Thursday, March 6, 2014

You Had Questions...... I Have Answers

Isn't this the cutest photo!!

When Jack and I married all those years ago, I did not say the word obey when we exchanged vows. We wrote our own vows. Even thinking about the photo above would have made me angry. I enjoyed playful spanks, but not discipline. As we made our way as a young married couple, Jack threatened to spank his young bride, and all those wooden spoons waited in the kitchen. It would be several decades before we began ttwd/dd/Stormy's dh. It is now ten months since we began and what a wonderful ten months it has been. We have known one another since we were both 17 and here we are, acting like we are just married, falling in love all over again.

You asked the questions................... I have the answers. I appreciate the 12 of you sweet readers who took the time to ask your question.

Es May wants to know what one piece of advice would I share to those considering dd?

Es May, the best advice I can give is communicate.  Ttwd/dd/dh is more about communicating than spanking. Jack and I are talking like never before in our long marriage. Yes, Jack spanks. The advice I can best give is to give this lifestyle time to develop. When we started, I was spanked often and became really discouraged. What did Jack to? He talked to me, encouraged me, held me close and continued to talk. 

Leah wants to know what made me look into this lifestyle.

Leah, we had taken an early retirement and we were both having a little trouble working together. In our work life,  we led very independent lives. Now together a great deal, we bumped into one another and were not working together. as well as we might.  I was searching for the magic we once had. While on  a sun break, I googled spanking and there was a photo. I clicked on the photo and the link took me to Clint and Chelsea's site. I was dumbfounded, but knew instantly that this was the answer to a smooth life with Jack. I wrote a Saturday story for their blog about the sun break that changed our marriage. I did not want to lead and wanted to follow Jack's leadership. I made my presentation to Jack and he said yes! We were both amazed by what happened next. 

Clara asks what has changed that was unexpected.

Clara, the most amazing things happened. Over and over again, we felt like we were falling in love all over again just like when we were kids. We were touching one another all day. When spanking, Jack never hesitated in lecturing and giving me a spanking. He always followed through and loved me afterwards with great sweetness. He always talked to me in the car about ttwd/dd/dh. Eyes forward and his hand on my leg. His tenderness was over the top. Jack says we are having fun, but he's not the one being spanked!!!

Catherine asks how do we know this lifestyle is for us and how determined are we at making it work.

I know this lifestyle is for us because we are so very happy. We are not arguing. Catherine, it is working for us because we put so much communication into making it work. We are laughing, touching, supporting one another. Jack is leading and he relishes his role. I love following and have become comfortable when I stumble. I submit to a spanking because I promised I would. We do a reset and move on. Because I know Jack has the authority to spank, I become submissive. He loves that and I like his compliments. That's why our dd is now so gentle. I mean by that that I am seldom spanked for disrespect, but I am spanked nearly everyday gg style. 

Jan wants to know if we are doing ttwd/gentle dd, how often am I spanked and what is Jack using.

Jan,  I am given gg spankings often and am occasionally spanked for disrespect. Jack uses his hand and his trusty paddle. I do not like the paddle, but I suppose that is the point. The paddle stings and even with a warm up, I have a hard time holding still. 

Cat and Rednakedy want to know about implements: favorites of mine and Jack and least favorite of ours and what has happened to Jack's belt?

Cat and Rednakedy, Jack used his belt this summer. I was all right with it, but he reaches for the paddle and I have no say in what he chooses. We both like when he uses his hand. A hand spanking feels best for us. The paddle comes out when it is a more serious spanking.  I still have a hard time taking the paddle.  The sting is hard to take, and Jack makes sure I feel that sting.

Cathy had a question for Jack. She wants to know how ttwd/dd is working for him.

Cathy, I asked Jack your question and he smiled. He said it has been so interesting and not at all tough for him to paddle me. I told him that he isn't the one getting spanked and he said that was accurate. Then he smiled again.

Jennelle asks do I think ttwd/dd would have worked earlier in our marriage and what is  my all time favorite vacation.

Jennelle, I do not have any regrets, but one in my life. I regret that we did not begin this lifestyle earlier. However the internet took me to a supportive blog community and made possible approaching Jack. Things happen in the right time for the right reason. 

Jennelle, the best vacation was the one this fall with all those wild animals. That vacation took us to a new and exciting world. 

Anonymous writes that she and her husband are celebrating anniversary #50. Hooray for the two of you! She wants to know what happens when Jack makes a mistake. Does he get spanked?

In my dreams, Jack gets spanked, but he is so darn even keeled that he seldom crosses the line I am always skipping over. I am the sassy one who talks back and interrupts. I am the one who is emotional. So I am the one who earns the spanking. 

Email me if you have any questions about this lifestyle. We started after many years of marriage and it is working very well. My email is

And a big Happy Anniversary # 50 to both you and your husband!

Leah asks when will Jack write another post?

Leah, I am not sure when he will, but when he feels the time is right, he will write. He will often say that he needs to give me something to blog about. HA!

Terps, thank you for your kind comment. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Your last two posts have been so delicious.

Thank you for the photos, L.



  1. Meredith,,thank you for your answers


  2. The word submission and the word obedience were nowhere to be found in our wedding vows. Those ideas horrified me when we got married!

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers here Meredith! :) So glad that you and Jack have found your way and are happy! A pretty cool thing to be taken back to that time as though falling in love all over again and enjoying each other so much! Enjoy and thanks so much for sharing! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  4. These are great! Thanks, Meredith and Jack.

  5. Love, Loved it!! great answer Meredith and Jack


  6. Thank you (and Jack!!) for those great answers! I loved reading them all.

  7. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. Both you and Jack set a great example of what can happen with consistency, dedication and... communication. I have learned much from following your posts, and appreciate when Jack chooses to leave his perspective. Glad things are smooth right now, and hope they will stay that way.

  8. Hey Meredith and Jack...thanks for all your wonderful answers and for sharing your lovely journey with us.


  9. Thanks for sharing, it's nice getting to know you better :)

  10. Hi Meredith, I am glad you are both so happy, great answers
    love Jan.xx

  11. Great answers. :). And glad that you guys are so happy in love again.

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  12. These were so lovely to read Meredith. Isn't it great how DD has helped so much and to feel those feelings of love again. <3


  13. Meridith,
    Loved this post, Lee and I had been married decades before starting this we have been "practicing" about 10 months. He did sp*** me once when we were dating. Then never again until we started. I almost wish he would have continued, but I guess this all started at the right time for us, as it has made us much more close, loving, and like we are on our honeymoon or kids again. I didn't have obey in our vows either LOL!

  14. wonderful answers to great questions :-) Hugs