Sunday, January 26, 2014

Annoyed Jack, Spanked Meredith

Not this time!

I was in such big trouble. Jack was annoyed and for the first time since beginning ttwd/dd, I was given a chore with a deadline with a spanking consequence. In a stern voice, he told me that there would  no negotiations whatsoever. Where, oh, where was my mild mannered Jack? My easy going, even keeled husband?

Here's the story.................

I had a rough dental procedure and just came home and climbed into bed. While I rested, Jack hustled and bustled around our house. I could hear him growling and getting irritated.  When I rejoined the living, he asked to speak with me. Sure, what's up? I asked. He said he was fed up with the way my clothes took over............ hanging clothes in the laundry, the guest closet, our walk-in closet, my clothes just plain taking over. I shrugged and said I would eventually sort out our closet, but I have other things to do. I turned away and he swatted me. I guess our talk was not over. He said we would finish our talk tonight in bed. Yikes!

So with the lights out and his hand firmly on my bottom, he talked and I listened. He was done with me using all the hangers, taking over the closets, keeping clothes that I did not wear. I fussed and he spanked. He continued. Tomorrow before noon, I was to have the walk in closet completely organized, the laundry room emptied and clothes stacked to be given away. More spanks....... did I understand? I said yes, but I wanted my own timetable, and he said nope. We would be using his timetable. Did I understand?  If the closet was not organized by noon, we would have our next meeting there. I would be bare bottomed and he would have the paddle. Then he would go through my clothes together. I was not happy, but knew better than to protest.

Morning dawned and I believed that he would just forget those instructions, his promise to have a bare bottomed meeting with me concerning my clothes in the walk in closet. He had several errands to do. I had several things to do in the morning. I blew off his request. Yes, the closet needed my attention. I would just buy new hangers. I did empty the laundry room of my clothes and went about my day. I would get to the closet when I had the desire or the time.

When he returned, he was dumbfounded. I was reading blogs, feet up. He marched me upstairs and stripped the lower half of me and into the walk in closet we went. He had the paddle and he used it. Too many clothes, not following his request, sassy replies from me. Could not have been a worse situation! I continued to argue.......... with a bare bottom and a husband with his paddle! Not smart, people!

Closet tug-a-war

When I finally calmed down, he asked if I needed more and when I started to argue, I was spanked some more. Ugh!

Yes, I spent the afternoon in the closet, organizing, organizing, organizing. Jack insisted I was bare bottomed. This is the closest we have ever come to corner time........ closet time. He walked in several times with his paddle surveying the progress.

Maybe what tipped the scales was the hooks in the closet. Every hook........... my clothes! Four robes........ all mine! No room for his things. No hangers not in use. He seldom gets that upset with me. Being in the closet, bare and an implement so handy was not good.

The ordeal is over. The paddle is back in the dresser. Jack is happy with the way there is room for his clothes. I am thinking over what happened. My bottom is sore, my clothes are sorted and things are fine now. But this guy named Jack came on mighty strong and he had a paddle. Meredith argued while being spanked................ I have never pushed back like that! Never completely ignored what he wanted! Never really been spanked like that!  What is going on with me?



  1. It's probably the natural result of relaxing after the newness has worn off.

    Looks like his solution worked, even though it might have been reasonable to negotiate a bit on the timeline.

  2. Sounds like a couple of tough, painful days for you. Am sorry. I can relate to the closet situation, something I need to address, fortunately my hubby doesn't seem to mind . However.... he has asked for me to complete tasks, and when I shrug, say whatever, worse yet walk away, things do not end up well for me. There are times when what seems like the smallest thing can upset our men. They too, have a breaking point at which time we may pay the price whether we agree or not. They just expect immediate obedience. Glad you got things in order and Jack's paddle is once again safely tucked away.

  3. We seem to have the opposite problem here! SM's clothes are in every closet. He has hunting clothes, fishing clothes (yes they are different), casual work clothes, dress clothes, etc... I have barely any room! I don't even have an underwear drawer!!! My panties are in a wire basket on the floor of my closet!!!

    Sorry about my rant... anyway I am sorry you got a big spanking. Just to clarify... he made you be bare bottomed to clean out the closet? Oh my!!! That was closet/corner time.

    Hoping all is well now!

    love sara

    Oh, p.s. I snuck on here to read this and I got CAUGHT!!!

  4. Ray always says I'm like an amoeba, I keep spreading out. He's always on me about my stuff on the counters, in the closets and what not.

    Sorry you got caught in the net.

  5. Hey Meredith...are you sure you can't blame your behavior on the drugs you had for the procedure? ;)

    So sorry you got a sore bottom but hey...isn't it great to have all your clothes sorted? I sure do wish my closets were all cleared out and sorted.

    Oh and BTW...sass when HoH has a hand, paddle or any other weapon of m'ass destruction = not smart...just sayin'. LOL


  6. HI Meredith, you were definitely testing him there. We are lucky, We have separate wardrobes and mine is twice as big as his. I love it though . He built mine to my design inside so I have space for everything. I love swooshing open those sliding doors and there is everything just how I want it. I hope you have recovered from that nasty paddle, keep tidy!
    love Jan.xx

  7. Wow, Meredith! Ignoring Jack's instructions and reading blogs with your feet up? I can only think you were temporarily insane!

    Rosie x

  8. A little rebellion is bound to happen now and then, I know it does here, but I'm not too sure why. I guess sometimes you need to test those least you got a nice organized closet out of it!


  9. I agree with Anonymous, chock it up to temporary insanity/testing his will. Another first :) New can be good, but there is an adjustment period. Also, I HATE being asked if I need more. Even if I do, what woman in her right mind says yes when her bottom's on fire and the big meanie is still holding the paddle? A stronger woman than I, generally!

  10. I am sorry to hear you were spanked...hopefully things feel resolved now and you have the clean closet to show for it. hope the next spanking for fun... Hugs

  11. I think you just wanted to brag about the fact that over there you all have glorious walk-in closets!

    I do sympathise with the "clothing everywhere" syndrome though. It's only since retiring and doing a grand clear out of all unnecessary clothing that I realise I now have "space" in my wardrobes. Trouble is, I could now do with some new clothes.

    Sounded like a very long hard spanking. Glad it wasn't me. Glad we don't have a wooden paddle, too. The closet time sans culottes made me giggle. I would have frozen to death. Not a good idea arguing though. Put it down to the dental procedure. I would, of course, have pleaded insanity.

    Many hugs

  12. Oh the dreaded clean closet. I've gotten reprimanded over my clothes a few times, but my problem is more that I don't get the clean, folded clothes from the basket into my drawers or closet. And where does that full basket sit? Right in front of The Big Guy's closet door. Yeah, he can't stand that. But I've been trying really hard to get them put away and his closet door cleared!

    Arguing while Jack has his paddle on your bare butt?!? You're a tough cookie! Or a little bit crazy, lol. Hope your bottom feels better soon.

  13. Well not to sound too smug, lol, I love to organize! If only DH ever gave me a chore like that, no problem. Nothing that isn't used stays in our house. And quite honestly, I can understand his frustration about clothes everywhere, and I could feel his speechlessness at seeing you sit there. :)

    Glad its over and you organized. Doesn't it feel better all neat and tidy? (Sorry, but I really do like things organized)

  14. Well it's so easy to read here and think 'what on earth does she think she was doing?'
    But I've been there too
    Well not in a large walk in closet sadly and not near a wooden paddle happily, like Ami we have neither here, but I've certainly been of the 'he doesn't really mean all that / he won't remember' mentality.
    Glad you've got through it and are back to your senses again (and have a beautifully well organised closet too)

  15. I'd take a paddling for an organized closet =). Sounds like Jack has his role down pat.

  16. {{{hugs}}} I don't think you have to worry. We all have times where we slack off, or don't realize something is as important as our Hoh said it was. We all have times when something that means a lot to us just doesn't seem to on certain days. It doesn't mean on the whole that you're changing, or back sliding, or getting into bad habit. It's just a day. {{{hugs}}} And the good thing is, now your husband has room for his things so that he can hang his things up, and he doesn't have to be frustrated every time he's in the closet. It might surprise you how much you'll start noticing the balances in your marriage after this, even on small things like hangers in the closet. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  17. Meredith, unfortunately, I've seen this before. Behind least half of all spanking as DD women get is a bad decision by their HOH.
    There was just no way you could satisfy his request to noon. And you knew it deep down. That's why you ignored some of it because you knew you'd still be punished.
    You had errands to do unser morning and it would be much better if he listened to you and give you at least 24 hours for your task.
    So I actually think Jack owes you an apology.
    You knew deep down that it was unfair ...
    Then I wonder what was his motive to have you with no pants in the meantime? Has he explained to you? How did it feel for you? Was it OK for you to be humiliated like this?