Friday, December 6, 2013

Surrender Spanking and Things I Want To Know

To submit to Jack for a spanking is humbling and powerful. When it is time, he tells me to be still. And that is just what I do. I quiet and get ready to submit. To me, it is the most powerful of our ttwd/dd moments. When he decides to spank, there are no negotiations or arguing. I am to be quiet and get ready. I find it amazing because that is just what I do. I become still and Jack gets me ready. I am really amazed by my behavior as I do what Jack tells me to of.  I work hard at become submissive to Jack everyday. I stumble and try again. However when he takes me to the bedroom, I mind him. I am still and quiet.

My questions are for you, the reader.

When it is time to go over your husband's knee, do you become quiet and submissive?

Are you still arguing and still fighting his decision with the spanking about to start?

At what point, do you accept what will happen?

Please tell me.



  1. Well most times I am still arguing the issue most likely adding fuel to the fire which is not the brightest thing to do. Usually after the first 1-2 smacksto my backside I very quickly start to change my tune. Of course then depending on the level of pain I am starting to feel I finally shut my mouth realizing I am only going to make thins worse. As with most things, it is definatelya work in progress...

  2. It depends on the spanking. Some I go into willingly without saying a word. I've already made my peace with it happening so there's no need for me to argue my way out of it.

    With others, I may need a little time before I'm ready. Steve usually asks I'm ready before putting me in whatever position he's decided on. If I say no, he'll give me a couple minutes. That gives me a chance to say what I need to say and get my heart and head in the right place. I'm usually ready and quiet by the time he asks me for the second time.

    It's extremely rare for me to refuse to cooperate altogether. Sadly it has happened a time or two because of pure stubbornness on my part. On those occasions, he just flipped me over and spanked me anyway. It's something we've discussed and he knows I'm okay with.

  3. I submit when there's going to be a spanking. For any reason, anytime, anywhere. If he feels I need one there's no reason for me to fight him. I asked him for this.

    Great question. You should suggest this to Bonnie for MBS spanko brunch. I would love to read others answers.


  4. It really depends.

    When I'm getting a spanking because I'm out of sorts or "bratty" then yes, I am sometimes fighting it. I recently was placed firmly over the knee, while practically kicking and screaming the whole way. He just laughed, held me down, spanked me soundly and said "Go ahead. Kick those feet. Get it all out." And when I was submitted and calmed, I felt SO much better and he said, "Sometimes I just need to help spank that brat out of you." So bratty-girl spankings I don't usually take easily.

    For punishment, though, I try very hard to submit as best I can. He doesn't like to punish me, so I want it to be easier on him. Also, I am usually feeling very guilty, and at that point, a punishment spanking is usually almost I want to get it all behind us, and start over again. He often will lay me over his lap or over the bed and talk quietly to me as I lay there, submitting to my spanking. I agree --- it is a very intimate moment.

  5. Hey Meredith :)

    We've talked before so I don't know if I have any new news to share but I am going to answer anyhow.

    Most of the time I submit to all of SM's spankings with no problem. I'm Quiet Sara because I am told to be quiet just before the spanking begins. Normally I am still and I behave completely.

    However... there are those rare times when I panic and I do the opposite thing. I hate moments like that and I never see them coming. All the sudden... there it is... I am freaking out and SM has to help calm me down. Eventually, he helps me and I do submit. Afterwards I feel a bit confused. Why was I scared in the first place?

    It's all a learning process.


  6. Like Bonnie said, "I asked for this" so I submit, but it's the staying still and staying in place that is difficult? Does that get easier with experience?

  7. Most of the time, we've already talked, and I've already argued my opinion. There's not much to say when the time comes, but he talks the entire time, and expects me to answer, maybe it would be easier if I could just to quiet, and zone out, but I can't. Staying still is difficult, and I's just something that get's better with time. I've certainly had my less than submissive moments, I've gotten up, and walked away, moved out of position and everything. It's getting easier...maybe :)


  8. Yes, when it is time ( the few times it has happened) I am quiet and I try to be very still. However, I don't have a lot of experience to base this on......

  9. Hi Meredith. That is a good question. When a punishment is coming, or I've been warned of a maintenance, then I go right over his knee. But if he comes into the bedroom, grabs a paddle, and then tells me to turn over, well... then I panic a bit because all the sudden I feel like I did something wrong, and can't just seem to go into it without knowing the whys first. It is something I am working on, but I think it's from my past. My mom would lie and tell my dad I did things I didn't, and so there are even times he woke me up to give me a spanking when he got home, and it wasn't explained why, and to this day, I don't know what she may have said. One day I remember the most is that I was sick, I came straight home and went to bed, and never even saw her... but I was woken with the spanking already started... so it may take more time to work on than othe problems we've had, but I am working on it. :) And we'll get there. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  10. I have always submitted with my body at least. My mind, not so much. I am almost always quiet, or stoic actually. Again though if it is r/a and he says something that 'triggers' me in the wrong way, he has a very difficult time getting my head back into the game which means he can wail away all he wants, I won't even flinch. During these times he either has to 'find his words' and bring me back or we stop and talk and then he continues once my mind/heart are settled.

  11. For me it's changing. I didn't argue in the beginning but I found as the spanking started I couldn't keep still and I would squirm and resist in that way. Now I might say I don't need it, I'll change my attitude but once it starts I have learned to stay still even though he has learned to spank harder and more effectively. I still can't cry during a spanking and that frustrates me but I feel like I accept the correction better now and feel the effects more deeply.

  12. I am always quiet and submit. I think. I do squirm sometimes and move around and he sometimes has to tell me to put my legs down but once the spanking is decided, there's no turning back so I don't see a point in arguing. I feel like he would just make the spanking worse if I were to try and resist.

  13. We have a bit of a rhythm here. MM really does not like when I put up a fuss beforehand. He would like me to go over his knee without all the drama. I'm working on it.

    Once I'm there we have a pretty open "what happens happens" philosophy. He knows that I will fight it in my head so he will often experience that as a bit of a physical fight. It's up to him to win me over. He would love for that to happen every time but sometimes he stops, gives me some things to think about and says that we will try again the next night. UGH. It works though.

    My head doesn't come around easily. Just plain stubborn. I'm really very thankful that he accepts this.

  14. I can't really answer this one Mere, since I only get fun or erotic spankings. But I wanted to say how I love the way you describe being still for Jack when you are in the bedroom for a spanking.

  15. We aren't doing spankings right now...but yes, I need to know the whys and we talk do I understand fully why I'm being spanked first.