Friday, November 8, 2013

Keeping The Peace In Our Home

It doesn't take long for the peace in our home to become unstable, shaky, unsteady. Three or four days max will test the patience of a husband. Surly answers, snappy talk, sassy responses, snippy phone calls all lead to rough patches in our home. Things seem smooth and then words, always words, come from a busy, distracted or grouchy wife. Then some distancing is added, a shrug of a shoulder and a couple of unanswered texts. Bingo!

Jack calls himself the peacekeeper. He wants our home to be an environment of peace and happiness. Rocking that boat is not a good idea. He did not give any warnings. He said I do know better than to act that way. I said I wanted to talk and he said, Oh, we would be talking, all right". Things continued and I started to distance myself now in NOT talking. Even though I know where this is all going, I keep distrupting the peace at home. Snapping and talking back continue. Then distancing is given a few more tries. A few days have passed and during that time, there have been sweet times, but there is an undercurrent that is real and dangerous for my backside.

Jack leaves on an errand and tells me he will return shortly. When he returns, he simply takes me by the hand and up to the guest room we go. On the bed, the paddle and the belt wait. He quickly undresses me and I am put over his knee. Two implements during one spanking is a first for us.  During the spanking, he lectures about peace in our home. Then the spanking stops and I think we are done. Wrong! He pulls me up and I sit on his lap. He wants to see my face and look in my eyes which are wild wondering what we are doing. He says he will live in a happy, peaceful home and he is the peacekeeper. I nod and then he puts me back over his knee. I squirm for dear life and he tells me to hold still or the spanking will be longer. I hold still, let me tell you! The belt and the paddle are used and my bottom is on fire. There is peace in my home now and I know that the peace begins with me.


  1. Keeping still is hard, something I have not yet mastered. I hope your backside is feeling better.

  2. Hope you remember longer than the burn/sting lasts.

    I do know that snarky feelings why won't it go away when I say, "go away!"? It's annoying.

    But glad there is peace. Hope it lasts a while!

  3. Oh Meredith, I am sorry that your bottom hurt so much, but somethings tells me that afterwards you were glad the he stepped up and helped you let him be the peacemaker? I hope that your bottom is feeling better by now. :)

    {{{HUGS}}} EsMay

  4. I hope you're doing better now Meredith! I'm glad there is peace in your home, so much nicer then fighting!