Friday, January 17, 2014

Pot Roast and The Spanking

Things continue to be smooth and mellow at Jack and Meredith's house. Jack is thrilled and loves being HoH. I keep wondering where I put my feistiness. I haven't seen it in a while. 

You need a little information before I share what happened last night. Jack has become an excellent cook. He often is online reading recipes, making lists of ingredients and planning our meals. What's not to love!

For Christmas, one of my gifts from Jack was a bottle of perfume in a lovely, new fragrance. I love to spray a little on before going to bed. What's not to love!

Jack and I had spent a great day each of us doing our own thing, but right along side one another. He made an excellent gourmet dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. What's not to love!

With fog and darkness swooping in, we decided to climb into bed a little on the early side to cuddle and talk. What's not to love!

Before bed, I put on some fragrance and climbed into bed. Jack came shortly and we cuddled and talked. Not a word about my new perfume! He turned me so we were spooning. He nuzzled my shoulder and had his hands busy elsewhere. I was quiet waiting for him to say something about the perfume. Instead, he said, nuzzling, that he was thinking about pot roast.

Silence and then I went ballistic.

I flipped over and started wrestling that man saying pot roast was not important, and what about my perfume. I went wild and he successfully caught my wrists and held me in place. I was steaming and not to be pacified. He was laughing trying hard to explain. Not quieting his wife, he flipped me over, bared my bottom and spanked me fast and hard. I quieted. He covered me and said he had just gotten a whiff of my perfume and he liked it. I started to kick and he warned me that another spanking could be arranged. More cuddling, more loving............. What's not to love?

Pot roast, perfume, spanking and a lot of laughing......... What's not to love?

Tonight's dinner will be pot roast and I am wearing my new perfume and my sexy short skirt. What's not to love?



  1. What's not to love is right! Sounds like such a great night :) I love that Jack cooks, and you clean. We do the same, it's so nice sharing responsibilities. I think I need a good pot roast recipe, I'm craving that now, and I'm sure Jack will look your sexy short skirt! Love, J

  2. I thought he was going to say you smelled like pot roast. That sounds like a great evening.

  3. Pot roast is a favorite in our house! Sounds like your going to have a wonderful night!

  4. Funny girl. I didn't know what to think when I read this! Glad you two had a fun evening. Spanking and pot roast, hmmm.... sounds good, oh and perfume too! lol


  5. Oh how lovely. Pot roast instead of perfume. Typically male.

    You make me smile so much because the times I spritz the bedroom before bedtime with my favourite fragrance, and not once does Dan mention it!

    Maybe I need a perfume labelled "Pot Roast"? Maybe we both do!


  6. pot roast, spanking, cuddling, laughter...sounds like a great combination :-) Hugs

  7. Nice post Meredith, I am glad life is going well for you two. It is very rare that hubby will comment on my perfume and when he does it always surprises me, gives me an instant lift :)
    love Jan.xx

  8. Well, Meredith, I'm certainly very worried about this bout of depression you seem to have. ;) ;) hehehe

    Oh Meredith, you sound so absolutely happy, and I love it. :) And don't worry about where the fiestiness has gone, it's okay that it's MIA. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  9. Cute post! But I really don't like those "flip and whip" spankings in bed. I have finally learned that I'm not "safe" after the lights are out lol.

    A man who loves to cook?!?! What's not to love :)

  10. We just had pot roast today for dinner, and I got a spanking last night, though not the fun kind. I enjoyed reading this post, Meredith. Made me smile :)