Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spanking Meredith Written By Jack

Meredith and I thought it might be fun for me to write a blog entry...... just a few words from a husband's point of view,  a different perspective.

Meredith has often said, "Wow, wish we had brought ttwd back into our marriage years ago!" While I would agree, I can honestly say that timing is everything. Spanking wasn't necessarily something we were looking for, but we're glad Meredith stumbled upon it. I do not believe in luck or divine intervention, but I do believe that if one keeps an open mind, is adventurous, and as a couple support one another, then new opportunities and life-changing experiences are possible and good for a relationship. Ttwd has had a positive impact for us physically, emotionally and psychologically, and certainly socially for Meredith has found new friends and people with similar needs and experiences to talk with, share ideas and learn new things. I probably wouldn't have sought or embraced ttwd on my own, but I too feel the rewards of this lifestyle for us. I especially like the physical results, the changes in Meredith...... her mellowness, calming, yet sexual awakening and how spanking has brought us closer, redefined our roles and responsibilities, and has opened up boundless possibilities for future creative ttwd adventures. We're actually "reborn spankos".... in that we dabbled in spanking many  years ago (even before we were married) and then just came back to it in the past year.

About ttwd, let me say this ........ first and foremost. the spanking lifestyle must be consensual and beneficial to both participants. It is absolutely essential that good and clear communication be maintained specific to this lifestyle. We have had some of our best talks while driving or walking together......somehow it is easier when both people are facing forward to have serious discussions. Now though, we are very open and talk easily about our feelings, needs, desires, likes and dislikes related to spankings.

I decide what kind of spanking to give, where and how hard and long: morning or bedtime "wakie-wakie" or nightie-nightie just with my hand; often in the walk-in closet, bathroom or bedside; a "good-girl" or "maintenance" spanking over my knee or side of the bed or couch, generally with a hand warm-up followed by the paddle or wooden spoon; or on a few occasions, there is a need for "reaffirmation" or "reminder" spanking to calm Meredith down or remind her of the "Chain of Command" roles and responsibilities in our household. The latter are done with less warm-up and are a bit longer or harder with the paddle! I don't spank out of anger or punishment. Almost all spankings are done in the nude for both of us.... I like the feel of her body while I hold on to her and pull her into me afterwards. I always finish by pulling her into my body tightly, my hand or paddle firmly pressed into her now warm and pink bottom, and we talk: "Are you settled?" "Do you understand?"

So enough of this philosophizing! What you really want to know about, and why you are still reading this,  is ..... "What is it like to spank Meredith? What happens beforehand, during and after?" I guess the best way to tell this is through an example of a recent spanking session.

Today was an interesting, but somewhat typical kind of day. Meredith was a bit on edge, meaning she was sassy, fretting about things, perhaps it was because we are headed away again and she gets anxious, even bossy about time and who needs to pack what. So I knew she needed settling down. She walked into the bedroom wearing her bathrobe and I met her and had the paddle lying on the bed. She came to an immediate halt! I reached out and took her wrists and pulled her to me. In a fluid motion, I dropped her robe, pulled her across my knee and over the side of the bed, wrapping her close to me pinning her arms. Meredith is a "wiggler" or "squirmer"when she is spanked! I proceed to "warm her up"with my hand, telling her that she needed to relax and take the day's tasks and events in stride...... fretting about them won't make it any easier. A good "warm-up" is important and after a dozen or so smacks, Meredith is ready for the paddle. I like the paddle in that it can ready both cheeks at once or nicely spank on each side one at a time. I like to be consistent, striking with the same intensity and rhythm, producing a nice pinkness. Meredith whimpers, squirms about a bit, takes it well as she knows she needs to be less hyped and this spanking will bring her back to calm. Afterwards I stand her up, pull her close and hold her tightly, the paddle still firmly, but still on her hot bottom. We talk. I have her attention. I tell her she needs to mellow and enjoy the process of packing and getting ready without freaking out about the little details. She now knows, and she knows that the spanking helped her become calm and "settled". We hug and enjoy the closeness. I throw the paddle on the bed and gently caress Meredith's stinging bare bottom.... she knows to be calm, to take things in stride, to lean on me for direction. Her mood is changed and the sass is gone. All is happy again!

Ok, so that is just an example of how a spanking session goes in our household. We spank often. Sometimes when we travel, particularly with others, spanking is difficult to work in. But then this is where a bit of creativity and imagination comes into play, and that makes ttwd all the more fun!

I hope this blog entry was of interest for you, perhaps even informative, and perhaps I'll write another blog post someday.

Meredith's Jack


  1. Jack,

    This is a wonderful post! It's always a treat to get to read from an Hoh's point of view so I hope that you will come back and guest post often.

    You had me smiling throughout the whole post. It's so obvious how much you love your dear Meredith, and how well you know her and what she needs. She is blessed to have you. :)

    I love how you describe loving the feel of her body next to yours, and therefore your spankings take place with both of you in the nude - (I like it that way too) and how you ALWAYS hold her afterwards. You are truly focused on her well being and make sure that she's good before you move on.

    I chuckled as you described Mere as a 'bit of a wiggler and a squirmer' - that just means you are a really good spanker. Shall I challenge you to take a spanking with a paddle without squirming? Just kidding. ;)

    I love my dear friend, and I'm happy for you both - that Ttwd has brought new life into your wonderful marriage and is making it awesome.

    I hope that you both have a wonderful time away alone together - and yes - you need to find creative but quiet ways to keep the spankings going.


    1. Hi Cali,

      This is just a test to see if my new account works. Meredith and I thought it would be great if I had the ability to post and reply to others directly.
      BTW..Meredith has shared some of the e-mails you two have written back and forth...makes for great discussions as we walk or drive together.

  2. Hello Jack!! You do know you are famous!?! Since I appreciate Meredith so very much perhaps you won't be offended if I say you are a meanie!!!! Perhaps sitting on stinging backside colors my view! You both are a wonderful example of ttwd. I'll have to read your post few more times, a lot to digest there. It was really special to read your point of view. All the best and nice to vicariously meet you!!!

  3. Hi Jack :) Thank you so much for providing a wonderful example of how a marriage should be! I'm so happy for the two of you, and I know how happy Meredith is. I hope you continue to write more posts, so we can get to know you better. it's nice to hear a HOH point of view

  4. This was a fabulous entry. Jack! Thank you for sharing with us! Your Mere is one loved girl! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment...I hope to "guest write" on Meredith's blog again.

  5. A really great post. As said above always really good to hear the HoH's POV :)

  6. Thanks jack. Great post. We love to get the guys perspective.

  7. I'm sorry to be late to this party. I loved this post! Hope you write again, Jack.

    It never ceases to amaze me how a spanking can center you. I would never believe it if I hadn't experienced it. It's.......amazing!

  8. I am very late with this, sorry Meredith and Jack.

    I am about to read it out to Dan - it is so similar to us and our version of TTWD that I am speechless. The only difference is that we never tried it when we were young, and are astonished at the changes and the closeness that has developed through it.

    I wish Dan would write on my blog - but he won't be rushed into anything. Sigh.


  9. I am late, late, late. But like Ami, I am speechless. My Man and I have talked a bit about him reading or researching a bit but he is not too interested in others perspectives. I asked him to read this. For me, he did. "Is this is what it's like for you?" He asks. "Yes" I answered.

    Thank you for this post. It mattered a great deal to me to read.

    XOXO Pearl

  10. Hi Meredith and Jack, I am just discovering your blog, and I love it! Looking forward to reading more new and old, getting to know you a bit better, and learning along the way.
    Cheers, Willow

  11. I am looking for more posts/blogs written like this for my husband! We haven't started any type of spanking, and have talked about just doin just erotic spanking, maybe a little role play? Possibly stress spanking and maybe even adding some DD spankings. My husband is very ADD, needs everything very specifically laid out for him. We don't want to see other women's junk constantly and just want good, sound advice!
    Thank you!!