Monday, April 7, 2014

Your Invitation To Visit Behind My Blog

Hello, there! Please step up to the threshold and I will open the blog door just a little more. Readers, you do know that so much happens behind the blog. My blog is not yet a year old, and won't celebrate a birthday until the middle of June. So what goes on back here? Plenty!

When I decided to give my email address right there on the blog, I was not prepared for all the wonderful things that happened. Let me elaborate.

A sweet lady wrote to me sharing that my blog had real class and was set apart from the others she read. I thanked her only to have her offer to be my photo researcher. The photos pour in daily and I just love her attention to detail and sensuality in the photos she chooses to send to me. Plus she says she thinks Jack is very special. Imagine.... a blogger with a research assistant! Cool!

Many people have emailed and we have exchanged thoughts and advice. Now we have even moved on to phone calls and texting. We have exchanged real life photos and plans are in the works to meet.

Jack has become the giver of advice to several Hohs. Now that I find funny. With each passing day, he is becoming more of a spanko because as he says, he loves the results. Ouch!

Three emailers now have blogs of their own and we are all reading their journeys. I encouraged each of these women to share her own story and each became a blogger.

Many emailers ask their questions and are then gone. Some ask their questions and stay to exchange more. Those are the emailers I call my dear friends.

Of course, you all know that Cali and I met and enjoyed lunch and conversation with our husbands. That afternoon was wonderful. We are hoping for a repeat soon.

So what else is going on behind the blog? The blog only reveals half truths and some of our journey. I believe strongly that much of our journey is private and belongs first to Jack and me and then to the people who have emailed. The comment section on the blog is a  great place to leave feedback, but an email sent to me gives us much more privacy. Ttwd/dd deserves the best privacy.

So step back just a little. There are so many of you. If you want to know me better, the email address is right there.  So much is always happening behind the blog!



  1. M,
    I will never be able to thank you enough for opening your door to me. You are a special lady and Jack is a wonderful guy. My heart is always full when I think of you. Hugs and kisses to you, my friend.

  2. M... what can I really say? You opened the door for me at just exactly the right time. And while initially nervous and anxious, you very quickly put me at ease. You are honest, open and provide great support and feedback. You are truly appreciated for your kindness in an area that has a delicate balance at best. You are blessed with your wonderful Jack. The love between you to is very apparant. As with Maggie.. I think of you often and am touched. Thank you for giving of yourself.

  3. Your blog is classy, Meredith. You were the first person I emailed and I so appreciate it. I've met many other wonderful people through you. I hope to hear a lot more from you and Jack.

  4. Hey might only share part of your journey with Jack on your blog but what you do share is lovely. I enjoy reading here.

    Ooh...a research cool is that! :D

    Hugs and Blessings...

  5. I would agree, your blog is classy. It is great that you and your husband have been able to reach out and help others. I am enjoying your journey.

  6. I'm so glad you are helping as many people as you are! You are too sweet!!


  7. It's great the way ttwd/dd brings us together in this community. You seem to have found a real niche for helping others.

    sara :)

  8. Hi Meredith, your blog is classy and you do find the loveliest pictures, I am glad we email too. I love how everyone's blogs are so different to look at, reflecting our personalities I think
    love Jan.xx

  9. You know Mere,
    Who would have thought that a year ago you would not only begin your own journey in ttwd/dd - but also be the guiding light to so many others? (and Jack too!) I'm so glad that you decided to blog!

    And yes your blog is classy - but then, so are you. :)

  10. You do have a really great blog and a real knack for helping people. Can't believe you haven't been here for a year yet. It's almost as if you've always been here. :)

  11. Your blog is very classy ;) and it is wonderful that you have been able to get to know so many wonderful friends :)

  12. I enjoy your blog and it is wonderful you have been able to help others in this journey. I also have been fortunate to make friends starting w chatting, kik'ing, phone calls then eventually meeting. It has been an amazing experience to be able to meet others just like "us". We have become very good friends with several couples and it has been nothing short of wonderful. I feel so lucky who would have thought a year ago I would or "we" would be where we are today. I thank all the bloggers, chatters, and friends that have helped Lee & I with our journey.