Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do You Have Any Questions?

March comes in like a lion and the weather around here is roaring! Cold, wet, windy, has anyone seen any signs of spring?

Now as I understand things around blogland, it is your turn to ask me questions. Right? March is declared question asking month. You ask and I will respond.

I have pulled back a little here in blogland. Our ttwd/gentle dd/dh is mostly smooth and calm right now. Jack finds that regular gg spankings work best for us and those spankings keep me from crossing that line or filling up his score card.

So I turn over the blog to you, the readers. Ask a question or two and I will respond.
I think that this just might be fun. What is on your mind?

Here is something to think about............. when I asked the lurkers to email me if they were interested in ttwd/dd, many readers did just that. Today three of the people who emailed me have blogs, and great blogs, too. Other people who emailed have become my blog friends.

So now it is your turn to ask me a question or two. I will respond with a blog post dedicated to answering your questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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  2. Okay's been a while since your first meeting with Jack's belt so how do you feel about it now? What is your 'favorite' implement? What is your most hated implement? What is Jack's favorite and least favorite implements?


  3. Hi Meredith, so now things have settled into a gentle form of ttwd, how often do you get spanked and what with usually?
    love Jan.xx

  4. Is there anything that has changed for you that you wouldn't have expected since introducing ttwd? Everyone talks about feeling more connected and experiencing better sex...I'm wondering if there's something other than those things. Anything you just started noticing that you didn't expect.

  5. Meredith,what made you first look into this lifestyle ?


  6. Hey, Meredith. :)

    My question would be, learning all you have so far, if you could only pass along one piece of advice to anyone starting out in DD, or considering it, what would it be?

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  7. My question is this: How do you not feel guilty for asking for this lifestyle from Jack, particularly when life's issues get in the way, you know he is tired ect. You don't want to be a burden after all...

  8. Similar to Cat's questions but not quite the same...what is your most painful implement? Most unusual implement? Most creative implement?

  9. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. I can't see this occurring in my house, but I certainly find it intriguing. My question, what happens when Jack does something wrong? Does someone punish him.
    Thank you for your blog.
    My husband and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.

  10. Okay Mere, I took a little bit to think of some questions....
    1. Do you think DD would've worked at an earlier time in your marriage?
    2. What has been your absolute favorite vacation of all time?


  11. Hi, I am afraid I am not very good at thinking of questions to ask. However, I will look forward to reading your answers to other people's questions. It is always fun to learn more about friends here in Blogland. :-) Hugs

  12. Hi Mere, you've answered so many of my questions that I don't know what to ask! But, mine was the same vein as Janelle: do you think DD would have worked earlier in your marriage? Can I ask Jack a question? I'm wondering how he feels with the way TTWD is working lately - I know you've been in a nice pattern. Was it tough for him (and you) to make it to this point?

  13. I want to ask Jack when he's going to write another post.

  14. Yes... I,too, would like to hear from Jack. Not that Meredith doesn't do a great job all on her own. So... Jack: did you ever or have you ever felt it was a burden to you to begin and maintain this lifestyle? How do you feel about it when life‘s issues get in the way and maybe your on overload? For me, I just feel it can be one more thing that could make things harder for my hubby that he does not deserve to deal with. How do you respond if Meredith has mixed feelings about the situation? Maybe one day she feels and agrees to a punishment but another day with the same circumstances suddenly has the urge to not cooperate? Ok... I have used up more than my share of questions. Just really wouldlike to hear some feedback from an HOH standpoint. Thank you both.

  15. Do you have a favorite movie?
    Craziest place you and your hubby have gotten down to business?
    Your biggest hurdle in DD when you first began?