Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jack's Perspective

Jack, here again. I enjoyed writing my previous post "Spanking Meredith".  She shared your kind comments with me. So, I thought I'd write again, sharing a little more of my HoH perspective on our ttwd/dd lifestyle.

Meredith and I spend a lot of time talking, spanking talk especially, while walking for exercise, traveling together......... road trips are best. It is perhaps much easier for us than for many of you, since we are empty nesters. It is these talks, good clear communication, that makes this work so well for both of us. We share our needs and thoughts, post-spanking session feelings, and how spanking benefits our lives and marriage. It helps, too, that we both are firmly committed to this lifestyle. It also helps that Meredith has found a community of on-line blog/email friends to share ideas, advice, suggestions and experiences. It's this camaraderie or bonding of women that has helped support both Meredith and me as we move forward in ttwd. I call these women "Team Meredith".  And it is a fun, safe place to meet and get to know one another.

An on-line friend recently wrote to Meredith saying that she has noticed a wonderful change in Meredith over the last six months. I have certainly seen the changes in Meredith....... but in both of us as well. I see how Meredith has become more calm, leaning into my lead on many family, social, household, financial, and travel decisions. Meredith is not subservient to me. That is not our way. She has become submissive to my leadership and WE find that regular spankings , be it good girl, reminder or role affirmation spankings keep us focused on our roles and relationship and love for one another. That said, Meredith knows only too well that if she gets too worked up over something, sassy or defiant, I don't hesitate to set things back on a true course with a firm spanking and a talk.

We are still finding our way, trying different home locations and circumstances for spankings and implements used........ lately, I have gone to a thorough warm up with my hand on Meredith's bare bottom followed by the belt, then the wooden paddle. and finishing with a firm holding and talk...... holding that paddle tightly across her hot, pink/red bottom. Consistency and predictability are crucial in how ttwd/dd is applied for best results.

Now, if only I could find that same kind of consistency and positive results in my golf chipping and putting!

Thanks for listening to my perspective. I will write again soon.

No glory, no shame, respect for all.



  1. So good to hear from you again Jack!

    And it's always wonderful to read about the positive changes that ttwd has brought to a marriage. Especially a marriage that is long standing and still growing. :)

    I love how you state that Meredith is not subservient, but submissive and calm and 'leaning into your leadership'. I think that's what we all desire in our marriages.

    Meredith is a dear part of our community here - she's a wonderful friend and support to many. And me? I'm proud to be a part of 'Team Meredith' - totally cheering her on!


  2. Hey Jack ( and Meredith)
    We found the biggest thing that helped us WAS all the spanking talk. Being open and honest about our spankings, while not always easy was the one thing that advanced us further into the depths of ttwd. As my husband always says, " If its not working, what's the point ?". We now have a ( I can't say rule because it was my requests....pfft) 'thing' where the day after a spanking, he will ask me about it. Often it takes me a day to process how I felt about it, or emotions going into it and after it. It has been so helpful.
    I am happy Meredith has a TEAM. We all need support players in life, but perhaps even more so in our 'secret' lives. Oooooh, we sound like superheroes when it is put that way!

  3. It's lovely to hear how well you both are doing. ((hugs)) to Meredith.

    love sara :)

  4. HI Jack, it is great to hear how well ttwd is working for you two, long may it continue
    love Jan.xx

  5. Thank you for posting, Jack. I love Meredith's posts, but I love to share your view with My Love. He's majorly struggling with ttwd and we've actually put it off as of Saturday. Another guys view helps him see he how's and whys when he gets like this.

  6. Thank you, Jack, for taking the time to share with us. I love to hear from Meredith, but it's nice to hear from the other half too.

    I love how well things are going for you two. I love how you said that Meredith isn't subservient to you. :) and I love how you guys have found your way.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Waiving to Meredith!!!

  7. I love reading your posts, Jack! You and Meredith seem to be doing so well. I'm so very happy for the both of you!

  8. Hi Jack :)
    I love that you take the time to write it's just a nice way to show your commitment to your relationship and each other, and it's so sweet!! Glad to see everything is going really well for the two of you, both of you sound so happy! Good luck on your golf game!

  9. of course you would love this lifestyle,,your wife has to obey you or she gets spanked...,,your wife more than likely loves you paying attention to her,,so she doesn't mine,,,OH PLEASE,,ply of shit

    1. Ya know, if one is going to insult somebody's relationship, I'd suggest proof reading your insult. It might be more insulting that way. Grammar is also nice. On a separate note, why read here if you don't like what you read?
      Off to google what a ply of shit is. You know in case you are using lingo I am unfamiliar with! Unlike you, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
      *wink* Meredith.

  10. Team Meredith. That's a neat way to put it. We're team everyone at some point or another because we will always need it sometime.

    Nice to hear from you, Jack.

  11. Meredith,,,you are not giving me the benefit of the doubt,,,you are making fun of me,,I think your lifestyle is wrong and if someone reads this I want them to at least think about it,,,,sorry about the way I wrote before,,I should have put it in a better way,,,for that I'm sorry,but I do think your lifestyle is wrong

  12. It wasn't Meredith who commented to you. And you are right you should have put it a better way. We understand that not everyone agrees or understands our lifestyle choices, but that is no reason to be crude and insult those adults who have chosen this life.

    1. the *wink* was FOR Meredith. I can see how that would have seemed like she signed it though

  13. Thanks for posting, Jack. It's nice to hear another perspective.

  14. Hi Jack, it was so good to hear from you. :) I too have seen the changes in Meredith, and she always seemed happy, but now even more so. :) I am so happy you are both growing, and both seeing the blessings in this working for your marriage.

    And for your golf game, just think, all the spanking has got to be strengthening your arm so that you have more control when chipping and putting. ;)

  15. I loved this. I can see the unity and love you two have for each other. I think what I took most from it was the open communication and time spent! Thanks for sharing.