Friday, April 25, 2014

Liebster Award!!!!

Thank you, Ami of Ami's Starsong for nominating me.  Here is a link to Ami's blog........ I will enjoy answering your questions, but not giving away who I really am. My blog has been on hiatus for a while as I ponder if I want to continue. Jack and I are fine. Yes, there have been spankings and we find ourselves moving more and more to ttwd and less dd. I find myself craving the privacy of doing ttwd without the eyes of the world intruding. I am very fortunate that many women have taken my encouragement to write to me. We share many experiences behind the blog supporting one another and becoming good friends.

Let's get  started. Here are the rules:

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3. Answer ii questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

5. Nominate 5 to 11 blogs you feel deserve this award, who have less that 1000 followers. (Note that you can ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display the widget that lets readers know this information.

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Here are Ami's questions for me:

1. If you could go back in history. which character would you like to be?

I would love to have been Dolly Madison who put the painting of George Washington under her skirt as she fled the White House during the War of 1812. I love our country's history and she was one daring woman.

2.  Do you sunbathe in the nude?

Jack may not like the truth telling here, but we do sunbathe in the nude in our private garden. Don't tell anyone. 

3. Do you prefer active holidays or are you a beach bum?

I prefer both. The Christmas with the living room all a mess from opening gifts and then Jack and I leaving the very next morning for a warm and sunny place. I just used to dream about doing just that, but now we make that dream a reality. 

4. If money were no object, where would you like to go on holiday?

If money were no object, I would like to go to India. I have been to many places in the world, but that country would be outside my comfort zone. Its beauty and people do fascinate me, but only from afar. 

5.  What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Jack makes a mean, delicious Cosmo, but an icy bottle of beer is delicious as well. 

6.  Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?

I would be spanked until the cows came home if I did that. NO!

7. Is there a secret little kink you would like to try out if you could summon up the courage to discuss it with your other half?

Oh, my! I have been spanked outdoors and in hotels. Perhaps a blindfold would be fun. However, I do like the way things are going right now. 

8.  What advice would you give someone who wanted to try out spanking, but was to nervous to ask?

Take a leap of faith! Love is at the center of ttwd/dd and peace and harmony are right around the corner. It takes courage to ask for what you think you need, but your partner will listen. In our marriage, ttwd/dd has made us more passionate, loving and peaceful, although not during the actual spanking!!!!

9. What is your favorite animal?

I love the gracefulness of elephants and giraffes when watching them up close and personal. 

10. Are you a lark" or an "owl"?

Poor Jack! I have always been a lark! Even in my college days, I was in bed early and up with the larks. Old habits are hard to change.......... I seldom sleep in! 

11. Do you speak a foreign language?

When traveling, I speak the language of good manners and always a smile and a thank you.  Eight years of French study was a long time ago. I can hold my own reading signs and menus, but that is about it. 

Eleven Random Things about Myself

1.  I have had dinner at the White House with the First Family.

2.  I love to water ski, but do not snow ski.

3.  I do not like to walk in wet grass ever and will always detour to avoid  doing so.

4.  I am dreadfully afraid of all snakes.  A real life phobia!!!

5.  Jack has taken over the cooking at our house and I am fine with that.

6.  I love the European tradition of having coffee and cake in the late afternoon, but am glad we Americans only seem to enjoy that treat when visiting. I try to keep my bottom trim and cake does not help.

7.  I am a good swimmer and love to dive.

8.  I have had up close and personal conversations with many famous people: Martha Stewart, Tom Ridge, John F Kennedy, Jr and Caroline Kennedy.

9.  I am a new football fan.

10.  I do not like Disneyland or Disney World at all. Too crowded, too many people!

11.  I am a literature reader, but since entering the world of ttwd/dd, I have not followed that genre of book, but love the ttwd/dd books. What has happened to me?

I nominate these bloggers:

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Here are their 11 questions:

1. Are you right or left handed?

2.  Do you dream about being spanked?

3.  How many states have you visited?

4. First thing in the morning, do you like coffee or tea?

5.  What is you least favorite vegetable?

6.  What is your favorite book of all time?

5.  Have you ever tried to talk your way out of a spanking?

7.  Name a place you never want to return to?

8.  Do you sleep in the nude?

9.  Are you a night owl or a morning lark?

10.  What is your best marriage advice?

11.  How does spanking work in your marriage?

I hope I have done this correctly!


  1. Loved your answers Meredith! And color me impressed. ;) Would love to hear more about your conversations with Martha Stewart and the Kennedys! Which first family were you lucky enough to enjoy dinner with? Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you do continue to blog but understandable if you choose not to.


  2. Thank you so much for joining in, Meredith. I loved your answers - somehow I knew they would be fun and interesting. So there really was a Martha Stewart - I thought people were pulling my leg when they repeatedly compare me with her!

    Very strange, but so far I have nominated two other LARKS. Am I psychic or what?

    Many hugs

  3. Meredith,please don't leave your blog,yours is the best I've read out of all the others,,it would be ashame if you did

  4. Amazing. Sounds like you travel a lot and have met a lot of interesting people. I'm curious too which First Family you have dined with. I would hate for you to quit blogging. I love your blog! Amyee

  5. Mere,
    It was so fun reading all your answers. There's still so much I am learning about you. :)

  6. Fun answers, Meredith! Thanks for sharing. I too used to read high-brow literature but my tastes have changed recently.

  7. Mere, I love your answers!! So much good info. And oh my gosh, thanks for nominating me! Guess this means I have to go over to my blog and post something. LOLOL. The past week has been crazy! Can't wait to answer your questions. Love ya, girl!

  8. Great answers, it's fun to learn more about you. I want to know how you got to meet the famous people and how you were able to eat at the White House. I would invite you to my house but we have nine snakes plus geckos, bearded dragons and hamsters.

  9. Sorry I have been MIA! But thank you so much for nominating me! I will get to this very soon!!!!

  10. Ugh, sorry mere..I just got home after a crazy trip back! I love your answers so much! I'm going to try and get to this today, if i feel a bit better! I missed you

    Big Hugs!!!

  11. Thank-you Meredith for sharing - it was fun to learn more about you. Hugs