankings can sting like crazy and then there are all those belts hanging within reach. Those spankings usually end with us laughing, but occasionally, I get upset and then he takes me right into the bedroom as things get more seriousness.

By The Side Of The Road Spanking

Pure fantasy for me and Jack gave me three of those spankings on the side of several country roads during  our recent road trips. He loves the results: radiant, settled wife, peace and harmony a plenty.

Who is the HoH Around Here Spanking

Jack loves this spanking because throughout the spanking, he talks about who is in charge and who is not. I listen as best I can, just trying to hold still as he paddles away. However, afterwards I melt into his arms knowing how very good all this is for us. Things often go elsewhere then and that is always a good thing. Right?

Jack's Personal Favorite   Good Girl Spanking

That one goes something like this: Come here; I am going to give you a "Good Girl" spanking, just to keep things that way!

Using The Language of Ttwd/dd To Calm A Situation And No Bottom Is Paddled! 

Sometimes Jack just talks. He might be driving, or holding me in his arms, or we're sitting face to face in our favorite talking place with me on the basset and Jack in his big chair. We might be returning from being away. Jack's talking is the same as a good spanking. He talks the language that all spanked wives know: how things need to be and what will happen if things do not change. You all know what I mean and know how this can settle you down. Right?

To be a spanked wife takes courage, a sense of humor and a lot of submission. Ttwd/dd works well for us. I feel that in the year we have been doing this. I have changed, becoming more respectful and submissive. Jack relishes leading his family. We are the happiest we have ever been.

Thanks, L.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dedicated To My Blog Assistant

I had been blogging for about three months when L wrote to me. She said she really liked my blog. She liked reading about Jack and me and she called my blog classy. That made us friends for life. She complimented me on the photos I used. I told her that the photos took a long time to find because I was picky which I guess is why she called the blog classy. She told me she liked my writing style and that pleased me a lot.

L asked if she could help. She would research photos and send them to me. I could disregard those I could not use and save the ones I really liked. So every morning when I open my laptop, her recent finds are waiting for me. We exchange emails once in awhile. We talk about the weather and our favorite football teams. For the most part, she is the researcher and I am the blogger. I feel very honored to have an assistant. So I decided to dedicate this post to my friend, L, my blog assistant. She has sent several photos which are just plain cute and sweet. So I have decided to share them with you in appreciation for her help.

Thank you,  L. Your research is very much appreciated. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Explaining How I Feel

Blogland has been very quiet. I do not know why, but I do know why I have been so quiet. The blog has been on hiatus and I have enjoyed being behind the blog. 

I have plenty of time to blog, but the pull of blogland is just not there. I encouraged women to write to me and they did. I spend a portion of my day exchanging emails......... our personal experiences in 
ttwd/dd, our issues and concerns as wives making their way in this lifestyle. I love the exchanges, questions, comments and discussions with other wives. 

So what about blogging? I am writing this right now on the blog, but I am a part of the quiet here in blogland. When Jack and I began domestic discipline exactly one year ago this week, we were learning our way and spankings were plentiful. I did not blog about every spanking. Some are just too personal to share with the whole world. However, I do share behind the blog. As Jack and I continued dd through the summer and into the fall, something interesting happened. Domestic discipline was evolving into ttwd and dd was becoming gentler. I was learning to be respectful to my husband all the time and I was showing him my submission in many ways. He noticed and I loved it. Sure, I stumbled and dd would come roaring in with Jack's steady help and paddle. For the most part, our world centered on reaffirmation and good girl spankings. Slowly I had learned to follow my husband and listen to his authority. I have learned to honor his decisions and give up the control. I did not need to have the last word. These aare big steps for me. This hasn't been always easy for me.  Our life became smooth. peaceful and fun except for the stumbling. 

When I did mess up and I surely do, I would write my support group and feel their love, advice and words. They heard about the spankings that I just could not put on the blog. I found telling about them just too embarrassing. How once again, I had shown disrespect to my husband. So I have been behind the blog sharing, laughing and caring with the women who chose to email me. It has proved very satisfying, but makes for few blog entries. So that is where I am and if you want to write to me, my email is right there on the blog. I would love to hear from you, but tell a story about how I stumbled, no, not right now. 

The best part in all this ttwd is the way Jack and I feel about one another. We are not kids. How does a couple keep the love and passion alive? How does a couple live in harmony and peace after all these years? Ttwd has so made us love one another more. I melt into his arms after each spanking. I melt into his arms after one of our talks. It works and it works well for us. Our marriage has always been a good one and now it is a great one. Adding ttwd resulted in more touching, loving, you name it! A year of heaven, new friends and love.... oh, wait, there were a few spankings too.

Do you all understand? Can you hear what I am trying to say? Bloggers are expected to share the bad stuff in a public forum. It has become way too dicey for me to do that. Plus the dicey times have dwindled and that is a good thing!

Jack, on the other hand, wants to blog about his peacekeeping. He calls himself the peacekeeper. I told him gently that he might need to get his own blog.