Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not For The Faint Of Heart

A month is a long time to go without the paddle. The last time Jack used the paddle was a month ago. Mellow has been my middle name. Smooth and easy, calm and sweet.......... then we hit a bump. Even keeled Jack was steady. I was in a funk about all the things we were doing that were taking away from what I wanted to do. Attitude was festering and I told Jack I did not like how we were using our time. Evening time was spent with a constant flow of friends and family through our home. Entertaining takes time and I wanted my time used for other things. I told him I was unhappy and he said toughen up. I said this and that and he said my attitude needed changing. I could change it or he would help me change it. I shrugged and walked away. The day continued, but my attitude remained the same........ grouchy, irritable, sassy and getting worse. Finally Jack had had enough. Upstairs we went and I was paddled. We did more talking with that paddle right on my backside. He talks and I answer. If my answers are not to his liking, he continues the spanking. Slowly we worked things out and it was over.

We have been doing RA spankings which we both think work well for us. However, this spanking was no RA. Sass and attitude build. Frustration with no time to talk things out festers. I know I was on a collision course with the paddle and I could not stop. The longer we went, the more the attitude crumbled.

Living ttwd/dd is hard and not for the faint of heart. Our gentle dd sometimes isn't so gentle. Sometimes I settle back and think of what we are doing. In many ways, we have fallen in love all over again. I have relinquished control and I have given Jack my submission. After this hard spanking, I know that I slipped and became a less than submissive wife. Jack literally stands back and watches. Then he simply takes care of things by pointing upstairs.

Bring back the mellow, smooth and easy. Things are sweet now. It always amazes me the benefits of a spanking once you get past the sting. Things are right in my world and I know I am loved.


  1. Oh Meredith... I am sorry things came to this point. It is hard when routine and life's issues get in the way and we become unbalanced and frustrated. Jack watched the whole thing unfold, even provided a warning. As always, he took action when it was apparent to him, perhaps not to you in the moment. I am beginning to see that sassiness and poor attitude will only provide me with a sore backside. Glad you can see past the painful discussion and all is right once again. That is the best part. Knowing he has you.

  2. Oops Meredith, had to happen really. We don't seem to be able to last long, any of us. At least you know that things will be okay until that road gets bumpy again. Sympathy for your poor rear end.
    love Jan.xx

  3. glad you feel loved and that you are back to smooth and mellow. Life always has its bumps but it is nice to have the security to know that love will eventually take over and bring you back to a serene place. :-) Hugs

  4. You're right, it's definitely not for the faint at heart!! It can be a bumpy road, but feeling and knowing you're loved is such a great thing!


  5. It's easy to get off course. So glad you and Jack reconnected.

  6. This could have been written about Dan and me. Except I suppose your paddle is a wooden one, and ours is leather.

    You might like to know that we had a similar "I thinks it's time to address this situation" this morning. At the time it was awful but afterwards I felt so much better. Like you, a constant flow of friends and family had thrown us out of kilter. Life just gets in the way some times.

    I'm glad to hear you are back in a good place once more.


  7. I'm not familiar with RA spankings, and yours is not the first one to talk about them. What are they? Are they similar to maintenance spankings?

    Yours is a situation I am trying to prepare myself for. This lifestyle was my idea, and right now I am still trying to help my husband adjust to his new role by gently nudging him into correcting behaviors, e.g. immediately pointing out a mistake I've made and apologizing for it. Part of me is anxiously awaiting the time when I start getting "the look", the spankings that "feel real", and for him to be assertive enough to initiate a correction all by himself, or even a warning when things are escalating.

    On the other hand, I know myself. I know that if I'm truly upset about something, I can dig my heels in very deep and be very confrontational. I am worried that I am going to be my own worst enemy and sabotage my own desires to have this kind of relationship.

    I am grateful to have blogs such as yours to read. It is so helpful to read about other experiences and challenges. I am trying to not be such a lurker, because I know how people appreciate comments to acknowledge the post, but even if I don't get to write every time, I am a loyal reader and I am so happy for the benefit of your insight. Thank you!

  8. Jj,
    Write me an email so we can talk behind the blog.

  9. Somehow I missed your post! Blogger is being very Grrr annoying to me lately!!! Anyway, glad that Jack was able to work through this with you and bring you back to your softer place. It's really a great place isn't it?

    hugs and love

  10. I am glad that things are good for you again. :) You didn't mention though if you guys were able to talk about you wanting to be less busy. Is that something that you aren't allowed to bring up now, or something that is only temporary? Whatever it is, I hope that you guys are able to work out a balance that is good for you, you to have more time with him, but also have time with family and friends like he's wanting.

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  11. Rog always tells me that life would get to boring if I stayed mellow and calm and I just make things a bit more exciting when I need to be taken care of! I think he just likes having a good reason to spanking me ;). But I'm glad your feeling better and hope you become less busy soon.

  12. I think we are all built the same way. I'm fine for awhile, then life gets in the way of fun, my attitude falters, I get a very hard paddling or belt, and afterwards, I'm happy and content again. I don't think I do it on purpose, just my cycle.

  13. It is what it is, and it works. Funny, isn't it.......we can't seem to explain it, but we know it's true.

    Glad you're feeling better again, Meredith :)