Saturday, March 1, 2014

Boy Howdy....... Honoring Stormy

Do you know my good friend Stormy? She is a dear friend that I will never meet, but she has taught me many things. Before I share what she has taught me, let me tell you a little about her. I became acquainted with her when I jumped in and read over 400 posts she has written about her domestic discipline journey. She and her hubby, the Ogre, call it domestic harmony.  It is decision time for her concerning her beloved blog. Her blog is called Shelter In The Storm. Will she leave blogging or will she continue to write about her journey. She is still deciding and the best friend she has never met is keeping her fingers crossed that she will stay with us.

I find myself laughing, crying, cheering and shaking my head in disbelief when I read her posts. Her domestic harmony is often bumpy and rocky.When she dropped the Ogre's belt out the moving car window as hubby looked for a rural, isolated place to spank her, my eyes bugged out of the sockets. I shook my head in complete disbelief. She did live to tell the tale.

What I have learned from Stormy

Never use the word whatever when speaking with the HoH
Never use the word helloooooooo when speaking with the HoH
Never put your fingers in your ears when listening to the HoH
Never talk sassy when over the knee of the HoH
Never walk away when the HoH is speaking to you
Never use the hand signal for stop when the HoH is speaking
Never put your hands on your hips when speaking with the HoH.

Stormy's 30/70 plan works at our house.
Her 15 minute rule is a safeguard worthy of remembering.
It's all right to answer back, but only in your head so the HoH is no wiser.
Trust and submission go hand in hand.
Always submit to the HoH and never turn him down when he wants to make love
A belt makes a particular sound as it comes out of the loops on a pair of pants
There are many different kinds of spankings including the famous hellifino.

What I know and don't know about Stormy

I know she loves sexy panties, and she sashays with her pony tail swinging, but not on her way to the shed.

I know she hates to grocery shop, but leaves sweet notes in the sandwiches she makes for the Ogre.

I know the Ogre is good looking and strong, but what he does for a living is a mystery.

I know that it takes two cups of coffee to read her long post.

I know that she is a good secret keeper: no disclosures of where she lives, gender or names of her children, no mention of weather, vacation destinations

I know she is a fierce mother adamant that her kids see only the benefits of ttwd/dd.

What I love about Stormy and her blog

She knows how to report and yet not spill the beans that would endanger her security.

We know she has a shed and we all know what happens there.

We know what happens when Stormy says "dang".

She loves her husband and her marriage.

She loves her readers. She has over 400 followers!

She is a gifted, talented writer who always entertains her readers even though we cringe at hearing of another trip to the shed.

What I know for sure

Stormy is at a blogland crossroads now and, boy howdy, I am worried. She has been blogging for a long time. She probably is just plain tired. After writing over 400 posts, who wouldn't be tired! I find great empathy, guts, storytelling and inspiration in reading what she shares. I have read the comments on her latest post. Many tell her to stay; many tell her to leave up her blog, and many say, of course, the decision is hers to go or stay. Of course, it is her decision, but I am selfish. I want her to stay because I enjoy her writing, her stories, her insights and, well, her guts! She just plain weathers the storm of ttwd/dd and is better for it. We are better because we hear her story and apply her lessons to our own situations. Wives need to talk to other wives and I know that for sure.

So I am talking to you, Stormy, on behalf of all wives who need your strong, clear voice. Boy howdy, please stay!

With great respect and admiration,


  1. I love this post, just as much as I love Stormy. I learnt all those things too and I too selfishly don't want her to go. That's all please stay Stormy
    love Jan.xx

  2. Beautifully done, Meredith.

    Beth Elle

  3. Very nice tribute to an icon here in blogland.

    PS. They went to Sea World a couple of years ago.

  4. Meredith,,that was nice of you


  5. I certainly could not agree more with Meredith. She spoke exactly what was in my mind and heart, just said it better then I ever could. I shared with Stormy, that for my own well being, I am extremely selective on who I follow with regards to "blogs" and hers was one of the few. I so respect and admire her and the informatio she shares. I have already shed tears at the thought, and I only know her through blogland. Shows you what the power of words can really have. For selfish reasons... Stormy please don't go.

  6. It's always sad when a member of our community leaves us, especially one so loved. I hope for all our sakes that she stays, but I also hope she will make the right decision for herself and her marriage. Only she knows what that will be :-)

  7. Oh my holy heck! Oh BOY HOWDY. I can't even- wow. I can't express what this post means to me. I read it with smiles, tears, and giggles..and wondering how you could remember so much.

    Readers like you touch my life and I learn so much from you. You say you learn from me but its such a mutual relationship, reciprocal ..nearly symbiotic. This community is a beautiful thing- so supportive and understanding and open to one another's differences. I've always felt a misfit yet have been welcomed so warmly, it's hard to step away. To toss a warm cozy blanket off my back which has enveloped me and harbored me. Anchored me.

    Thank you so much for this post, Meredith. I shall skip around today rather than walk, and you have given me much to think about as I dance.

  8. Let's hope Stormy keeps blogging. It is always sad to see long time popular bloggers decide to leave our little community. Let's hope all the positive feedback she is getting helps to convince her to keep going.


  9. What a beautiful tribute to Stormy! Lovely writing, Mere - it made me laugh and sigh at the same time. Here's to hoping she stays in blogland

  10. I LOVE your post! You are so right, Stormy has helped me/us so very much, like u I have learned many things so many things from her blog. I have also read I believe every one of her posts. I am a lil selfish I don't mean to be I hope she keeps blogging, I learn so much from her and also enjoy it. I do understand she needs to do what makes her happy and I want her to be happy. O goodness I hope she doesn't go! Your tribute to her couldn't have been any better, what a great friend you are!

  11. I agree! We have learned so much from her and her ogre. I have only ever lurked over there, and still need to be anonymous. I hope she stays, but if she goes I will miss her hilarious and amazing posts.

  12. Aww Meredith...what a lovely tribute to an awesome lady. One other thing many have learned from Stormy...rolling eyes and saying "ya think" to your HoH are not advisable actions. LOL

    Selfishly, I hope Stormy leaves her blog up and continues to post now and then. Her writing style is so awesome!

    Thanks for the reminders. ;)


  13. Awesome post! Love your blog too!
    I love her too & hope she stays!

  14. Aww, your post made me smile and my heart warm. I do love her blog and hope she continues. Her blog teaches and entertains so many readers!