Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mellow Meredith

Things are so easy right now. Ttwd/dd has had an amazing effect on our marriage. Jack and I are so gentle and sweet with one another. It seems almost eerie and unnatural. Where is my fight, my grouchiness, my sass, my backtalk?  It has significantly diminished. I tell Jack that he has it too easy. Sure, we kid and tease  talking about ttwd/dd, but there has been no HoH looks and no big spankings in quite some time. We have had fun spankings and have recently purchased another implement. Smooth and mellow here!

Jack has complimented me many times on my leaning into his direction and wishes. He has said he is amazed at the change in me! I am calm and so is our home. My contrariness is gone and we both feel it.

I am expecting the familiar setbacks, but none have happened so far. No arguments, no long silences, no bickering! I feel such a big change inside. Jack talks about spanking me and I just melt into those words. The fight in me has vanished. My temper is no more. Friends have commented on this change and ask why. I could tell them that my flaring temper has been paddled right out of me, but that hasn't  been necessary in quite awhile.

We are doing role affirmation spankings.......... preventative spankings if you will. They are working me right into being mellow. As Jack says, what's not to love.


  1. It can be very tempting to tell friends once they begin to notice the change. Be careful if you decide to share and what you will share and with whom. So happy for you both.

    love sara

  2. Ahh, just enjoy then! I love those phases! I know, at least for us, they don't last, and something always happens to upset the balance, but we always get back to it again too. So just relax and enjoy!

  3. It is nice to just 'be' isn't it? Enjoy. Have a wonderful Christmas Meredith!

  4. Sounds as though things are clicking right on. With the holiday season, I am sure that Jack appreciates your cooperation. One less issue to deal with at this time of the year. You two are definately evolving with his consistency. Cngratulations for doing your part!

  5. LOL!! I would write a better comment, but I just saw your other post ;)