Monday, December 30, 2013

Leaning Into Jack

I feel like whispering because if I say it out loud, the smoothness becomes real bumpy. Jack is taking care of things. For the most part, I am accepting his guidance and decisions. The shakedown time is over. Things are different here. What has changed is me.

Flipping out creates a sideshow here. I have done that twice in the last few weeks. Jack took care of things. He spanked and then spanked again. Because I know what will happen, I find myself checking what I say and what I do. I remember that calm and serene are best and usually act accordingly.

We do a lot of talking. In fact we do way more talking than spanking. Communication is especially essential.  The two places we do the most talking are in the car and under the covers. Jack talks the language of ttwd/dd like no one else. He tells me what would happen to my backside if .................
This talk that he does really turns me on and results in my listening and following what he says to do.
The best line Jack gives me is "You choose....... you can lean into what I say or what I want you to do or you can lean over the bed".  He says. "You have the bottom and I have the paddle".

This talk so settles me and focuses my behavior, talking and thinking. So we continue to do role affirmation spankings, good girl spankings and lots of spanks during the day as we go about things. I won't say things are smooth because saying that causes things to go crazy here. We are just living a ttwd/gentle dd life. It works for us.

Jack is a gentle HoH who is strong and determined to keep the peace in our home. There is strength in his gentleness and he is always so good to me. He knows what I need and he gives me what I need.

Something else has happened in a sweet, gentle way too. We have been married a long time. Yet at this time, we feel more intimacy than at any other time in our marriage. It is like we are falling in love all over again only this time we are wiser and older.  At a time when other marriages  crumble or husbands and wives lead separate lives, Jack and I are very much in love and are very sensual and responsive to one another. He wants me in lovely lingerie and compliments me concerning my body. He does see my backside sometimes a little too much, but he really likes my new submissive nature. He says he likes when I step back and accept his way. He says it surprises him when I accept this new way.  I don't argue. I remain calm. I am leaning into what he wants.  I am still whispering these words because when I say them out loud, the smoothness can evaporate.

Does that happen to you too?



  1. Hi Meredith, what a lovely post. It is great that things are going well ( I am whispering too so as not to alert Jack), long may it continue.As a long married couple we too are finding ourselves getting closer day by day. Happy new year
    love Jan. xx

    1. Jan, will you please email me. I have a question for you.

  2. I read this all in a whisper in my head HOW did you manage that? LOL. I am hoping the smoothness slides right into the New Year...and if it doesn't...well you know what I say...LOL...

    Happy New Year to the 'Newlyweds'!


  3. It's always the words that do it for me the most. Lovely post

  4. Have to agree with above, I felt like I heard you whispering the whole time too. LOL Life does go up and down, but I understand the whispering so as not to invite disaster in. I hope you keep going on this gentle roll for a while, and enjoying the peace and love and sensualness that has started to reign over your home. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

    1. Es May,
      I have lost the new link to your blog. will you email it to me please.

  5. I love your description of leaning into him. I'm so happy that you two are falling in love all over again and even better this time.

    I also love Jack's phrases: You can lean into what I say,... and You have the bottom,... He should write a book of all these HoHy things.

  6. Thank you for your kind words,

  7. Aw my dear friend,
    This is the sweetest post ever. I love how serene you sound, and how strong Jack is in his gentle but firm ways with you.

    I always love his quotes - and this latest one is his best ones yet: "You choose....... you can lean into what I say or what I want you to do or you can lean over the bed". And : "You have the bottom and I have the paddle".- that man's got wit!

    I'm truly happy for you - for all that has grown between you and your husband in the last 6 months due to ttwd/dd.

    And even though there will be bumps down the road - don't be discouraged - just remember that you and Jack will always be able to quickly re-align yourselves again - and get back to this sweet spot that you both so love.


  8. A lovely post Meredith and I understand both the intimacy and the whispering!!! I love your witty Jack's sayings too.
    Have a happy new year

  9. Hope the smoothness continues. Maybe whispering helps the soft submissive side to remain in place. Yes, I love both the mental and physical intimacy ttwd achieves when things are moving along smoothly. And even when the hiccups and bumps show up the memory of how wonderful this can be keeps us working it out ;)

    Happy New Year

  10. Meredith,
    what a sweet post, you sound so a peace, and I'm happy for you! What a way to start the New Year! All the best to you and Jack!

  11. Meredith.. You and Jack provide great insight as to how well this dynamic can work. Jack's consistency and telling it like it is, I think plays a large role. You are equally important in that you do lean into him whether it be sooner or later. It does feel good when things are moving along smoothly, but that sometimes can get us into trouble as we let our guard down. Regardless, you both bring good experience and maturity to the picture.

  12. I, too, love what Jack said to you, Meredith. Easy to see why it's a turn-on ;-)

    Happy New Year to you both!!