Friday, March 28, 2014

Sixteen Hours In The Car With Jack

We began the last leg of our journey home very early in the morning. Up early and stopping at a Starbucks, Jack and I were more than ready to beat feet home. The freeway was wide open until big trucks weaved in and about. Then the rain started and kept pace with our driving. Where we went, the rain followed. 

Inside the car, things would get interesting and a spanking would be earned. Every emotion was felt because 16 hours is a long time in a car with your HoH. Let me share the ride:

1. We drove more than 850 miles. 

2. The weather was interesting: sunshine, wind, sideways rain, sleet, rainbows

3. Half the ride was in the dark. 

4. I was Jack's co-pilot feeding him jelly beans and other taste treats.

5. We played word games: A is for Alabama, B is for Boston naming all the places we have ever     been. 

6. We stopped for lunch and ate Five Guy hamburgers which are a favorite for us.

7. We stopped three more times at Starbucks.

8. Jack napped at a rest stop.

9. I did text Cali and she kept me company for a while, but not for the long haul! 

10. We talked about everything under the sun: ttwd/dd, when we first met, when we were first married, taking ttwd/dd into the future, our favorite movies, places and on and on! 

11. We saw many new born lambs and plenty of crazy drivers. 

12. We listened to my music and then we listened to Jack's. Mine was much better.

13. We stopped at an Ikea for dinner and shopping.

14. We went to a little town's Dairy Queen for chocolate dip cones. 

15. Jack kept his hand on my thigh. He likes when I have on my little sundress, but as the weather became chilly, I changed into jeans and that's when things began to go wrong in the car.

Then darkness fell and things got dicey. The rain pelted the car and the trucks swept by. I began slowly and respectively telling Jack that we needed to stop driving and spend the night in a hotel. He told me that we would sleep in our own bed tonight. He would go on. The rain and wind continued and he drove into the night. I was anxious as I could see he was tired. He is an excellent driver and has stamina in situations like this. He told me to take a nap and I said no, I was his co-pilot. He told me to be quiet and watchful. We still had three more hours to drive until we were in that bed! 

I began to argue with my husband telling him that I knew best. He told me to stop badgering and be supportive. Badgering? The sweetest badger I know is the main character in the children's books. He is named Francis and he loves bread and jam.

I was not sweet and there was no bread and jam in our car. Finally he said I was not respecting his authority and he would deal with me once we were home. I could tell he was not happy as I continued to say that the smart thing to do would be to pull over and stay in the nearest hotel.

I know I was in the wrong, but I wanted to be safe. The circumstances seemed right for something wrong to happen. In the end, we arrived home safely. Jack tucked me in bed and unpacked the car. I slept soundly. The next morning, Jack took care of his disrespectful wife, soundly and painfully.

I learned something. I learned to always trust my husband. To support him and be his co-pilot are much more important than badgering him to do what I think is best.

Sixteen hours in the car with Jack played out so many emotions. We laughed, talked quietly, ate junk food and listening to music we both love. The bottom line was my bottom paying the price for  my

I did apologize to Jack and thanked him for his excellent driving skills. I thanked him for getting us home safely. The sixteen hour drive proved to be a long and winding road that brought us home.



  1. Sixteen hours is a really long time together alone in the car with anybody, let alone your HoH, lol. DH always has to stop at Starbucks first, and I can usually always get a smile on his face by promising him more down the road....
    Glad you made it home safe!

  2. Good thing we didn't practice DD in our earlier stages of marriage. We couldn't last more than two hours without getting into a major argument. (usually we were heading to his mother's house). Glad your long drive is over and all is well at your house

  3. Loved this Meredith. We haven't spent 16 hours in the car in one stretch since we started on this journey. I am pretty certain we would have ended up in a similar circumstance. I am much like you in a situation such as you described. It would take a lot toconvince me that I ws not right in this type of situation. Anyway.. sounds like you both had a wonderful time which was the important part, sorry the ending turned out painful for you, but hey.. live and learn right?

  4. Hi Meredith, oops a daisy, should have kept quiet there for just a bit longer. It is really hard in the car though isn't it? My husband drives for a living and still I moan and criticize him now and again. I am a hopeless passenger and actually an even worse driver so I should know better. 16 hours is a really long time though, glad you are home safe now
    love Jan.xx

  5. I know it was a long and grueling day for both of you - especially since the day before you had already had had a long drive (not to mention that 4 hour delay!) It's so hard to not put your 'two cents in' when you both have different thoughts on how to go about doing / accomplishing something.

    But what I'm happy about Mere, is the place of peace that you and Jack immediately got to the next day. Isn't ttwd wonderful for getting rid of all that yucky stuff, wiping the slate clean, and letting you both get back to where you want to be? In each others's arms and good with each other.

    I'm sure that most of us wives have struggled with this many many times - for me it's when we are in the airport.....I can really stress my hubby out there :/ But it's good to keep in mind that while we want to help our hubbies, we really do need to show them that we trust them. It's awesome that we can encourage and remind each other of these things.

    I'm so glad that you are safely home, and in your own bed!


    btw - I loved Francis too!! She's an adorable badger! ;)

  6. I would have been the badger too and Ray would be just like Jack.
    Different outcomes though.

  7. Glad you got home safe! Sixteen hours is a berry long time indeed to be in a car with your hoh :-)

  8. There was one time when The Big Guy drove home from Florida for a straight 18 hours. I know from experience those can be rough rides by the end! So sorry that your bottom felt the proof of that after all was said and done. TBG was a truck driver for a long time, so I know he can do those long drives, but I STILL get nervous and will double and triple-check him a lot, which really annoys him. Sometimes it's just better to let them go, and just stay awake to keep them company. Such a hard lesson to learn, though!

  9. Glad you made it home safely! We might be taking a sixteen hour trip of our own next year. I will try to keep this post in mind when we do :)

    sara :)

  10. My kids and I love the Frances books too - great illustrations.

    I guess my submission doesn't extend to situations I feel are dangerous. If I feel like we need to pull over, I'll keep at it until we do, though this is a good reminder to do so respectfully. I'm glad you made it home safely.

  11. I love bread and jam for Francis! :-) Okay, back to your drive...I am glad that you learned to trust in the end. I can see that any length drive would create some push and pull. Glad you both found your way home safe and sound. :-)

  12. Got anxiety just thinking abt the dark rainy car ride. I'd have a lot of trouble keeping my mouth shut. OYYY.