Thursday, April 3, 2014

Do Your Eyes Light Up When He Enters The Room?

Mine do just that! They light up when Jack enters the room. The boy I fell in love with at age 17 now has lots of gray hair, but still a twinkle in his eye. I know his eyes still light when I enter the room.  We are two older married people who are still madly in love. Corny, but true! 

Enter ttwd/dd! There are times I can tell Jack's mood just by the look in his eyes. They tell me to tread lightly and sweetly. They can also declare when it is too late!  We, the wives of ttwd/dd marriages, know those husband eyes can show displeasure. We know that there are eyebrows attached to those telling eyes. Arched eyebrow! Trouble! Eyes are so revealing. Jack has the ability to direct situations using only his eyes. I know when things are going well and when they are not just by looking into his eyes. 

Can you read your husband's eyes? Can he read yours?

A sparkle in his eye tells me all is right in our world. Loving and sweet times follow. We, the wives of ttwd/dd marriages are familiar with taking these piecing eyes right to the bedroom. Heaven! 

Tell about your husband's eyes? Easy to read? Do your eyes light up when he walks in the room?



  1. Yes Meredith...when Matthew walked in to a room, my eyes lit up. I agree, I always knew where I stood and what his mood was just by looking at his eyes...he could really speak! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. They say a person's eyes are the window to their soul. So much can be said and unsaid just by looking into one another's eyes. I love the twinkle in hubby's eyes when he finds something amusing. When he is serious he has a very intense look to his eyes. When he is disappointed I can clearly see his emotions. And when the time comes for me to go over his lap, I can nearly read his thoughts and know this wil be as hard for him as it will be for me. Mostly though when I look him in the eyes, the love I see there simply melts my heart.

  3. HI Meredith, yes, he has lovely eyes of indeterminate colour. After thirty odd years of marriage I still don't know what colour they are really. I know what they are saying though, thankfully most of the time it is nice things
    love Jan.xx

  4. When I first met my husband (he also was 17), one of the things that set him apart from other guys.was his smile that lit up his whole face. His eyes told me he had a sincerity that lacked in others. Many years and cares later, I thought that light-up-his-whole-face smile had faded. Sure, he still smiled, but it just wasn't quite the same. Since dd has entered our relationship, I have seen that smile fully return. It's so good!

  5. Most definitely. My husband has the happiest eyes but it's his eyebrows I'm mostly looking at these days.

  6. Awe, such a sweet post Meredith!! Jack does have a sparkle in his eyes! I hope my eye light up when my H enters the room, I know his does. His eyes constantly change colors depending on what he's wearing, so I'm frequently looking at them and trying to determine the color :)


  7. Meredith,I find your postings always so nice and kind


  8. Yep, windows to the soul. One look can melt or set you on fire!

    sara :)

  9. I can always tell how he's doing by looking in his eyes. And after 18 years of marriage my eyes still light up when that man walks into a room. He can also still make me blush and giggle like a young girl, too!

  10. Awww - what a sweet post Mere!
    I love that you and Jack still light up for each other. And as for that twinkle, I've seen it - it's fantastic. :)
    And yes, I love my hubby's eyes too - they are beautiful and I just get all warm inside when I see them soften as he's looking at me.

  11. Very sweet! Every year that Ash and I have been together, our love has deepened and that shows in our faces when we look at each other :-)

  12. So lovely, Meredith. Dan and I still speak to each other with our eyes, after all the years we have been together. Sometimes words are unnecessary.

    I thought you might like the words of the first verse of this poem written in 1616 by Ben Jonson.

    "Drink to me only with thine eyes
    And I will pledge with mine,
    Or leave a kiss within the cup
    And I'll not ask for wine.
    The thirst that from the soul doth rise
    Doth ask a drink divine,
    But might I of Jove's nectar sip
    I would not change for thine."

    Many hugs

  13. His eyes are a window to his heart. My guy has a dry sense of humor and most people.look to me for help if he is joking or not. It cracks me up. I love to see the "I want to eat you up" look in his eyes!!! Its delicious. The your in for it look makes my bottom clinch and my stomach fill with dread. This was a fun post.... going to go find my man now. :)