Monday, March 31, 2014

Submission From My Heart

I have a sitting spot. I sit on Jack's ottoman in front of his chair facing him. What happens there? Sometimes it is a hot seat where I am grilled about lots of things. Jack sits in the chair and I sit in facing him. He talks and I listen. I talk and he listens. He asks the questions and I had better have the answers. We talk over many things using that seating arrangement: plans, itinerary for travel, dinner plans, errands, things going well and things going not so well. My spot can be a welcoming place or a hot seat. I feel comfortable and uncomfortable depending on the circumstances. Jack places both his legs on either side of me. There is no escape. Sometimes I do not want to escape. I am pinned in to receive lots of kisses and cuddles. Sometimes I am pinned in to receive a lecture of the way things need to change and why. This special place has become the spot when we decide important decisions.  We do a lot of talking right there.

Sometimes decisions are made right there that please me. Sometimes decisions made there are not so fun. He makes his decisions about spanking right there all calm and wise. I sit right there locked into his leg vise and his gaze and try to breath deeply taking in the decision he has made.

I call this spot my safe place. I feel secure each time Jack makes a decision. Sometimes the decision is not in my favor and I feel the submission in my heart. Sometimes it is hard when Jack says, "Let's go" and he points upstairs. We walk together and he holds my hand. We both know what is going to happen next. After leaving the sitting spot, we each know our place upstairs.

Submission is essential. Even when I have disagreed with his decision,  I submit because he is the leader in our family and when we began ttwd/dd, I promised to do so even when it is hard.

Submission from my heart is my gift to Jack. My sitting spot is a safe, sure spot right in front of the man I love.

Do you have a sitting spot? Where is your special place to talk with your HoH?



  1. I love this post Mere!

    For me and my hubby, we usually sit at opposite ends of our bed (we have a headboard and a footboard) so we'll be stretched out with lots of pillows behind us but facing each other. I really like it - it's much better/easier for me than in his office.

    ♥ Cali

  2. Ah.....a sitting place. I like that. We actually have lots of sitting places, but I think we are due a special one. We'll have to work on that. Thank you, Meredith, for this beautiful post. And thank you for showing what true submission looks like in real life.

  3. Oh, this post is so lovely! The Big Guy and I were just talking about my submission last night and how it was something I really needed and wanted to do for him. I told him that no matter what decision he made, even if it was one I didn't necessarily agree with, that I would back him, because that is what he needs as an HoH.

    We don't really have a sitting spot....more like a laying spot, lol. We tend to have many of our discussions in our bed, as that is the time we get to see each other without the kids. It is amazing, sometimes, the vulnerability that can come out in the dark...and the security of the arms around you that are a balm to the soul.

  4. This post was beautifully written and thought provoking. We don't really have a "special" place we talk. We might after this though. We too, find ourselves talking in bed, usually I am craddled in his arms, I find it hard sometimes to have face to face discussions about hard issues. Here, I feel safe,secured and loved, when I need to be heard. Of course, there are those other tough discussions, where his hand is doing the talking. Either way, once it is all done, the issue or issues have been resolved.

  5. We don't have a specific spot, but usually I am right next to him, under him arm, our under the paddle :-)

  6. What a beautiful post Meredith. My particular spot with Matthew was in his lap...all of our serious conversations...good and not so good...were all with me in his lap and his arms around me...that was my safe place.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  7. This is such a good post Meredith. I loved reading about your safe place with Jack. SM and I don't really have specific place but now you have me wanting one :)


  8. Hi Meredith, nice post, we don't have a special place, it happens wherever we are
    love Jan.xx

  9. I never thought about having a sitting spot. At first I thought your post was going to be about your sit spot on your bottom. t is nice to have a safe place to talk and feel submissive. Great idea

  10. Great post Meredith! I'm glad you both have a special place to talk and feel safe. I glad it's a space where you can feel your submission.